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The Master’s plan has been foiled her army weakened but her resolve hardened The Master returns to Campbell’s Cove to get revenge on those who thwarted her plans She has Tolldruck and the fearless Shifter at her side After saving the children of the Cove Peter and George once again face danger Together with Peter’s Granddad and the guardians they must battle evil once Will they succeed or will the Master have her revenge? The Master's Revenge is book 2 in The Viking's Apprentice series The Viking's Apprentice achieved the Number 1 best seller in genre in Canada and number 2 in America This fantasy series is for children of 8 years and older

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    I lucked out and found Kevin McLeod on Twitter offering free audiobooks I'd missed the deadline but he was cool enough to pass them on anyway I love cool authors So Before I even get on with the review I want to send a bit on these covers Candy They're eye candy for me aren't they tots fabu? The imagery the detail the total awesomeness is just what I love in book covers Believe me when I say both of these books would have been on my shelf even if McLeod hadn't given the audio They are what I love most in books outside of the story So I'm raving 5 stars on cover work alone but on to the actual stories The Viking's Apprentice and The Viking's Apprentice The Master's RevengeBook 2 The Master's RevengePicking up where book one left off we find the residents of Campbell's Cove picking up the pieces of the battle Memories wiped and a life lost they're trying to find some normalcy but evil hasn't completely vanished Something is stirring Granddad knows better than to let his guard down but he's hoping he and the boys can resume an adventurous holiday He's sadly mistaken The trolls have been sent to do a job and The Master will stop at nothing This story is full of non stop action It literally does not stop; even when the ending hits there's a promise of to come And there are dragons Your kids will love the critters the storyline and the adventure this book promises Just as good as the first book The Viking's Apprentice The Master's RevengeFor the full review Viking's Apprentice The Viking's Apprentice The Master's RevengeKevin McLeodCreateSpace Independent PublishingApril 13 2013

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    The epic tale of friendship adventure and magic beings is back and bigger than ever McLeod is bringing it back with trolls and action A vengeful witch and a shape shifting creature could be the match for Peter and George but with a powerful army on their side can they survive?You can’t afford to miss this book aimed at ages 8 the book is easy to read yet full of twists and turns older people will enjoy The first book proved to a be a hit and this second instalment is sure to leave you wanting Whether you’re reading it alone or to someone else you’ll be gripped and won’t want to put it downI really love these books they’re easy to read exciting and action packed McLeod doesn’t miss out the story or the character development though there’s time for both in this book Throughout the series you will see Peter and George grow into their roles and use teamwork to stick together It’s a great book for children outlining the need for friendship and teamwork in tough situations but doing it inside an epic fantasy adventure

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    The saga continues with Peter and company fighting against seemingly impossible odds and an apparently immortal enemy The war against the Master has also become even personal for Peter and George Good but not as engrossing as Book 1

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    This is the second book in the Viking series The first book The Viking's Apprentice went to number 1 in Canada and number 2 in America The Master's Revenge takes place a few days after the first book finished and continues the story It is fast paced has the twists and turns you would expect from the series and of course there is a new 'baddie' to meet I don't want to give too much away but I will say I'm delighted with book 2 and hope you all will be as well Kevin

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    Friendship and AdventureThis book is about a vengeful Witch and is filled with Twists Turns Action Adventure and Team WorkThe story line was well written and the characters were well roundedOverall this was a Good Adventurous Read for the Young OnesDanielle Cohen did well with the narrationNoteThis audio book was provided by the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review

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    Terrific bookI love this book he gave good detail and he also made it interesting buy not giving all the information he allowed you to piece it together this was a very good seuel to the first book I also liked that he kept it clean through the book

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    I look forward to the page turning adventure that I appear to be getting here Those are my favorite types of booksThe I have to put it down becuase it's boring the less likely I am to finish I'm afraid But I am truly looking forward to reading this

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    Review to come