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College junior Danielle Dani Keller has simple goals for her college years party just enough to have fun fire off a perfect round of bull’s eyes at the shooting range just enough to stay sane and enjoy her hotter than hell boyfriend Drew just enough to blow off some steam And graduate with honors in criminal justice so she can lock up assholes like the one who murdered her mom leaving her dad the current Chief of Police miserable and broken But when Drew insists she stop by the Journalism department with him after class he leads her through a secret doorway at the back of the building And Dani learns that the whole department is a front for the most intense CIA black ops training ground in the country and her own father is the Director Division X has had its eye on Dani for years and assigned Drew as her handler from the second she set foot on campus Everything Dani thought was true is turned upside down even as she's plunged into the world of rapid language acuisition deadly fighting skills and espionage techniues that would make her sorority sisters' heads spin Of course she's damn good at all of –it which almost makes up for how pissed off she is that Drew’s attention – both in and out of the bedroom was nothing than a tactic to recruit her But Dani has bigger things to worry about when she’s sent out into the field on her first assignment The simple mission to keep next generation weapons from falling into the wrong hands plunges Dani and her team down a rabbit hole of theft crime and lies Not to mention she’s deliciously distracted by the hot tech guy Sanders who makes her wonder what she ever saw in DrewBut when some impressive decryption by Sanders uncovers a treasure trove of information about the source of the weapons’ funding she seems to be the only person who smells something fishy something that may connect him back to Division X itself

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