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A film that could make her careerAmerica’s sweetheart Avery Scott is up for the biggest role of her life one with Oscar potential When her girl next door fame prevents Avery from doing the in depth research for the sensual role herself her assistant insists on traveling to an exclusive couples resort to handle the job But when her friend goes missing Avery’s focus shifts from landing the role of a lifetime to finding out what happened on the sultry Caribbean island A weekend that will change her lifeAvery contacts Aegis Securities and hires one of their elite operatives to accompany her to the resort She just doesn't expect to get former undercover FBI agent Cade Blackwell—the man who ripped out her teenage heart twelve years before Avery’s a good actress With a little work and a convincing disguise she’s confident she can fool the staff at the resort The uestion iscan she fool Cade? Because one weekend at the sexiest resort in the world with the only man she’s ever loved will expose her to than just a kinky new lifestyle It’ll expose her to numerous wicked firsts that will test every ounce of her self control And if she’s not careful she could lose her heart—and her life—in the process Author note First Exposure is part of the Wicked Firsts anthology It can be purchased as part of the multi author box set or individually

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    Rating 35 starsTwelve years after he broke her heart and annulled their marriage Hollywood actress runs into Cade when she approaches Aegis security to help find her missing friend Her friend went to an adult resort to research a role for her and Cade and Avery go undercover to find her A lot of sexy moments and ensue and past secrets and regrets come out I found this novella entertaining

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    Avery Scott's assistant went on a research trip to an exotic swinger's resort in the Caribbeanand promptly disappeared After three weeks Avery is ready to find out what happened to Melody and go look for her but she needs a cover She needs the second half of a couple And who better to ask than a top notch security firm with excellent referencesBut her plan doesn't seem to be working that well since she's paired with Mr Dark and Dangerous a man eerily similar to the love of her lifeWho turns out to be the love of her life the man who's broken her heart twelve years ago Now she has two choices while looking for her assistant Either keep Cade at a safe distance and protect what's left of her heart or finally get closureby getting Cade in the sackI got the third book in the series as a freebie from Netgalley so I had to read the rest of the series first I'm just made that wayIt started great A young actress determined to find out what happened to her assistantfriend but knowing she's out of her depths so she hires a security agency to help her out only to end up paired with the man she's been pining after for almost half her lifeAnd this is where her issues started And boy did she have issues I had no idea if it was self esteem self preservation naiveté innocence stubbornnessor everything meshed into one the girl was all over the place The guy luckily didn't have as many issues for a former rebel he was the saner of the two but for a highly skilled operative former military and FBI current security expert he didn't seem to be able to use his upper head Which is great when you're alone with the one you love and there's nothing keeping you back or nothing else keeping you occupied but seemed a bit out of place during a mission that involved missing people and potential drug traffickingAlso thinking with his lower head prevented him from seeing evidence of Avery having had her drink spiked hello the morning after amnesia clearly spelled roofie but maybe that was just me And don't get me started on a couple of TSTL moments on the heroine's part Okay I understand you're not skilled in subterfuge but you don't rush away in a snit no matter what the discussion was about or what memories it has provoked alone into the same bar where you've drunk the night before and blanked out later and lost all memories of the night heading straight for a drink and spilling the beans on the phone for everybody around you to hear WTF?Yes it started great but uickly lost the pace it really dragged in some places the hero and heroine had some very stupid moments the suspense didn't deliver and everything was resolved too uickly it worked for the issues between the hH but the suspense part needed some extra pagesI'm looking forward to the full length books

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    My first Elisabeth Naughton read I really enjoyed it Great heat Great writing style I will definitely be reading of her work

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    Two haiku reviewHer friend is missingSecurity guy to helpBut she loved him onceI liked charactersA bit too short for much depthNice series intro

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    Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookSince I have totally fallen for the men and women of Aegis Security I thought I might want to go back and check out some of the novellas that started things off First Exposure is actually the second novella in the series and Elisabeth Naughton does not skimp And awesome series demands awesome novellas Avery Scot has the opportunity of a lifetime or at least of her career While she is deemed America's Sweetheart she finally has a chance to bust out of that image and do a film that could literally make or break her Only while doing research her assistant went missing and Avery is unsure what to do No one believes her So she heads to Aegis Security and discovers way than a lost friend It seems the only man who ever broke her heart will be her partner in this investigation An investigation where they will have to go undercover at a swingers club Is Avery that good of an actress? Is anyone?Cade Blackwell did the right thing Or at least he thought he did He walked away from the woman he loved left her to return to her life and maybe make something of herself What he didn't realize was that he walked away from his heart and nothing would ever really be the same Now he has a chance to either end it finally or rebuild what they had Either way this is way than just a job Swingers Club in the Caribbean no less guess Club Med got bored Avery and Cade are a mix and match couple if ever there was one They have chemistry up the whoo ha but Ms Naughton does not rely on sex Pretty funny cuz she could have but nope She works the emotions in and tears down walls This is an intense little novella and emotions really do run high Had I not already been in love with this series I would have certainly been engaged by this book It was well worth going back to the beginning and reading it now Give yourself a treat and read this book Shauni

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    Avery´s assistant disappears when she´s on a research mission on a swingers resort and Avery contacts Aegis Security for help with the investigation What she never expected was her old childhood sweetheart and first love being a part of their crew Cade never forgot Avery and now here´s his chance to reconnectSmutty fluff hurt feelings instant chemistry and suspense Can´t wait for the next book in this seriesAwesome short story that ticked off all my boxesRead this as a part of the Wicked Firsts Anthology

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    25Avery and Cade's history is heartbreaking They are able to move past it and focus on the future The chemistry was hot The disappointment? Avery behaved numerous times like an idiot She also repeatedly broke character For someone who is such a good actress that was unexpected and unwelcome

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    Elisabeth Naughton has my interest in Aegis operatives piued What an introduction to specialty resorts and rediscovering a relationship from their youth A lot happened in this novella and I am eager to discover

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    I really enjoyed this one

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    I love a second chance romance; it's one of my favorite book themes The characters were enjoyable and the reader could feel the emotions they felt for each other The story line of finding her missing friend was interesting and it had a slow build that resulted in Avery being in danger herself A good portion of the book was focused on rebuilding Avery and Cade's relationship which was necessary after what they had been through Finding out why they split 12 years earlier was sad but reading Avery' s side of the story was heartbreaking It was even heartbreaking when Cade revealed his past Reading both of their emotions during this scene made it all the devastating I like Cade a lot but I was mad at him as well I got his reasons for staying away but it still made me hurt for AveryIt was a good book Very heart felt and I'm glad they were able to work through the past together and form a future