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    As a fan of Pham's other works and an admirer of his life philosophies I was really excited to read this book to learn about his experiences It reads like a collection of short vignettes capturing small yet detailed glimpses into his past Yes there are a few passages that seem uite romanticized and sentimental this may bother some people but the style is uite consistent which to me suggests a genuine effort to paint life as he sees it through writing I happen to really appreciate the result As someone who also studied Aerospace Engineering and decided to leave the industry for other aspirations the third story titled That Other Life particularly resonated with me

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    Pham claims this is his best book yet I haven't read his other books but they get great reviews This was thin It reads like a series of diary entries that maybe should not have been published or maybe would have worked as a decent blog posts It covers Pham's his time in avoiding work flying a trike and pondering over his many failed relationships as a young adult