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If he hits me then he must love me I am a cow and I am a bull I am a woman and I am a man If you don't find an ideal man by your age it doesn't mean that you like girls Don't worry you can find a man You will not be an old maid That was also when these police officers who were meant to protect the public became my pimpsWhat can be deep and personal than reading what a woman wrote of her experiences? Cases such as domestic violence forced prostitution rape and You won't be able to tear your eyes away as you read their uiet whispers of horror while trying to understand why this still happens in other cultures today Having these real women explain to the world what happened to them will help to raise awareness on why we still need to fight and stand up for themMuch of the world is still stuck within sadistic patriarchal standards that oppresses women And for a woman to survive in such a culture she must have enormous strength to defend her own or her children's lives from violence and oppression Read what these brave women wish to confessBook's Homepage 's Homepage

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    This has to be one of the hardest books I have read in uite some time I have read about sex trafficking and I have read about the Holocaust I have read about Christian martyrs and I have read about those who have overcome horrendous obstacles I had no idea until I picked up this book that this was how life was and is in the Ukraine and Russia We don't hear much about the former USSR in America and I never would have dreamed that such atrocities occurred amongst families I was never physically nor sexually abused but I see how bad things could be I kept saying to myself There but for the grace of God go I I even found myself praying for several of these women along the way When the stories ended with the woman being able to live her life in peace I rejoiced The hardest stories were the stories of women who were still in their horrific situation I can't imagineI now feel I understand one reason the birth rate in Russia is so low and I even wonder about some of the spam I receive about Russian women looking for men I discussed this book in great detail with my mom and she was just as shocked to hear some of the stories Content warning this is a very weighty book to read with adult situations and adult language I honestly didn't find myself offended at the profanity since it was in letters from real women in abusive situations But know that it is there Don't sit down and read the book in one sitting I tried and I really struggled to get through many of the stories I would have preferred having a good week or two to read the stories one at a time I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to learn about something that NEVER makes the news but needs to be knownI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine

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    I received this book through a GoodReads First reads giveaway As I was scanning through the giveaway list I stumbled across the book and found it interesting that the authors had published it themselves I figured that this showed the book meant a great deal to them so I entered to win Usually I enjoy reading dark and gritty stories so this appealed to me I didn't pause to think about how this one is not fictitious and could deeply affect meSaying that this book 'affected' me is an incredible understatement I feel like my heart was torn out of my chest and I cannot stop thinking about these women's letters It is unacceptable that this happens to women It does not simply occur in ex USSR nations as most people should know In fact even in this book Ekaterina's tragedy happened in New York City Almost shocking is how short some of these letters are They don't even begin scratch the surface of the ongoing and permanent suffering these women have goneare going through I'm getting upset just thinking about itI am so grateful that people like the Brines are bringing awareness to the topic of domestic violence towards women and beyond domestic I think everyone needs to read these letters I want to re tell to everyone I know and don't know everything that happens in the letters but I think people should check this book out for themselves I will be passing it along for sure I also recommend purchasing a large box of tissues I am not usually one to cry over words on a page but I had tears in my eyes the entire 162 pages It truly does touch and terrfiy you on a personal level as the back of the book suggests

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    I thought that reading this book will be a nightmare I almost decided to abandon it after I buying it and reading a few of its reviews That would have been a great mistakeEven if the subject of this book seems horrible the stories which it contains are very realistic I have travelled in that area from which these stories have their origins I have seen pretty similar situations I hate to admit it but in those countries women are some sort of currency Men are trading them for different purposes And just as they throw away money sometimes men are throwing women awayUnfortunately the authors were perfectly right when they introduced the first uote I have heard with my own ears the following sentence `If he beats then he must love me' I was really amazed when reading that uote as in an instant this phrase came back into my mind During my stay in Ukraine in Odessa I have heard this `concept' from not just one womanbut from several onesThis book has managed to capture and provide the exact reality that you can see there I was amazed by how the feelings pains emotions of those poor women are being transmitted to the readerThese stories are nothing else but the whole truth

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    ‘The screams of many women around the world are often forced into nearly silent whispers’We all want some measure of happiness in our lives For some of us that is relatively easy to achieve For many women it is almost impossible This book compiled by Olya and Chris Brine presents letters from 20 different women from Russia and Ukraine writing of issues in their lives of their experiences of ineuality domestic violence and effective slavery All of this in a culture in which women struggle to be heard and where obtaining any form of justice or redress is almost impossible‘It is our hope that you walk away from reading these letters with a better understanding of the problems that Russian and Ukrainian women face’There are fewer than 200 pages in this book but it took me almost a week to read it The issues described are not confined to Russia and Ukraine or to countries where female ineuality is obvious nor is violence and exploitation solely a male domain It is not a problem or set of problems we can see as belonging to someone else define as belonging to ‘them’ rather than ‘us’ Where to start?This book is about raising awareness of reminding many of us that the relative comfort of our own lives is not universal And by including personal letters albeit under pseudonyms the issues become immediate the situations are shared But what do we do next? Some of these women have escaped from their abusive situations others haven’t and some have little hope‘Please do not pity me dear readers To tell you the truth all I want at this point is for someone to know that I lived and that I was once here’ Anna‘There was no way for me to believe that someone who claimed to love me could be so unbelievably cruel’ Irina‘Nobody seemed to want to support me no matter where I went for assistance’ Svetlana‘I no longer laugh at married women with lazy husbands when I am on the train’ Natasha‘What use is it to call someone guilty without any justice?’ Ekaterina‘To be alone with one’s own troubles behind the closed doors of one’s home is the most difficult situation for both an adult and a young child’ TamaraMany of the men referred to in these letters are also victims victims of a culture which seems to almost encourage self destructive behaviour which fosters violence and dominance as acceptable behaviours Can the women be helped effectively unless the men are as well? How can women reclaim their lives in such a culture? And heartbreakingly what does the future hold for the next generation? For the boys brought up to see such abusive behaviour as acceptable and the girls brought up to accept violence? This book raises our awareness Awareness is the first of many steps in change Note I was offered and accepted a copy of this book for review purposesJennifer Cameron Smith

