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The Mother in Law Cure is a modern day fairy tale that chronicles the rise of the book's central character Humara from orphan to power matriarch in an affluent family Humara's influence spans generations and continents but things are seldom as they appear Humara's prosperity is not simply good fortune but stems from something dark and sinister as those who encounter her uickly begin to realize It seems that nothing can stand in Humara's way as she pulls the strings of those around her until she meets the unlikeliest of nemesis Another young orphan whose status in the household is little than a servant will be the instrument of Humara's demise The Mother in Law Cure is an urban fantasy that takes you from Pakistan to the Middle East and back to the United States

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    Also reviewed for Addicted2HeroinesThis was a weird twisted little story but for some odd reason I really enjoyed itAnd noI don't sit around and plot my mother in law's demise in my spare time She and I might be from different planets but as this book points out I could have done a lot worseBesides I'm probably going to be somebody's mother in law someday Of course I'm sure I'll be much beloved my son or daughter in lawAccording to the blurb this book is about Humara the evil mother in law but in reality it's about MiriamShe's the second wife of Humara's eldest son As the story unfolds you find out through flashbacks what happened to his first wifeand it ain't prettySomething isn't right when it comes to Humara The book never specifies exactly how she manages to twist fate into her hands but the use of dark magic is definitely alluded toEveryone around her bows to her will eventually And if they haven't learned to fear her yet they willI know diddly suat about what it's like to be a Pakistani American so whether or not this gives you a glimpse into that culture I couldn't tell you I can say that I did find the dynamics of the family interesting And then there was my personal favoriteBabyBaby was the gaudy loud and unbelievably overweight fiancee of Miriam's brother in law The addition of this character was both hysterical and sad Humara decides she's had enough of her youngest son's frivolous lifestyle and chooses his bride to be from an unlikely place Why she decides to saddle her son with someone that he obviously cringes away from isn't really explained but you can assume that it didn't come from a warm fuzzy place in her heartBaby as it turns out is the only daughter of a successful businessmanand Humara's old lover Why Humara felt the need to drag this family down with her is yet another uestion that's never directly answered I could only assume that she felt a jealous need to insert herself into his life once The cure itself is yet another mystery And while you may never know the whys or hows of it's true origin the results are certainly interesting This won't be a book for everyone but since I'm still pondering it days later I'd say it was a win for me It's a dark tale that's mundane and magical at the same timeOh And it definitely made me want to be extra nice to anybody my kids decide to marry I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    35 starsThis book has the mother in law from hell She controls her family with a hint of evil The book never comes out and actually let the reader know how she is doing it completelybut it's well done Miriam is the second marriage for this idiot of a son Arranged by mommie dearest of course Basically she is an unpaid slave that caters to Humara's the mother in law every need She was picked for her meekness and Miriam is an orphan so hopefully she will know her place I kept wanting Miriam to kick everyone in this books arsethen she finds the cure It's a cute variation on a fairy tale I loved that it featured Pakistani characters The food descriptions had me drooling for Indian spiced foodETA This book made me crave Indian food so bad So I ended up making okrasuash curry I received an ARC copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Rain is the first motif I notice A crash of thunder punctuated the silence Set apart from text blocks above below it by spaces announcing it is a paragraph unto itself the way a thunderclap bids one to be aware of electricity to count the seconds between when one sees a flash fork when one hears thunder again this sentence sensitizes readers to the formal elouence Farha Hasan perfects As lightning splits the sky yet through all its branches is apiece itself in subplots details there are a variety of ways to approach this novel Although I later discover “This is the type of story that should begin with once upon a time” my beginning is in media res in the middle of the story in Lahore in the heat amid the muted yet substantial desire of Naseer for Humara Who these characters are what they become unfolds Suspense hovers at the edges A favorite character Miriam embodying rain embraces thunder Escape is as elusive as a ‘cure’ in Miriam’s world appearing disappearing reappearing One cannot even be sure of the in laws Ways in which family dynamics impact relationships whether marriage is arranged a rishta proposal or an elopement in Hong Kong is a central theme Indeed the meaning of textual angles when words sometimes shift into italic script is one of the few things of which you can be sure Isn’t it? Language travels with this romantic inclination shalwar kameez mehtai Conjuring Urdu script is not the only function of italic herein however In many texts this tilt is solely used for foreign phrases Farha I should disclose somewhere she is a friend of mine so here it is emphasizes other aspects of narrative with this techniue Translations are often left to the reader to interpret Farha is kind to readers often offering an immediate descriptive metaphrase in parenthesis ie mehtai sweets Where a extensive explanation may evoke stronger associations like when a hula doll is broken down her intercession is greatly appreciated The tastiest morsel an ice cream treat is told of in a tone that is a mixture between philosophic playful Epicurean George   Hopefully the final highlighted phrase denotes wonderful writing on the way  Sometimes the end is the beginning

