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Caedehn MacRoich was sent to the mortal world for one purpose to hunt the Morrigan's renegade faelah But he never anticipated stumbling upon Meghan Elam a young woman from his own realm nor did he expect to fall in love with her Fate however had other plans for Cade and when he broke his own geis to keep Meghan safe the Morrigan demanded retribution for his disobedience Now in order to guarantee Meghan's safety Cade must make a sacrifice that very well may drive him mad

10 thoughts on “Ghalien (The Otherworld Series, #4)

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    Ashfgdjdvdjdah SO GOOD

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    Very good It was nice to fill in the gaps from when Cade was gone It was even better to see why he made the choices he did through the books

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    Love Cades point of viewI love reading about Cade and what he was doing and what he was going through while he wasn’t with Meghan To see him with his sister and helping others all the while trying to keep Meghan safe

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    Cadehn's Point Of View The added details from Cadehn was really nice Seeing the world from his perspective shed light on his actions and decisions in previous books and Ghalien as well The new characters are strong independent people that add an extra layer of depth to the Otherworld Once again I am extremely happy I chose to read this series

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    This is the fourth book of The Otherworld series and probably my second favorite book of the series This book picks up where Ehriad left off But unlike Ehriad this isn't a few short stories it's a full length book from Cade's point of view that parallels the 2nd book of this series Dolmarehn With all the books in this series the book expands on the use of Celtic mythology and introduces you to another monster One of the greatest monsters from epic tales How will Cade defeat a creature so powerful?The book starts off right after the attack on Meghan by the Morrigan Cade has left his spirit guide Fergus in the mortal world to protect her while she heals and to protect her while he's away He was gone for monthsIf he loves her what could possibly be keeping him away for so long? In this book you really get to know Cade better You learn how selfless he is and how far he's willing to go to protect the people that he holds dear You also learn about the never ending tortures that his mother puts him through I never thought I could hate the Morgann but by the end of this book I learned it really was possible

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    This is an amaizing bookseries It is well written smooth flowing and easy to read The imagery is so vivid that you can picture every scene as if it were happening all around you The characters and their emotions are so well depicted that you feel what they feelIn this book Cade is tested to his limits He never expected to fall in love with Meghan but he will do whatever it takes to protect her from his mother The MorriganI can't wait to read the next book in the series I highly recommend to those who enjoy paranormal mythology I also recommend reading the books in order

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    I am so happy I won this book I gave me the opportunity to read the entire series Jenna has created a wonderful Other world Cade is a true hero he is swore to evil and still follows a good path Read the triolgy and then go out and get this book so your craving for knowledge on what Cade is doing and thinking can be satisfied I really did want of Cade and his journey This is a GREAT mystery filled danger ridden innocent love story I can not wait for books from Jenna

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    This is the fourth in the series but instead of a continuance of the story is of a parallel side of Cade and what happens when he leaves Meghan the 1st time after discovering who she really is This is Cade's story told from his point of view Inside look at how Cade fell in love with Meghan and this story fills in blanks from the first couple of books like what really happens to Cade losing his geish A great fantasy sci if a touch of romance I highly recommend for teens and adults

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    Very awesome book This tales Cade's side of the Otherworld Trilogy story and his time spent away from Meghan his feelings towards her his emotional turmoil insidehis deathhis love for Meghan AND Ghalien The Heart Warrior that he has become for her and her alone What a truly amazing addition to the wonderful series Bravo

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    Again it was refreshing to hear the story from Cade the story we knew was there when hearing Meghans What exactly happened when Cade was in the otherworld while Meghan was in the mortal after her near demise from the morrigan I love reading from cades point of view how he sees Meghan and tells his side of the story