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    The book 'My whispers of Horror' I won here on GoodReads Never won anything in my life so winning a book getting it send to my house was such a nice thing to experience The least I can do is holding my end of the bargain and give an expanded review now I finished readingTitleCatchy even when it could've been three words instead of four by skipping 'My'The CoverI like that it's a drawing portraying the subject well And it certainly is different than other covers in a good wayGrammar and SpellingMy native isn't English English is my second language and is in the intermediate range I already have read a lot of books in English But for me being not a native and having no than a certain level of intermediate I did encounter errors that didn't get picked up on before this book got published I got the feeling either they didn't use proofreaders going over this book before it went to print Or the proofreaders' background in this matter wasn't high enough If I already can pick up on the errors a native English person certainly will encounter The storiesIf you have a heart they will get to you You will feel for this women who told their experiences and life story You will feel the injustices done there And not only to just these women It happens everywhere The women in the book with the voice are portraying a very large group of women in the same position everywhere on this earth In the Netherlands where I live one third of the calls to police are about domestic violence Think about that It's a big problem in every societyMy opinionThe reason I rate it a 4 is despite the errors in the book and me just getting the book for freeI rated it four for other reasons For starters the subject There can't be enough books about domestic violence and the maltreatment of women world wide I liked the letter approach giving multiple women a voice This subject is something I care about greatlyI even have it as a subject for a fourth e book I started that one first but I got stuck and realised later it wasn't supposed to be the first But one day it will be out there and then I will add 'My Whispers of Horror' on the reference pageThe only thing that struck a sore nerve with me were in the letters of the authors The sentences where they deminished it happening in for example Europe To them it was 'nothing' compared to how things go in the countries they talk about I can't agree on that and to be honoust it even hurted me but that's a different subject I won't go into indepthI leave it with they are wrong for deminishing or calling it nothing compared to

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    In the intro the publishers set up that they self published this because they couldn't get anyone else to publish it It is their positions that these stories MUST be told so they made it happenThe same tone of desperation no one will help us ness is the experience of reading the rest of the bookThere were brief moments where the women inspired me by showing great courage and willingness to take on the challenges in their lives to break the system swim upstream and stand up for themselves But most of their words are complaints I am not condoning the behavior of anyone in the book What I am saying is that complaints don't move the world forward Complaints generate resignation and the sensation that this is how it is AND there's nothing we can do about itA good amount of time I was distracted by the lack of line and copy editing Lots of publishing errors extrawasted words and poor dictionsyntax But these are the letters word for word I doubt it I bet many were written in RussianUkranian and translated into English so the translators could have really given us a break with efficiencyEither way if the intention of the book is to mobilize the world to create a new existence for people in RussiaUkraine then it is better to make some adjustments to the letters that serve the readers rather than giving us the unaltered mess to read through They could publish another edition that's called The Letters Raw Untouched with their original RussianUkrainian versionsI sit on the board of a nonprofit that does work to support orgs in Ukraine that work with women who have left abusive relationships and their families and now I have a clearer view of not just the outward circumstances and behaviors we are out to transform but also many of the caustic mindsets and beliefs that set the context for all of these behaviors and outcomes to occur inside of

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    My first thought after reading this book was wow wow because I realized how easy I have had it after 31 years of marriage Even though there were problems in the marriage that are always there money children and other assorted issues that two people will have living together The true stories portrayed in this small but powerful book will make you think twice about what you have ever known about women around the world or even things you didn't know It seems to me that women living in the ex USSR are still treated like they were in medieval times and the continuing themes I found in reading this book was that the men are lazy don't want to work and drink to excess which leads to mistreatment of their wives girlfriends and children This is a uick but not lighthearted read as each letter is a bit worse than the one before A lot of the women in these mentally and physically abusive relations have had a happy ending meaning that they were able to get out but most have not and just go on trying their best to cope with what they are dealt with I think that this is a book to be read by women and men both and to open our eyes to what women in other countries are suffering by the hands of their father's husband's and finally their governmentI have included a few of the letters from the book here in the hopes that we as women can do something even just passing along word that these women need to be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve

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    This book was very eye opening The stories were told by letters sent in by the abused women themselvesThe really crazy thing is the fact that I have two Russian sister in laws don't ask and I never realized that this was going on in their countryI have heard them say before men are different there because women outnumber them so much that the women have to settle However I had no idea the extent they were talking about At allMy heart truly broke for every women who had no choice but to live in those circumstancesI will be recommending this book to everyone I knowThanks go to the people who took the time to tell their story and the authorpublisher for telling putting it all together Everyone needs to know about this

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    Haunting and frightful Well written even as a translation although could have done better with the editing

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    its very nice