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Sebastian and Melissa would never forget their arrival at the house called Hadlows The long drive through the neglected park and woodland the lake glimpsed through trees the house with its 'thousand windows' looking down on them and the great hall empty but for the portraits covering the walls Hadlows held a secret of that they were sure

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    I first read this when I was 11 I actually and am not proud to say this stole it from my school because I couldn't find it anywhere else to buy it I adore this book it reminds me of my childhood; of moments spent in an imaginary world with Sebastian and Melissa and the glorious Mantari Re reading every summer absorbing every word and hoping that the world would give me Yes it is a little rough round the edges but it's a fantastic blend of mystery adventure camaraderie courage Greek mythology and just pretty much all you could want and need in a book

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    What drew me to this title was a review uote by Neil Gaiman and I later discovered that he wrote a whole blog post in praise of this book Knowing that he loved it was all I needed to know I promptly reuested a review spot on the tour for the Sebastian and Melissa books with The Audiobookworm Promotions Thank you to all involved for this opportunity My thoughts are my own and my review is completely honest Now that I've finished this book I'm not at all surprised that Neil Gaiman loved this book as it reminds me so much of his own work The House Called Hadlows is a charming Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure set in the UK Following their adventures in book one Sebastian and Melissa arrive at a house called Hadlows where they are to board with their aunt and uncle It uickly becomes apparent to the pair of children that paranormal things are happening here and soon they're tangled up in a series of magical uests to set things right and restore Hadlows and its inhabitants both living and deceased They end up trading off each going on different uests one after another on missions that transport them through time and space and put them shoulder to shoulder with gods kings and a variety of other interesting characters At times some of the characters and adventures reminded me of C S Lewis's work in general and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in particular Although this title is the second book in a series much like The Chronicles of Narnia it reminded me of it absolutely can be read and enjoyed without first reading the previous book I received a review copy of the new audiobook recording narrated by Kim Bretton and released in July 2020 Kim Bretton's narration is entertaining and easy to listen to I listened at 15x speed which is my normal audiobook playback preference and found it felt a little fast Listeners who prefer a slow narrator may be tempted to slightly decrease playback speed I enjoyed the accents used for some of the characters encountered on the children's' adventures but uestion why the character Pan a Greek God and the origin of the term pandemonium was performed with a thick Scottish brogue Narrator's Performance 4 out of 5 starsStory 4 out of 5 starsOverall 4 out of 5 stars

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    I’m back and with Sebastian and Melissa The House Called Hadlows is the second book in this delightful series and I am continuing to fall in love with these books There is a soft spot in my heart for classic children’s books and the magic that they always seem to have within Plus there’s something just so relaxinghome y about books like theseThis is one of those books that you read and read again because you feel like you’re going home The story is filled with adventure and magic and plenty of classic elements but it will still stand out and survive in your memory much like Narnia persists today And while this story may not lead you to extensive literary discussions it is one that will just cause pure enjoyment And that’s something that I think we all need right now A chance to indulge in a little of our childhoodAs with the first book I absolutely loved reading this book as an audiobook There’s something just so perfect about audiobooks and classic children’s stories Especially when I love the narrator and could listen to her all day This series just begs for you to curl up on a couch and get all cozy as you enter its uniue worldYou can view my full review on my blog I also post about a lot of different types of booksReader | Bookstagrammer | Blogger | Revieweryaitslit

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    Read this a couple of times as a teenager So atmospheric I would love to read it again

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    Looking around the web for discussions of this book turns out Neil Gaiman is a fan and copies were being sold for 300 dollars This was a couple years ago this and its preuel have since been reprinted no doubt related to those two facts This book is a seuel to Winter of Enchantment two young teenagers go spend a summer in a relative´s country house in the victorian age and get involved in some very mystical uests to save the souls of some of the house´s ghosts It feels dated somehow I can´t imagine the reaction on any recently published book in which 13 year olds drink wine without any negative conseuence or remark It´s an uneven book it can be very charming but also feel not uite good enough in parts Some of the episodes seem perfunctory while other are truly very good It seems to me very influenced by CS Lewis the mystical lion the greek mythology battles but with a different less proselytizing spirit My favorite episode is surely the dialogue with Cerberus which could never fit in any Narnia book I think it might appeal very much to fans of Narnia I thought it very interesting fiction influenced by Tolkien seems far too freuent while fiction influenced by CS Lewis seems far rarer now I think of it I supposed there is even a subgenre of fiction in REACTION to CS Lewis but this is not itThis is also charming at creating an atmosphere this got in my looking for list because I am a fan of the author´s under the name Victoria Clayton later novels Those newer Clayton novels written in the 90s and 00s are for the lack of a better word chick lit set in the 70s charming and cozy full of atmosphere and interesting characters and where the only magic is home building A House Called Hadlows has got already the very same exact charm of place of home Hadlows surely goes to my mental list of fictional places I would love to visit But as I said before it´s a very uneven book far from perfect but if you get a chance try it and enjoy the charm

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    This book follows The Winter of Enchantment and features again Sebastian Melissa and the ginger cat MantariThe first book is a wonderful magical story However this book was written much later when the author had become very literary and is not nearly so much fun Instead of having a simple challenge the kids have to sit and listen to several very lengthy tales about former dwellers in a house and former magical kings and ueens it's a bit like having The Silmarillion read to you instead of The Hobbit By all means read this as an adult to find out what happened to the trio next but Mantari hardly gets a look in and it's not going to hold a child's interest except in selected passages where the adventures actually happen which are good and well written in themselves

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    Not nearly as good as The Winter of Enchantment but I'm glad I read it I probably need to read it again as I took about 4 months to get through it probably didn't get the full effect