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Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 after a long civil war in Rhodesia The white minority government had become an international outcast in refusing to give in to the inevitability of black majority rule Finally the defiant white prime minister Ian Smith was forced to step down and Mugabe was elected president of a country now called Zimbabwe Initially hopes were high that he had the intelligence political savvy and idealistic vision to help repair the damage done by colonialism and the bitter civil war and to lead his country's economic and social development He was admired throughout the world as one of the leaders of the emerging nations and as a model for a good transition from colonial leadership But month by month year by year Mugabe became increasingly autocratic; his methods increasingly violent In recent years he has unleashed a reign of terror and corruption in his country Like the Congo Angola Rwanda Sierra Leone and Liberia Zimbabwe has been on a steady slide to disaster What happened in Zimbabwe? Now for the first time the whole story is told in detail by an expert It is a riveting and tragic political story a morality tale and an essential text for understanding today's Africa

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    A totally accessible scholarly book Martin Meredith skillfully weaves together Mugabe's biography with the recent history of Zimbabwe Meredith's access to some of his insiders and dissidents is unparalleled It's an amazing look at the development of a monster and shows how the lust for power can destroy everything

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    Commentary on the current situation in Zimbabwe Africa Near to my heart

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    This is a good introduction to Mugabe and why Zimbabwe is in such turmoil today Very readable

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    I first read this in 2002 when The East African newspaper printed excerpts from the book in its weekend edition I was enthralled with it bought the hardcover and I will have to read it again I like Martin Meredith's writing anyways and have read some of his other books I have read as many books as I could on Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

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    I won't claim to know enough about the subject to rate this book based on accuracy My research is just beginning However it is a very gripping biography that held my interest

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    I really wanted to like this book because I wanted to learn something but Meredith's style instead of being gripping was merely dull I simply couldn't stay interested despite the topic