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One bottle of Jack and the words “I’m sorry” are all it takes for Charley’s world to turn upside down again Charley has a decision to make Does she sink or swim? After Dylan reminds Charley that he always has the upper hand she decides it’s time break free But how? She uses her past present and what she hopes to be her future to find her freedomWith the help of Cash Money and the Kluft Girls she devises a plan to take down Dylan Will she succeed or will she find that she will never escape his hold? Once this plan is put in place who will be by her side when it comes to an end? And will this plan include Jackalope Joe?

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    Geeez why did I read this when a hated the first one? im literally mad at myself for buying this and wasting my time i wanted to just give up after chap 2 but i always have to finish a book thinking it has to get better for starters I'm pretty sure this one was even worse than the first one Charleys plan to get back at Dylan makes absolutely no sense at all and her friends going along with it was even worse it was like the author was trying for another love triangle and used this get even idea how about we use a plot where she has friends that do the right thing and tell the police or her parents to get a rapist off the streets rather than this ass backwards date him plan Charley is a freaking idiot and her dialogue is juvenile and annoying shes supposed to be in college so tell me why she still has a 1100 curfew? do not waste your time and money on this series if I could rate this a zero I would

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    I don't even know where to start First off you need to read No Turning Back before you read this book or review I wanted to throw my kindle at the wall at the end of No Turning back however this ending isn't as left open The ending does make you say THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN You definitely are left wanting and need to know what is going to happen next Will Charley and Cash find their happily ever after? Will Dylan finally get what he deserves?This book is about Charley finding herself and taking life into her own hands She is going home for winter break and wanting to rid her life of Dylan She comes up with a plan to lead Dylan on and make him pay for what he did to her Only problem is she may hurt and lose Cash in the process Speaking of Cash seriously do guys like him exist You fall even in love with him I'm definitely #TeamCashMoneyCharley has a great support system in her family and friends I already loved the Kluft girls in the first book but they are even better in this book They are there for each and would do anything for one of their girls We also get of Tessa and Piper As log as you have the right people behind you you can face you fears head on and that's just what Charley does Will she succeed or will her plan backfire and cost her what she really wantsThis series is one where you can't stop reading and need to know what is going to happen next The reader goes through a range of emotions and is on the edge of their seats You connect with Charley and fall in love with her You want her to find her happily ever after I can't wait for the conclusion in Loving Charley

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    I received an ARC for an honest review of Finding CharleyI hate spoilers so there will not be any in depth details in this reviewFinding Charley starts right where No Turning Back leaves offwith Charley shocked heartbroken by someone that she had entrusted with her darkest secrets Still haunted by Dylan she has to now deal with the betrayal of someone that she least expected would hurt her During this book you are again watching Charley grow into a woman while learning that when life attacks you must fight back If you love YA NA books this story of finding strength love forgiveness is a must read Well done Casey I can't wait for book three

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    Charley thought starting fresh at a new school would solve all her problems and that she could finally escape her controlling ex boyfriend Dylan but things kept happening even when she wanted to start fresh with Cash It turns out that there was a mole in Charley's group feeding information to Dylan aka Jackalope Joe Someone Charley considered one of her best friends Charley is back home for Christmas break and this time she has had enough of Dylan's antics and wants to bring the game to her control and have him leave her once and for all so that she can move on with her actual love Cash Money To do that Charley must start dating Dylan again and think he has the upper hand What will happen though when it looks like he has changed? Has Dylan changed or is Dylan the one playing Charley and he has a master plan up his sleeves? Can Charley find herself and be free of Dylan's reins once and for all this Christmas or will she find herself caught in his web of manipulation and games? Find out in Book #2 Finding Charley by Casey Peeler Perfect for those who love karma and revenge stories with hot cowboys to boot

