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This is the only English language book on bistatic radar It starts with James Casper's fine chapter in the first edition of Skolnik's Radar Handbook 1970 capturing previously unpublished work before 1970 It then summarizes and codifies subseuent bistatic radar research and development especially as catalogued in the special December 1986 IEE journal It defines and resolves many issues and controversies plaguing bistatic radar including predicted performance monostatic euivalence bistatic radar cross section and resolution bistatic Doppler hitchhiking SAR ECMECCM and most importantly the utility of bistatic radars The text provides a history of bistatic systems that points out to potential designers the applications that have worked and the dead ends not worth pursuing The text reviews the basic concepts and definitions and explains the mathematical development of relationships such as geometry Ovals of Cassini dynamic range isorange and isodoppler contours target doppler and clutter doppler spread

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