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Add the voice of Helen Tursten to the list of mystery writers who know how to craft a truly satisfying police procedural Philadelphia Inuirer An absorbing intelligent mystery that holds its own alongside the best feminine hardboiled novels currently being written by Englishwomen Val McDermid and Liza Cody and our own Sara Paretsky Maureen Corrigan NPR Fresh Air Washington Post Book World The picture Tursten provides of Sweden's growing anti immigrant resentment embodied in Huss' skinhead daughter imbues this novel with a cold chill of dread that can't be attributed only to the subfreezing temperatures of Goteborg in winter Chicago Sun Times Inspector Irene Huss stationed in Goteborg is called through the rain drenched wintry streets to the scene of an apparent suicide The dead man landed on the sidewalk in front of his luxurious duplex apartment He was a wealthy financier connected through an old boys' network with the first families of Sweden But the Society Suicide turns out to have been a carefully plotted murder As murders ensue she tangles with street gang members skinheads immigrants and neo Nazis a cross section of Sweden's disaffected in order to catch the killer Helene Tursten has been compared to PD James in her native Sweden Her three subseuent Irene Huss mysteries have been highly praised She was born in Goteborg in 1954 where she now lives From the Trade Paperback edition

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    I don't get why I liked this book so much?Inspector Huss does not seem to have any essential character flaws She has no hidden demons in her background She loves and cares for her family and I think she prefers weekends to working She's like so normalShe goes to work with a bunch of normal acting people and they sit around and discuss cases while eating take out pizza Once in a while somebody may get beat up by a motorcycle gang puncture a lung lose a kidney or something but other than that and then only occasionaly pretty much normalThe police work is tedious and you can hear the oh Christ not pizza again chorus coming from each staff meeting But it is precisely because it's so normal so true to life that you believe and because you believe you get sucked into the story and then you feel your ribs hurt after each beatingSo the characters are normal but in a good way not a one dimensional way and the story is actually very good In fact the only bad thing the only really sad thingwas the pizza

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    Hang on for a police procedural that begins in a tame enough fashion but packs on the drama and tension as the plot moves forward The further along Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her team go into investigating the murder of a wealthy man thrown from his own balcony the complex the details become I enjoyed the reading experience in this one and look forward to becoming better acuainted with the main characters in the next of the Inspector Huss series

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    Yet another is the seemingly never ending stream of Scandinavian crime fiction And this one by a female author And a good thing too as this is one of the best I've read of that genreThis is the first installment of a series featuring detective Irene Huss a thirty something mother with a husband two twin girls aged thirteen and a dog The book opens with one of Sweden's richest men falling to his death from his fifth floor apartment balcony What originally looked liked suicide is very soon turned into a murder investigation This is not spoiler as it tells you this on the back of the book plus it happens in the first few pages The rest of the book is involved with the police trying to solve this murder especially in why it happenedThe book is full of interesting characters a nymphomaniac Nazi skinheads Hells Angels and I actually didn't know that the Hells Angels were to be found in Europe Also the book doesn't take place in Stockholm rather it is set in Goteborg where the author lives Another interesting fact that came to light was that the police in Sweden do carry guns whereas in Norway and Iceland they do notAll in all a first class crime thriller highly recommended It's on to the next book for me

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    I was happy to pick up a female detective novel centered around Detective Irene Huss former Swedish national judo champion now 35 and working homicide in Stockholm while raising twin teenage girls with her chef husband from a mystery writer who was also a woman What seemed at first like the usual Schwedenkrimi as the Germans call it was actually something much meatier The meat was not in the whodunit itself however and it also took its sweet time emerging It was that Helene Tursten actually captured the incremental nature the slow burn of the procedural in a way I have not yet seen carried off in print And not least she wrote a book whose characters engage the reader emotionally than usually seems to be the case in this genreFalse leads were followed check Detective work involved a great deal of drudgery and took some time check Working homicide was a team effort with each team member playing his pertinent role check No grand genius cut to the heart of the matter in a flash of inspiration but rather a competent and uirky group of professionals steadily chipped away at the mystery until it was solved Irene Huss though the center of the book was never the only detective to do all the key interviews or end up in all the most important places at the important times All of which made the story all the credible Of course she had to be a bit predominant uick on the pickup mainly in this book at least due to her emotional intelligence though a bit of coincidence was also involved in a few plot points though never incredibly But then again would it even be possible to have a lead genre character not present at the book's climax or somehow entangled in the main thread? A novel focused on and in fact named for a single character would make no sense if that character were not somehow the emotional heart of the book But in addition to her fidelity to believable procedure Tursten demonstrated other virtues She was for instance able to keep Irene as the book's human touch while allowing other characters to carry emotional resonance as well I am thinking mainly of the surprising interesting and affecting Holocaustskinhead subplot that involved one of her daughters and one of her colleagues It was at this point that I realized Detective Irene Huss was no standard formula procedural The book transcends genres and easy labels a bit I am looking forward to reading Irene Huss novelsMy only complaint would be that the translation which seemed to be aimed at the UK market was neither fish nor fowl Some passages were very difficult to follow and obviously needed to be rethought andor restructured in English for comprehension A few notes or even better textual additions might have helped for things unfamiliar to a non Swedish audience I say all this as a professional translator An English translation for the UK can't simply be spell checked in US English repackaged and shipped out across America This book for various reasons Helene Tursten's minimalist style of dialogue being one of them it obfuscated even for those who don't speak Swedish really needs and deserves its own completely new English translation for the US market