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    First if you haven't read No Turning Back yet please stop reading right now I don't want anyone to have the first novel spoiled for them go read the first one and then come back and read Finding Charley This story picks up where No Turning Back left off Charley is heartbroken because she feels betrayed by a friend Joe who was helping Dylan all along Why would Joe betray Charley though of course Charley wants to know that and so do we The whole situation just doesn't make sense Maybe there is to the story than we all realize?Thankfully though Charley has the Kluft girl on her side to help pull her through and keep her whole I love the bond that these girls have built They have such a strong friendship that is like a sisterhood It reminds me of a mini sorority without all the greek aspect They truly care about each other and will do whatever it takes to have each others backs Back at home Cash Money is there as her best friend and the person that will always love her She truly loves him too but with this hold that Dylan has over her there isn't much she can about her feelings towards Cash She doesn't want anything to happen to anyone and she knows how unstable Dylan is Through thick and thin Cash Money is my rock and I know than anything that the love I have for him runs deeper than any river I feel his love moving from within my veinsThere comes a point in every person's life when you feel you must take back what has been taken from you It is time you are able to live your life to the fullest without any fears and Charley has finally reached that point She comes up with a plan with the help of Cash and her friends Will it work though??? Can she finally be rid of Dylan and live her life?This was a great read and I thought the author did an amazing job with the story It has a great flow and isn't rushed but you don't feel like things drag on either It is a rare gem to find and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book Loving Charley There is a cliffhanger ending and we will have to wait until book 3 to see what happens next

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    Finding Charley picks up where No Turning Back leaves us It's a pretty big cliff hanger and while I felt like it did resolve itself I wish a little attention would have been paid to that particular aspect of the story Charley is about to had home for christmas break and despite the fact that she is in love with Cash and is ready to move on with their relationship she decides that it is time for her to take action against Dylan and she devises a plan that she believes will expose him as well as prevent him from hurting anyone elseI'll just start by saying that I didn't like the plan at all I never really understood it completely and the parts I did understand I didn't support I wasn't alone in those feelings Those closest to Charley didn't really like it either but out of love and support for her they followed along It was tough to watch Cash standing by her plan and supporting her even at the expense of his own feelings Cash seems too good to be true most of the time He is nothing but hot loving and supportive of Charley all the time I really like Charley's family and it was great to see them all together again for a while in this book I loved learning about Charley's parent's relationship and when Charley's dad told her that he was Cash I found that really sweet and heart warming Despite Charley's sometimes uestionable decisions I really like her I love that she knows who she is and knows where her roots are She embraces where she came from and while she wants to make sure she learns some independence and focuses on her own goals she is still very connected to her hometown and familyI didn't like this book uite as much as I liked No Turning Back but I still enjoyed spending time with these characters and I will be reading the next in the series to see where things go from hereAn ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Finding Charley picks up where No Turning Back left off a drunken Jackalope Joe confessing to being the one that helped Dylan He is one of the very few that know Charley's secret one of the people she trusted the mosthow could he do this to her? She is utterly devastated Cash is ready to come to her rescue once again but Charley knows what she needs to do and she needs be strong and do it on her own with maybe a little help from the Kluft girls It's time Time for Charley to take her life back from Dylan Time to regain her control so she can move forward with her life and not keep looking over her shoulder To do that she's going to have to take him down from the inside and she'll do this with the help of her family her best friends and some unexpected friends as well Stock up on the hand sanitizer and mouthwash because for this plan to work Charley's going to have to get awful cozy with the assholeer um DylanCash is the number one person against Charley's idea but we all know Charley she's going to do things her way but can Cash just sit back and watch? Watching from the sidelines is slowly eating him away how much can he take before he breaks? Charley doesn't like the person she is becoming and what she is doing to the person she cares the most about but regardless of the risks she's got to do what it takes to take Dylan down once and for all Will Cash get his chance for revenge as well?In Finding Charley we continue to see Charley grow and learn to rely on herself than everyone else but she also learns the importance of family and friends I absolutely loved No Turning Book book 1 in the Full Circle series but I loved Finding Charley even Not only have the characters grown and became like close friends of mine you can tell the author Casey Peeler has grown a lot as well Super awesome job and I can't wait until Loving Charley is released Oh and Cash can crash my party anytime ;

