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Life isn’t easy for a teenage veilwalkerLyric has been on the run for over a decade Her brother is her only friend her father treats her like a soldier and after an ill planned trip to purgatory she’s stuck with a bitterly displaced ghostCharles Hathor has problems of his own—problems he’s confident can be solved with the aid of Lyric’s realm crossing ability As the leader of a powerful coven he’ll stop at nothing to ensure her cooperation Kidnapping extortion maybe even murder; everything goes in his uest for retributionAlongside her twin Lyric is forced back into the bowels of the magical world But working for a vengeful warlock is not for the faint of heart Relationships will be tested Unlikely alliances will be forged And Lyric will discover enemies closer than she ever imagined This is the first book in Jennifer R McDonald's Veilwalker Trilogy

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    Hmmm I liked this book despite the fact that it is not my preferred genre I would give it 3 stars based solely on my personal taste but I feel this book would be well received by fans of paranormal paranormal romance fantasy and all those YA blockbusters It kind of had a feel like The Mortal Instruments for me and had twinges of horror and lots of action in that veinThe writing is good and the book is cleanly edited though some chopping of adjectives in some areas may have helped the pace Still the uality was as good as any traditionally published workI really liked the concept of the veil a ghost world that the main characters can enter and exit typically how they see fit think Insidious but not as scary I also enjoyed the character Gemma a ghost they accidently ensnare while exploring their powersThe MCs are traditional YA MCs meh Just not my thing But the supporting cast is good and contains a few Gems Overall I enjoyed the book even though I don't like paranormal paranormal romance fantasy and all those YA blockbusters Definitely check it out if you do

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    Into the Veil is a fast paced engaging story full of vibrant imagery and characters that will make you want to know them It’s told from the point of view of Lyric a teenage veilwalker She and her brother Lincoln have the ability to leave their bodies and walk through the veil which is the realm of the dead who have not passed on In it they can wander without being seen by the living As this is a rare gift they are constantly in danger of being captured to be used as spiesThis story had me glued to its pages I was sucked into Lyric’s world engrossed by her strength her fear and even her embarrassment The author does an outstanding job of exposing her characters through Lyric’s eyes We get a strong sense of each of them and want to know about their lives We also get an amazing view into the paranormal world in which Lyric resides It will have you wondering what might be around that you can’t see ;Though there are a few typos in the text the writing flows smoothly and the action never wavers If you enjoy urban fantasy be sure to pick up a copy of Into the Veil I’m off to get a copy of the second book

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    I am getting hooked on indie books and Into the Veil is a perfect example of whyThe book starts out engaging but just a little rough a little awkward mirroring the teenager it portrays Lyric is almost 17 and she isn't uite sure of who she should be yet That is typical enough but that's about all that is typical about Lyric or her twin brother Lincoln They are Veilwalkers one of the rarest of magical beings with the ability to slip into 'The Veil' a shadowy realm of ghosts that overlays corporeal reality making a Veilwalker the consummate spy Because of their uniue powers and viscous murder of the mother that shared their gifts they have been on the run for ten years with their mysterious father The running however is about to come to an end and Lyric struggles with the incredible burden of finding herself the sole protector of her small family trying to keep numerous enemies at bay This would be uite enough to be getting on with but one of those enemies is also engaging her heart against her willThis book gets better and better as it moves along and the last third is guaranteed to keep your nose glued to your Kindle Lyric is one of the absolutely best female characters I have ever read She is strong and fragile stubborn and full of heart In other words completely real and you will be completely absorbed in her storyYes there are grammatical errors scattered liberally through the book but they are no than a small irritation once the story gets going I am absolutely sure with a uick once over by a proofreader and a competent editor this book could easily leap to the success level of The Hunger Games It really is that good Now I am off to buy the next installment Through the Gloom

