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Ever since Lily died two years ago Evie has been lost She exists but doesn’t live and she copes the only way she knows how by wrecking thingsShe exposes her dad’s affairs ends things with her longtime boyfriend and just last semester she destroyed her music scholarship Desperate to break away from all the destruction she’s caused and start over Evie reinvents herself at her new university But then Rhys her new voice instructor happens He’s gorgeous insanely talented and a part of the dark past she’s trying to overcome Rhys’s brother is the reason why Evie's life is such a mess right now the reason why Lily Evie's sister is dead Even though Rhys is the last person Evie should ever want for the first time in two years wrecking things seemsright

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    325 stars Wrecked is the story of Evie a college student repeating her freshman year at another school because of all the mistakes she had made the previous year A music major Evie is partnered up with a mentor who will help coach her through voice lessons But she has a problem Evie has met Rhys her mentor before and he doesn't remember her But he is connected to one of the worst moments of her lifeI enjoyed reading this book but a number of aspects about it made the book fall flat For one the romancerelationship between Evie and Rhys felt very forced to me There was obviously an attraction between the two of them but the relationship happened very uickly and there was no building up to it For the beginning of the book the main character spent time dealing with the issues of everyone around her than she did with Rhys and then they jumped right in like she had been around him all along and she really hadn't The two didn't even know each other and then all of the sudden they were enad with each otherDespite this the book really picked up in the second half and that's where Evie as a character really began to grow She dealt with her painful past and did her best to become a better person even if she was hiding things from Rhys that as a reader we knew would come back to bite her in the ass I almost never mention this but there were a few typos that took my focus away from the book I'm not normally one to nitpick this but since this wasn't an arc and it happened than 3 times it really started to get on my nerves So hopefully they go back and fix these small mistakes if possibleAn enjoyable read but nothing astoundingPS view spoiler This book reminded me of a mix up of the book Ten Tiny Breaths You have to read it to understand what I mean hide spoiler

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    Where can I get a Rhys Holy Crap

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    TitleWrecked Series StandaloneAuthorEmily Snow Release Date 2014Rating25 starsCliffhangerNo HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    Good Story But Not GreatI don't have too much to say about this story It just didn't make a strong impression one way or the other It was a sweet young adult romance The story was okay the characters were alright and it was entertaining enough For whatever reason I just never really felt very connected to the characters Maybe the 19 year old angst and drama was just too difficult for me to relate toEssentially Evie transfers to a new college after flunking out at her last school and just acting out in general She immediately recognizes and begins crushing on her voice coachteacher's assistant Rhys Problem is Rhys' brother is responsible for the death of her sister about 2 years earlier Evie tries avoiding Rhys but eventually has to start facing him for her voice lessons or repeat history The she is around him the their mutual attraction grows After they finally have sex which was pretty hot by the way the connection is finally made by Rhys They break up Heartache and pining ensuesThat is the gist of things in a very condensed manner There were many cute parts that made me smile and a few that made me roll my eyes I listened primarily to the audiobook version and that may be what was shut a put off for me I just could not get past the horrible accent It really was bad and distracting If I had been focused on the story and less on the narrator's terrible impression of a southern accent I might have enjoyed it

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    This was me during this book Was I crying tears of heartbreak or emotion? No I was simply bored to tears Literally Against my better judgement after Consumed it sucked I decided to give Ms Snow one chance She has now been placed on my Abbi Glines list I wish her luck in the future I just can't buy any of her books

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    25 starsI have read some really great books by this author but Wrecked was a bit of a disappointment for me It's a sweet YA romance which did not make a huge impression to meI didn't feel that the two main characters had a connection or chemistry with each other I liked Rhys than Eveshe started to annoy me to no endall her angst and dramaThe story moved at a slow pace and hell did it take ages and ages before the big REVEAL is finally here And the usage of the word WRECKEDwhat was that all about????Let me just say that it was an okay storybut not anything great I have read much better books written by Emily Snow

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    Adding this to the TBR It sounds really good The blurb says this is a standalone about a girl who is starting fresh in a new university after her whole life went downhill Then Rhys her new voice instructor happens He’s gorgeous and insanely talented but he’s the last person she should want because he's also a part of the dark past she's trying to get away from

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    This was the first book I've read by Emily Snow and don't get me wrong it wasn't bad but I had a total different expectation after reading the blurb I wanted angst raw emotions struggle just feelings throughout the book but all this I didn't really getThe writing was good but I wasn't really glued to my kindleThe blurb the prologue and even some of the flashbacks were promising but all this fell short because Evelyn and Rhys 'relationship' didn't take over the majority of the book I've read a lot what was going on with her college friends a bit of her family drama and about her best friend How she wrecked things was mentioned too but it rather left me feel cold than evoke a reaction out of me I couldn't really connect or get attached with Evelyn's pain and heartache same goes with Rhys' We learn his family isn't as perfect either as learned in the blurb but all the talking was superficial; it lacked on depths for me Their steamy encounters were indeed STEAMY but that's it I wished and wanted from the book; sure that's just my opinion and many rated it 5 stars but I expected especially after reading such a blurbThis doesn't mean I won't keep an eye out for Ms Snow's other books or that you won't like her book; just that this one wasn't very satisfying for me✦ Read all my review A Z on the blog✦ Like the blog on Facebook

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    This book was really fast paced and I couldn't put it down There were a few parts that made me laugh and parts that made me sad I felt so bad for Evie I really loved Rhys and Evelyn together and there was definitely some steam My only minor complaint is that I really wish there was an epilogue I wasn't ready for the book to end Highly recommend

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    35 stars rounded up