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In THE WORLD WAS OUR STAGE producerdirector Doug Wilson recounts his incredible fifty year journey with ABC Sports and its beloved sports anthology program ABC's WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS His natural story telling style and entertaining anecdotes capture not only the human drama of athletic competition the hallmark of ABC's coverage but also the unforgettable golden era of sports television Wilson's perspectives on celebrated athletes such as Muhammad Ali Evel Knievel Peggy Fleming Arthur Ashe and Scott Hamilton among many others are both humorous and poignant all revealed against a background of historical events of the last half of the twentieth century THE WORLD WAS OUR STAGE reflects the spirit of the sporting world and the wonders of modern technology as they merged on television and set the standard for sports programming in the twenty first century

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    I must confess I was a WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS junkie starting in the late 60's and especially got hooked on gymnastics figure skating due to this ABC show's tremendous coverageThis memoir by Doug Wilson directorproducer of the show is extremely engrossing and well written He takes us back to the charm of Olga Korbut and the terror of Black September at the '72 Munich Games; Ali at the top of his game sparring with Howard Cosell; Evel Knievel and his many broken bones; even ski jumping and skeleton racingA worthy companion to Jim McKay's MY WIDE WORLD this book is fascinating for its foray into the early years of live broadcast and the evolution of how sports are recorded for a wide audienceBravo Doug Wilson Jody Cohan

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    Doug Wilson was one of the long time folks behind ABC's Wide World of Sports This is his memoir It covers his career there about 1965 2005 He was not on the air but often the guy setting up all the cameras ahead of time and assisting in which of maybe 8 camera feeds to send out He talks about names many of us know from ABC people like Roone Arlidge and Jim McCay to athletes he got to know and enjoy like his favorites including Ali Evil Peggy and Nadia He dwells a bit long on the Munich story and groans a bit about modern business practices eg budgets and new technology