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    DNFIt pains me to do this I'm an author and I know how wonderful it is to pull up your profile to discover a shiny new four or five star review I wish like hell I could inspire that feeling here but in order to review with integrity I can't do so Especially because this is part of a review challenge I have to be honest or the whole idea falls apart This book is cliche riddled with typos and poorly written I look at all those four and five star reviews and I feel like I'm going crazy I don't know what book they read because it can't possibly be the same one I got my hands on I get the impression from some of them that there might be a recent version of this book that I don't have so maybe that new version corrected a lot of the problems Take this with a grain of salt in that case because obviously I am in the minority here and I may have an older version of the book1 Logical inconsistencies The main characters are on the run for their lives and absolutely need to blend in wherever they are in order to avoid detection Yet they both have white blond hair and the female protagonist has streaked this already eye catching mane with pink I know that sounds small but really that's not the way to stay hidden 2 I can forgive the whole kidnapped and forced to work with the kidnappers trope but nothing much new comes of it If you're going to do that I'd like to see a twist on the formula but I feel like said twist never really happened 3 Fight scene that goes nowhere I was all ready for a big battle to happen but the opposing side's mooks turn up make a show of power do absolutely nothing of conseuence then leave That was a big let down4 The other teenagers in the story inexplicably either hate or love the main female character according to their gender Guys are interested at least one girl is jealous and bitchy But what made the book a dnf for me was when the guy the two protags are working for tells the female protag that the opposing force's leader is bad because he believes in diversity His little cabal is a blasphemous mix of magical races which is naughty bad wrong NOW because I have gotten in trouble for comments like this before let me try and make something very clear characters can be racist That's fine in and of itself That's not what I'm complaining about There are many racist people and groups in real life and fiction almost always stays true to life in some way or another Also Hathor the guy the protags are helping isn't even a good guy per se He just happens to be the first dude that thought to kidnap the main characters and strong arm their help out of them Fine BUT there is NO reaction to this revelation None The female protag doesn't think wow that's messed up I should now realize that this guy doesn't have my best interests at heart The narrative doesn't even remark on it For me and yes this is probably very subjective that's like condoning the racist attitude There should be some ripple at the mention of something so blatantly bigoted Since there wasn't I put the book downI really wanted to love this and I fully acknowledge that it might just be me; this strikes me as a YA and I dislike YA But given what looks like a set up for a love triangle and other tropes I don't think I can stick this one out That said I certainly won't give up on this author entirely I hope the next book I try will be a hit for me Since I didn't finish it I won't add a star rating

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    I received this book in exchange for my honest reviewDon't you hate it when a book keeps you up until three in the morning even though you have to wake up at 630 to go to work because it's so darn good? I don't I love itI fell in love with Lyric and Lincon right away what a great name Lyric by the way They are Vailwalker twins and possibly the last of their kind of mages Veilwalkers are witches who can freely go you guessed it Into The Vail between our world and the next what some people would call purgatory And the reason that is great other then they see dead people is that the Vail and our world are connected When they are in the Vail they can see and hear everything that happends in our world making them the best spies anyone could ask forThe world Jennifer McDonald created was one of the best aspects of the book for me It talked about witches werewolfs and vampires all terribly familiar in a strikingly uniue way There were other paranormal beings that were introduced as well and even if I hadn't heard about them before they felt right like maybe McDonald had an insight into the actual magical world out there Like maybe this world could be real and we could be living in itAll the chatecters were like that too they felt real Even in the very beginning when nothing much was happening the main characters already showed they were strong smart independent and kind The best thing about it was that I didn't notice the author trying to make me see them that way The dialogs were smooth and witty and McDonald introduced this remarkable world and adorable characters in a very fluid way They sneak up on you and when you realize you are already rooting for them Sure they are teens and that shows sometimes in some impulsive reactions and uestionable atitudes But they were not stupid kids by any means All including the secondary characters were complex and multidimentional And I have to talk about the romance It wasn't the main point of the book at all and it wasn't particularly steamy either But it was so sweet and it grew in such an organic way It made me literally put my hand over my heart in a swooning gesture many times I loved it and I can't even explain the reason for it that wellFor me this book was very well rounded It had likable and believable characters an interesting plot set in an uniue world heart melting romance and incredible action all through out I'm so glad I got to read itMy rating 55Would I read it again? YesDo I recommend it? Yes To any YA and Paranormal lovers Buy it now you won't regret it

