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The Killers have sold 17 million albums worldwide Their fourth studio album Battle Born was released at the end of 2012 They are touring in 20132014 The ultimate story of The Killers’ rise from Las Vegas croupiers to million selling global superstars headlining festivals throughout the world Featuring interview transcripts with the band as well as new interviews with them and those around them right up to their new album Battle Born 

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    I’ve been aware of The Killers since “Mr Brightside” and knew most of their songs even if I wasn’t a committed fan That all changed however when we watched their headline set at Glastonbury in 2019 and I suddenly realised what I’d been missing Since then I’ve picked up their back catalogue have a new favourite band and then discovered this big book Mark Beaumont is a music journalist who not only knows the band but has been writing about them from the start and a note in the acknowledgements makes it clear that although it might not be authorised the band was very much behind it Covering everything the Killers has done and it’s a biography of the band in that we get the life stories of the four prior to joining it but afterwards unless it relates directly to the group it’s only mentioned in passing such as Brandon getting married up until the end of the Battle Born tour in 2013 this is thorough and includes plenty of uotes from various interviews over the years with a wide variety of publications and doesn’t shy away from any issues from Brandon’s early scrapping through the music press to the dissatisfaction over touring and input from Dave and Mark in the later albums They dropped out of touring after the books timeline though it was obviously on the cards because Beaumont includes long interviews with both interspersed through the book As a read it’s perfect book for a Killers fan as it charts how these four blokes with little in common clubbed together and took on the world from the early days in Vegas when they couldn’t get arrested to the satisfaction of playing Wembley “we’ve come a long way from Dave’s apartment” as Brandon says The excitement and enthusiasm from the bandmates is tangible and the fact they all come across as nice blokes just makes it all the better Told with wit and insight I loved this and if you like The Killers I would highly recommend it

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    In my recent reading expedition to learn about my favourite band I inadvertently saved the best ‘til last The Killers Days Ages is the most text dense and picture light of the three books on the band but for me it was ultimately the most rewarding If you want to have the musical influences of each of the band members in detail this is your book If you want a hard copy of the most uotable BFlow uotes this is the book If you just want a detailed journey of the band from Las Vegas to Wembley this is the read And finallyif you want to read some detailed interviews with Mark and Dave they are there Warning reading these in 2018 will make you at least a little sadWhat really makes The Killers Days Ages stand out from the pack is the uality of Mark Beaumont’s research and his writing skills He writes a great narrative that’s interesting and flows well It’s not simply a collection of interviews cobbled together with a few words but a logical story Plus the book has footnotes that mention everything from Bill Gates enjoying a show to what the lyrics of Sam’s Town could be referencing – I did not know that Shockwaves was a hair product that sponsored the NME tour the band was on The book also has a balanced tone – there’s no calling out Brandon for his youthful bald statements on various bands and the band’s hiatus tells us about what each of the guys did individually Beaumont also describes potential meanings behind many of the lyrics and while I didn’t agree with all of them I prefer to snigger like a teenager on reading the track listing for Flamingo it adds another layer to the next time you listen to each albumAt the end of each chapter named after one of the band’s songs there is an interview with Dave or Mark or both in 2014 This book had the support of the band As they are the uieter ones in the group I found it really refreshing to hear their thoughts on touring recording and everything that goes with being part of the best band of this century Reading this from 2018 post Wonderful Wonderful was kind of sad for me I don’t know whether I’m putting my own spin on it but Mark and Dave seemed fatigued Honest in their answers but tired I’d like to hope that time has refreshed themThere are of course happy moments – Wembley secret shows and the buzz of growing popular For the fans there are also two colour sections of photos There are behind the scenes pics of the Read My Mind video plus the gold suit – in the Sam’s Town era Most of these I’d seen before but they are high uality here There is also a comprehensive list of references so you can seek out the full interviews I’m not normally a slow reader but having all these extras and the internet had me wanting to try to find some of the photos described check discographies and lyrics and generally reminisce about the band If you’re a Victim of The Killers you can’t go past this bookIMHOhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom

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    Within the pages of Mark Beaumont's book is a rock concert On the drums keeping the story on track are the events that unfold for a local Las Vegas band from 2001 until 2013 Helming the guitar are some of the most catchy riffs and popular songs that over the last few decades the world has heard At bass is a moody behind the music account of the bands origin story rise to fame and internal conflict that comes naturally with success Lastly the singer is a distinguishable frontman whose voice is of someone motivated to be nothing less than great and lyrics reveal him to be a skillful enigma Who's playing this show? you find yourself asking My response of course is The KillersThis book was a ride I loved every minute of it It reminded me of all of The Killers songs that I loved and took me back to the first time I heard them As each album was discussed in the book I would go back and listen to it in its entirety falling in love with a couple new tracks along the way Hats off to Mark Beaumont whose writing demonstrated great knowledge research and time spent on the subject While him being a music journalist largely lent a hand to his expertise of the craft and subject The thorough recounting of the band's history pieced together from first or second hand interviews articles and other public resources was uite impressive While I could spend time on All of The Things that each member of the band and the group overall has Done I won't I want you to read this book I will though briefly touch on the band's songwriter and frontman Brandon Flowers and what left an impression on me the most Like I mentioned at the start he is an enigma When he was Young a Mormon boy pure of heart he oddly enough wanted to be a rockstar really he wanted to be a rock God but for Mormon's there is only one true God In his youth Somebody Told him about the glistering lights in the desert He was immediately drawn to the warm weather Joy Ride and cheap thrills that is Las Vegas but not for the Reasons you think you know Being Human he could never cast the first stone but drugs sex and gambling weren't the cause of his attraction to Las Vegas It was the energy the entertainment the up all night and sleep all day mentality found there that captured his attention and stroked his creative mind It is the city where his heart would be broken and he would learn to look at the Brightside of things A Dustland Fairytale in Nevada where he would meet the fellow bandmates that would shape his career and course of music history This all makes the Battle for success that Flower's and the Killer's had as a band so fascinating Go read this book and thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post Ugh that's a garbage ending The Killer's actually say goodbye so much betterWe hoped that you enjoyed your stay it's good to have you with us even if it is just for the day outside the sun is shining seems like heaven ain't far away

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    Very in depth coverage of one of the biggest bands in the world Beaumont followed The Killers for years interviewed them and used a significant number of existing interviews to shape the member's personalities and track their development Especially interesting is to read how the bass player Mark Stoermer and guitarist Dave Keuning talk about the band normally you only hear from Brandon Flowers and to a lesser extent from drummer Ronnie Vanucci Other highlights are the on tour struggles and recording sessions of all records until the greatest hits album Direct Hits This book makes me wonder how the band progressed after the Battle Born album into Wonderful Wonderful and how the latest solo projects came into being Flowers' The Desired Effect Keuning's Prismism and Stoermer's Dark Arts and Filthy Apes and Lions This book really is for The Victims who want to grasp how it is to be in this larger than life rock band For casual listeners who want to learn something about the band this probably is too extensive and long My interest in the band has only grown after reading this Hopefully a future book will trace the band's post Battle Born adventures that resulted in Wonderful Wonderful and in the upcoming Imploding the Mirage

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    Biografia não oficial de uma das minhas bandas favoritas Me fez entender porue eles demoram tanto pra lançar discos os membros são diferentes demais Não sei como continuam juntos mas ue continuem por muito tempo