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    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review35 StarsThis picked up right where No Turning Back left off I got right back into the story straight back into my country accent which I love about this book and settled down to find out what the hell was going to happen in this I mean seriously?Joe one of her close friends has some explaining to doThe writing flowed for me this time no stop starty scenes I enjoyed that Charley went home for this book so we got to see her there rather than at college for the most part with her Sister and best friend Piper plus of course the hot CashI wish Charley hadn't of kissed a boy before going home she was then so into Cash that I wanted to shout at her what were you doing with the other guy then? But luckily that was a flash in the pan and nothing compared to the scheme she was about to come up with to get back at Dylan I was shocked at this plan it seemed Charley went from scared to grew a pair in 60 seconds And Cash Oh my god he was tortured through this He put up with so much I was wondering when he was going to say enough ArghI can't say anything else it will spoil but I was kept on the edge of my seat between nerves for her safety and the conseuences to her relationship with Cash The plan ended how I expected it would although I was expecting a bit drama but maybe that is my fault issue and not the books I am possibly de sensitized due to other books read I don't know Still a great gripping ending and I had a great time reading this it was fab getting back to Charley and the gang There is a cliffhangerbut I do love to be tortured a little we do get some closure so it isn't a complete dangle off a steep cliff edge left seething just a little one foot overI will be reading the next in the series

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    Finding Charley picks up where No Turning Back leaves off with Charley trying to absorb what has just happened How could she have misplaced her trust in Joe But instead of falling into the arms of Cash and allowing him to take care of her she decides to stand on her own two feet She may lean on Cash but she has a plan to take back her life and get Dylan Sloan out of it foreverI absolutely love this series and although I was Team Cash from the word go I didn’t think it was possible to fall for a character Cash is just the epitome of sweet He is always ready willing and able to help Charley He seems to know her what she’s feeling and knows when to push or just be content with what they have Their stolen moments together melted my heart and their love for each other unwaivering in spite of the circumstancesCharley’s plan to bring Dylan to justice had me a little on edge Of course Dylan appeared to be regretful of his actions but you could tell that there was much to his deceit It had me on edge any time Charley was with him waiting to see how things would play outWith the help of the Kluft Girls her sister Jackalope Joe and of course Cash we watch Charley find her inner strength the ability to express what she wants and the desire to go after it I truly enjoy watching these characters interact I could feel Charley’s inner turmoil with what she was doing but it was a means to an endOh and what endI will be binding my time until the release of Loving Charley Well done Casey If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Charley and Cash aka Char Coal and Cash you are missing out This an amazing series and it just keeps getting better Go grab you copy now you won’t be sorry

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    I downloaded both books today I spent my afternoon reading because I was drawn in by the first book and was than excited to be able to continue Charley's story Charley is a sweet and strong southern girl that has her moments when she feels like she is going to crumble and honestly who doesn't? but with her friends and Cash having her back she realizes that she can take on the world and the monster that gives her world nightmares at timesThis book picks up where No Turning Back stops Charley is sick at the thought that someone that she trusted would betray like he did and lets that person know that she needs time to process everything to see if forgiveness is even an option Charley heads home for Christmas break and knows that she will run into the creep that hurt her in the first book Even though she is dating Cash and is head over heels in love with him who wouldn't be? she devises a plan to take Dylan done and to show him once and for all that he does not control her Cash Piper Tessa and the Kluft girls do not like her plan and tell her so but they go along with it because they want Charley to be able to make her nightmare stop and to show the world the kind of person that Dylan Sloan really is Charley wants him stopped before he hurts another girl and she knows that she is the only one that can do itFinding Charley is a book that shows that the strength of one person and their support system can make or break someone Due to the incredible support system Charley grows as a person and she knows what she needs to do and who she can count on when the going gets toughLoving Charley cannot come out soon enough