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In Jasper Montana Sheriff Seth Landry was the LawSo when bodies turned up in his Rocky Mountain town Seth took it personallySeth always got his man But this trail led to beautiful elusive Savannah Wyatt Protection Savannah meant getting close to her to flush out the killer Which meant Seth would turn on the heat and make his seduction of Savannah look very very realFalling for Savannah was not part of the plan But there were some things that even Sheriff Seth Landry just couldn't control

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    4 12 Stars This is the story of Seth the second Landry brother Savannah has lived in Jasper Montana for awhile now she's in the Witness Protection Program Her elderly boss wants to find her a mate and sets her up on several blind dates There's a problem Everyone that Savannah dates ends up murdered Seth is the Sheriff and these murders have him twisted in a knot He has to investigate Savannah as a suspect even though his heart tells him that she's not the killerSavannah is head strong and bound to keep giving Seth trouble He needs to keep his head clear to find the killer but she keeps on distracting him Good chemistryTHE LANDRY BROTHERS author series Kelsey Roberts Book #3We are first introduced to the Landry's of Jasper Montana in Ms Robert's last book of her Rose Tatoo series That's the story of Cade cousin to the infamous Landry brothers The Landry land had been split in two; the Lazy L was Cade's and the Lucky 7 belonged to the seven cousins There's a ten year mystery surrounding the disappearance of Caleb and Priscilla Landry It's been said that Priscilla took off with another man and Caleb went after them leaving behind their seven adult sons The brothers have never found any clue to the where abouts of their parents

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    it was okay