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Doc Ericson has just started a llama farm north ofPeabody Wisconsin and he asks Penny Jack and Scruggs to help outAs soon as they get there however strange things begin to happenWho let the llamas run loose? Is somebody trying to make trouble forDoc Ericson and his llamas? And what about that telescope theydiscovered? Could it be watching them?When Jean arrives on the scene Penny and Jack aren't at all sure theywant their shy little sister hanging around But Scruggs has somesurprising things to say about that and they end up working togetheras a team to solve the mysteryBook Details Format Paperback Publication Date 1011988 Pages 140 Reading Level Age 9 and Up

10 thoughts on “Llamas on the Loose (Peabody Adventure Series)

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    Amazing book I loved the llama theme Full of great life lessons

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    I have come to realize that this is #5 in a series but that made no difference to me when I read the book I felt right at home with the characters as though I've known them for a while nowThis is a story of a ten year mystery finally being exposedit's about telescopes spying on youit's about working as a teamand most importantlyit's about LLAMASPenny and her friends have started volunteering weekends on a llama farm Who knows what exciting things will happen?It is a great read If you like fun books and llamas you'll enjoy it

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    I really enjoyed this series Some children try to solve mysteries and learn about God