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With the death of Kingdom City’s chief of police in a terrorist attack Autumn Stevens lost the only man who could save her from herself Still paralyzed by grief after six months the last thing she expected was his return—along with three thousand of his fallen comrades As confusion turns to violence throughout the city Autumn discovers the lengths she will go to protect her family and right the wrongs carried out in the name of security and prosperity—especially those committed by her own hand

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    Autumn is a fighter who does what it takes to protect her family and rectify her past She owns her flaws and even though she struggles to balance who she was with who she is she doesn't let her weaknesses overcome her Sacrifice family devotion and intense raw emotion make this book a must own must read

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    As publisher of this book in order to maintain as objective rating as possible I decline rating it myself However readers of mysterythrillers actionadventures and dystopian sci fantasy will find this book intelligent fast paced and gripping

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    It's always interesting to read an author's debut novel are you going to be handing out a participation trophy or will you be pleasantly surprised? Ben Ireland's novel didn't feel like the work of a newbie it could have come of the shelf of a seasoned author For that I am grateful because it was not the least bit painful to read this fascinating story Kingdom City follows the mysterious Autumn who surprises and impresses you with her grit determination and otherwordly talent The fictitious future world of Kingdom City is wrought with deception and mystery from the cryptic representative and his cronies to children going to school containing a standard arsenal stash and gunfight training to Autumn's mysterious job as a stealth martial arts expert sent on secret missions by the governmental head of the city There's lots of imagination at work here I felt like I was watching a fast pace movie people coming back to life or never having died mysterious sci fi lab experiments and heroic fight scenes The characters are tangible and emotionally raw I was hooked by the first few pages and by the last page I was ready for When can we expect the seuel Mr Ireland?

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    Each scene plays out like a movie in your head I couldn't change the page fast enough Not sloppy or soupy just an enjoyable read that leaves you wanting If you like John Grisham you'll love this one

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    Great Book Great Characters I couldn't put the book down I was hooked from the Prologue Each chapter left you in suspense I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone I know I can't wait to see work from Ben Ireland

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    Do you like science fiction? Did you like Terminator? Resurrection is a thrill ride packed with multidimensional characters intriguing relationships and mysteries to keep you guessing about how things will turn out At the core of the novel is a family full of love for one another trying to stay strong together in the face of overwhelming odds Kingdom City has secrets lots of secrets The mother is called The Whisper a fighterassassin for the Representative Her husband was pronounced dead in a terrorist attack but suddenly reappears after six months alive and not so healthy And he and his fellow officers returned from the dead have unusual new talents The father is an ethical policeman sworn to protect his city and he will risk all to fulfill that role The teenaged son is typically confused about things and keeps a running banter with his ten year old sister who resembles her mother in many ways I'll be anxiously awaiting the seuel Recommended for ages 13 and up Some violence but less than what's on TV

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    Not many authors choose or are capable of writing a novel based around such a resilient tough as nails female lead The bold protagonist is intelligent strong and beautifully flawed Kingdom City is a magnificent balance of dark and light The story explores how dark human beings can be while achieving optimism in the strength to overcome

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    The main character in this book is awesome She's the Whisper Autumn Stevens and she's a badass ninja assassin mama bear who wields dual katanas I can't help but picture her in my mind as being a lot like the Bride in Kill Bill I kept waiting for a fight like Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves with cybernetic mechanical limbs piling high Ben Ireland writes FANTASTIC fight scenes I do wish I knew about Kingdom City itself It seems contemporary with characters using Ruger handguns and MP5 submachine guns I'm assuming HK but also dystopian like Hunger Games Is it isolated because of an apocalypse or is it hidden like Wakanda; sitting on mountains of ternium instead of vibranium? I've already got Part 2 loaded on my Kindle I can't wait to see where this goes

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    This book is a lot of fun It read like anime like I was reading Miyazaki It's Urban Dystopian Super Hero Action Horror Zombie lit all packed into one seriesA tragic explosion buries most of the police force including the Chief of Police killing them all six months later they all return with no memory of what happened Now the mystery of what happens begins to be reveals in intense layered action Awesome And the seuence of events after kept me awake at night effecting my dreams until I got up and finished the book And it surrounds a bad ass chick Autumn Kingdom City's Whisper which makes her the toughest ninja assassin on the planet Total Linda Hamilton type from Terminator 2 I'm all in for tough women leads She only bugged me when she was too motherly Me Stop worrying about their veggies and go kill some bad guysReally enjoyed the pace It's sliced into scenes so the reader gets of the plot than the players When the story wound back to the planning in the gymnasium I thought of screaming at the characters blowing the whole plot to them Listen guys stop talking about it The city is in riots There are hostages Stop being so smart and go ninja kick them in the faceResurrection kept with me for a few days after Very pumped about the seuel

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    Great book I loved itJust started the second one Ben sets the scene so well that I never have to go back and reread to remember where the characters are Not your typical dystopian novel I like the story of a family and the community around them struggling to make decisions of right and wrong Very cool fight scenes and supernatural powers