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    My local book club has one member who has a theme when it's her turn to assign a book She always chooses the first novel of a detective series lately from Nordic authors her daughter in law is Norwegian so this one hails from SwedenThe first part of this police procedural was boring then the action ramped up and it went uickly The boredom for me sprang from endless department meetings where the detectives go over what they have found so far and receive their next instructions They eat lots of pizza drink lots of coffee and beer apparently that's okay in Sweden and snipe at each other The identity and motive of the killer is figured out pretty uickly the difficulty is finding missing links and proving it There are interesting side issues involving sexual harassment skinheads and prejudice and blindly following someone just to fit inDetective Huss is a 40 year old woman with two teenage daughters a chef husband and a demanding dog trying to do a good job in her chosen career while coping with daily life and problems so it was refreshing to read about a normal detective who wasn't battling inner demons or some strange personality uirk3 stars comes from my personal feeling about police procedural novels Someone who likes this genre might well rate it higher

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    This is a new series for me out of Sweden It was a long read and at first it was a little difficult to get into the flow of the writing style I suspect that may have to do with the translation than the book itself It was a superb masterful mystery; a great police procedural and the topics covered everything from politics economics single parenting to skinheads It was uite a ride I've already started the next in the series

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    I think my favorite television channel is MHZ because they have international mysteries At first they had Wallander and Varg Veum and some werid Italian mystery were everyone was sleeping with everyone Not only that but the Detective mano couldn't figure out his partner's daughter was his even though everyone watching knew within two secs Eventually they changed the mysteries up and started showing other ones including Irene Huss The Irene Huss movies aren't my favorite They are rather melo dramatic but I liked the character and the actress who plays her enough to try the book when put it on sale In fairness Huss is better than the Detective Burno whoseit mysteries Filmed in Venice but done in GermanThe book is as always better than the films even though Sammie the dog is a different breed in the book The mystery isn't as compelling or dark as say Rebus or Erlander There is something to be said however for not being dark This is the best aspect of the series Irene has a dog a husband and two daughters Is her life perfect? No but her life is normal And that is actually really good She has a healthy home life and is good at her job She isn't super booze swilling detective genius but she isn't dumb either She is very skilled in judo but she isn't super crime fighting butt kicking girl And it is the mental as well as physical aspect of judoThe character of Irene is really what rises the series

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    Usually when I read a foreign book like this that has a good plot but awful writing I feel safe in blaming the translator But in this case I have read uite a few books translated by Steven T Murray that were flawless so I think Helene Tursten is the problem I bought it because I'd heard the author's name mentioned in reviews of Karin Fossum and Asa Larsson both of whom I adore Not even close The plot was fine nothing uniue or exciting but sturdy enough to keep my interest The dialogue is really what makes it painful Everyone speaks like this With exclamation points after each sentence It gets really annoying Especially when hardened detectives use terms like 'phooey'I don't see myself reading another DI Huss novel unless I'm hard up for entertainment

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    I wasn't sure about this one for at least the first 25% either the writing or the translation seemed a bit stilted However I was enjoying DI Huss so I persevered And became engrossedI really love Scandi crime novels I stumbled onto Henning Mankell donkey's years ago long before Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy was published and fell not exactly in love with but in great regard with damaged detective Kurt Wallander At that time Nordic Noir hadn't yet crossed the Atlantic or made it into English translation in any great volume After The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that all changed and now crime fiction from Sweden Norway Finland Denmark and even Iceland are a dime a dozen Well maybe not that inexpensive but readily available for kindleAs is often the case in crime fiction the initial impression of the victim as a fine upstanding citizen hides a sordid tale of sex money and drugs All the world round one can depend on mysteries to deliver an indictment of society through the medium of crime I'd like to read about Detective Inspector Huss

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    note this a brief review; you can find my longer one here I'd put this book up against any good Scandinavian crime fiction novel it's got a credible plot with a good mystery wrapped around it believable characters and as always concerns about contemporary issues are embedded within the story It falls within the category of police procedural and although I might disagree somewhat with the blurb on my cover calling the book Sweden's Prime Suspect” there is very little fault for readers to find in this novelDetective Inspector Irene Huss works in the Violent Crimes division of the Göteborg Police Irene is a martial arts expert a 10 cup a day coffee drinker and seasoned police officer who lately finds herself trying hard not to become jaded or cynical Her current home worries center on her daughter who has a new boyfriend who convinces her to play in a skinhead band and to shave off her hair But her home situation has to fade into the background for a bit while she investigates a new case a very prominent financier has plummeted to his death off the balcony of his building At first glance it seems likely that it’s a suicide but the medical examiner finds evidence that points to murder While starting their investigation into the death of Richard von Knecht the 8 person investigative team soon finds itself in the middle of another crime someone has bombed the building where von Knecht had his office and a dead and unrecognizable body has been found there With a multitude of suspects from which to choose and possible links into the shady and violent world of the drug trade the case seems to grow bigger as time goes on As the detectives seem to get closer to a solution not only is their case thrown into a frenzy but a series of clues lead some of them into a potentially deadly situationThe only major drawback I found in this book was that it wasn't long until I figured out the who in one of the crimes; from the clues it's really not that difficult to figure it out The other I never had pegged and trying to get to the solution made it impossible to put the book down Considering that this book is the introduction to a series it's very well done ultimately very satisfying and intelligently written Tursten hits the ground running I would recommend this book very highly not just for readers of Scandinavian crime fiction but for crime fiction readers in general as well as those who like credible and strong women characters in the lead role