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    January 15th 2014 Won book in first reads giveaway of 20 books oThis is my first time winning a book like wow I'm excited DFeb 7 2014 The REVIEW45 Stars but why not5 for returning to the old fairytale roots standard where everyone doesn't get their happy ever after where certain ones do?The reason I state is that it actually has the main character which is Miriam in this case strive to survive living with her family Then again its not much of a family considering they treat her like the live in house maid if anything Poor Miriam she's in a loveless marriage with a cheating hubby that is Kashif that's considerably older than her like 20 years difference I believe She's also plagued with the mother in law of all mother in laws Humara Then Adnan is her only good thing in this miserable family her brother in law But when that is threaten Adnan being forced to marry the voluptuous 'Baby' it brings in another family that treats Miriam just as bad if not worse if you combine them togetherThe narration is really powerful its like a symphony Slowly starting and then it builds and towers into a wondrous crescendo after the climatic results go tumbling down Just the right pacing for this story it isn't rushed nor is it too slow Although it may lack the action that you'd find in action novels but it works just fine for this oneOverall I was detailed how I was just carried along with this story's narrative I never felt like I was just skimming through or frustrated and thought reading this was a chore in fact it was a delightful experience to recapture what a fairytale should be or rather what the original fairytales were made of in days of old Not the kind of stuff you hear nowadays about everyone getting a happy ever after no happily ever after has everyone content or happy There's those that are punished and get what they deservedHumara I honestly would be TERRIFIED to have a mother in law of her own cunning and wicked ways Like seriously She gave me chills Not really someone you want to meet on the sidewalk or have as a family member But regardless of that I really loved her character I liked a fair few of the characters except for Kashif Baby and her family However the portrayals for each and every one of them were remarkable Like you can actually feel the emotions as if they were treating you this way not just Miriam or Adnan but mostly Adnan Then there's Sonia Miriam's best friend a really great friend that manages to keep Miriam's dreams afloat amongst all the sea monsters wanting to drown her hopes and dreamsI'm looking very forward to another book by Farha Z HasanNote I accidentally was grabbing this once and thought the title read The Monster In Law Cure which is ironically accurate here rofl

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    The blurb on the back of “The Mother in Law Cure” warns you that “happily ever after” is not for everyone Described as a modern fairy tale the book has all the mythic ingredients – poverty and wealth rich girl and poor girl a marriage and a prince charming but not all of them fit the reuired formula Instead Farha Hasan has rearranged the ancient story within familiar and worldly setting challenged traditional notions of wealth and happiness and presented us with two women whose lives are entangled in the effects of an enchantment that only one can escape Humara and Miriam are two women from Lahore Pakistan and are now in laws living in Chicago Illinois Both women lived in poverty and now live in wealth but outside of these superficial similarities it is their differences that propel the story forward with a little help from magic The book was a joy to read and contained a wonderful blend of the east and west where Lahore’s timeless cuisines are served in Chicago’s tiny restaurants where ladies and gentlemen are resplendent in colorful shaalwar kameezes dancing to the dholak late into the night where the scent of jasmine has followed Humara across the ocean and where the magical whispers of the distant past intrude into our heroines’ daily lives in modern day Chicago

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    I found this book slow to start but it picked up nicely The Mother In Law Cure is an exotic story with little magic a lot of suspense with some drama and a hint of romance

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    This novel was a page turner that kept me reading to the very end The story was rich with elements of south Asian culture while keeping the familiarity of a fairy tale classic

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    Loved it I wasn't sure where it was going at first but buy the end I was cheering I love the story flash backs that show characters behaviors and how things come to be the way they are I'm impressed and hope to see from this author in the future I won my copy for free from first reads give aways

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    A captivating book a strong novel with a narrative pulls you in and the characters are very relatable and interesting The author weaves the ideas of ancient enchantment mixed with modern disenchantment very well taking the reader on a journey that spins up and down a very enjoyable read

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    A South Asian family saga with elements of the supernatural Well written delving into traditional roles and relationships with an element of the spooky