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    I really really really didn't want to write this review mostly because I'm 22% into the next book Holy crapola on a stick This book was amazeballs The beginning was a little rough and I'm not really a fan of the weird names BUT the plot was really freaking amazing I did like that Lyric didn't spend too much time whining and moaning about her situation it made it alot easier to sympathize with her since it wasn't being shoved down my throat I really don't want to spoil the book but I thought I knew what was going on only it turns out I didn't There was a HUGE twist that I didn't see coming It was nice that the book didn't end on a total cliffhanger but there is definitely plenty resolved I'm really glad that I decided to reuest this whole series because I would have been so mad if I didn't have the next one ready That's really all I have to say about it for now mostly because I'm DYYYYYYING to get back to the second book

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    Received from Lovers Of Paranormal in exchange for an honest reviewOmg I loved this book It is written in the voice of Lyric the veilwalker I love how she describes all of the characters Gemma her ghost cracked me up The author made me feel everything she was feeling from angerand lust to sadness and confusion I can not wait to get my hands on the next book in this trilogy

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    Today I am reviewing the Paranormal story Into the Veil by Jennifer R McDonald This is a story in which the world is peopled in part by mages who have different abilities – there are conjurors who can summon objects from other places there are sirens who can command the minds of othersand there are also veilwalkers or gravewalkers who can leave their bodies and cross into the realms of the dead I give this book a 455 Here is my breakdownCharacters 55 Oh my God Did Jennifer find these people in real life and transcribe their story or something? Each and every character she introduced in this novel felt as real as if I had known them myself From the twin veilwalkers Lincoln and Lyric to the Hathor family and even Roman himself the motivations of each were passionate real visceraland they compelled me to read onPlotStoryline 55 Wow I can only hope that some people find my stories as intriguing as I found this one Jennifer has developed an in depth magical society with cohesive and understandable rules powers and inclinations The story never dragged never felt slow simply pushed me on and on until when I reached the end I had to find if there was a seuelPS There isFlow 55 The story flowed and flowed well I was never confused never distracted Even when I found issues with spelling or grammar the next section the novel was so well put together and structured that I simply noted and moved on never pulled away from the magic of Jennifer’s worldSpellingGrammar 35 As is often the case this is where Into the Veil fell short Jennifer seems to have had an issue with apostrophes and homophones words that sound the same but are spelled differently Fortunately in addition to being the most common issue I see it is also the most easily corrected and another edit pass over or two will fix everythingOverall 455 Absolutely amazing I have been fortunate to read many new and excellent authors recently and this story exemplifies that trend Jennifer has built a world that I enjoy characters that I care about and has done so with finesse and aplomb The world is watching Jennifer – don’t let us down

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    My rating is actually a 355 stars Into the Veil by Jennifer R McDonald is a fast paced enjoyable read that keeps you engaged from beginning to end The story follows Lyric and Lincoln Yama teenage twins who have been on the run most of their lives living in hiding from the magical world they were born into Like their mother the Yama twins are Veilwalkers an almost extinct race of warlocks capable of separating their spirits from their bodies and stepping into the world between life and death This gift makes them a rare commodity and puts them at risk of capture or death For over a decade they have successfully evaded their kind with the help of their father until the day Charles Hathor the leader of a powerful coven comes barreling into their livesJennifer R McDonald has created an entertaining world filled with vivid and likable characters The pace of the story was spot on The imagery was strong and yet subtle at the right times While I enjoyed the main characters I have to give it to the supporting cast on this one; some of Jennifer’s descriptions are still floating around in my mind weaving the loveliest of pictures and that is precisely the kind of impression I look for in a book The only reason I couldn’t rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars is because of the errors in spelling punctuation and grammar With a good edit this book would be a solid 4 stars

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    I absolutely loved Into the Veil It had everything that I look for in a great read – plenty of action sizzling romance strong compelling characters and is well written with an original engrossing plot Lyric and her brother Lincoln are veilwalkers ones who can cross the veil into the parallel world of the dead who are kidnapped and forced work for a powerful clan Suddenly Lyric’s world is not so black and white She has to decide who to believe and who to trust – her life and her brother’s depend on it I found the world within the veil to be refreshingly different and loved how the author wove many different paranormal creatures into her paranormal world there are mages vampires werewolves and fae I loved the uniue close knit bond between Lyric and Lincoln and thought the displaced ghost Gemma was fascinating and loveable I loved how the author portrayed the dynamics within each family and how even though they had their sometime very vocal disagreements they still loved and supported each other Into the Veil kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat throughout I can’t wait to dive into the next book and continue the journey with Lyric and her brother Highly recommended