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In the explosive climax of the Dragon Temple saga Zar Daruel has secured a dragon estate for herself in violation of every law which forbids women to own property She had not seen herself as a revolutionary but her enemies have given her no choice in her fight for freedom Abandoning the estate where she thought she would be safe Zar journeys deep into the jungle in search of an ancient dragon secret that would give her the power to overthrow both Kratt and the corrupt Dragon Temple She has taken with her some of the female dragons from her own estate and in the jungle she will once again risk the dragons' highly addictive hallucinogenic venom renewing a craving that is becoming an obsession

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    There are things about this conclusion that I really appreciate and I'm glad I finished the trilogy but this was overall the weakest installment To me it was pretty obvious that the author was having a really hard time wrapping up all the threads they had spun and could have used a stronger editor to help clean up the detritus I definitely got the gist of what was trying to be said but the actual literary construction of it was wobbly and the prose suffered for it

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    I had a very difficult time writing this review trying to figure out what to say This is an interesting book gives you no information It’s not a “bad” book or a “good” book but a very different one Janine Cross’s world building is above excellence as is her characterization She touches on difficult subjects of religion politics drug abuse physical abuse rape prejudice—just about every evil problem that exists and does so with skillBut techniue aside I didn’t care for the book First of all it is so obviously a seuel—something I rail about often When you start reading the book you’re starting in the middle of the story not beginning a new story If you haven’t read the other books in the series you’re going to be lost Though the story does finish it is still only part of a story Also the book is dark in the extreme If you’re looking for the typical dragon story don’t look here This one is disturbingly brutal in subject and portrayal Though technically well written I did not enjoy reading the book It ends well as everything appears to be tied up but that doesn’t make the reading any easier Plus the difficult terminology had me stopping many times as I tried to figure out what was being said Once you’ve stopped the reader you’ve lost him or her—which is what happened to me many times I’d get frustrated with the reading put it down and not go back for several daysSo my recommendation is this If you’ve read the other books in this series definitely get this one in order to finish the story If you enjoyed them you’ll probably enjoy this one But if you haven’t read the other books beware of this one as it is dark brutal and definitely not your standard dragon fantasy story

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    April 13th 2013Reading this as young as I was it was my first exposure to something like this and this story will truly stick with me for the rest of my lifeEDIT August 23rd 2014 okay lemme get back to this bookI recently took out all three and read them once again back to back in three daysand dear lord this series was just as amazing as the last timeview spoilerI don't know what it is that makes these books so important to me whether it was the fact that they tell the tragic yet gladdening story of a young woman and her family or the epic path she took on her way to literally shaking an entire nationI know a lot of people don't get past the first novel please DONT MOCK THE VENOM COCKand the level of uncensored content and detail is usually the cause of that but in retrospect it's probably what had me scampering for the next books in the series as i'd never been exposed to such graphic subject as in these booksSo yes at the ripe young age of 12 or might've been 13 can't remember I'd uncovered in these novels the horrors of female genital mutilation bestiality rape and addictionAnd this series continues to be one of my top most favorites because of the fact that a young girl was able to withstand these trials and change the lives of everyone from poor to rich in her nationStill get chills hey oAlso i loved the fact that she wasn't Chosen in any way which is and will always be a trope used in fantasy literature Even is people believed she had some otherworldly power or figure looking after her everything she did was by her own sheer will Which is pretty damn awesome hide spoiler

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    It may be liked and appreciated by many readers but for me Janine Cross' Dragon Temple series is an example of what I myself seriously dislike in literature; the following review therefore reflects a very subjective and personal opinion The characters are supposed to make us either pity them thus the author describes in minute details their usually sexual in nature humiliation and degradation or hate them and thus the author depicts once again in a detailed way the cruel and evil acts usually sexual in nature that they committ or allow to be committed by their subordinates The line between describing atrocities to provoke the outrage of the reader and describing them to provide a thrill and tillitation is often very fine and in my opinion the autor crosses pun intended it than once in the series While her concept of the fantasy world is original and could be a great assett the narrative as such sometimes seems less than logical in its development; great themes that the author wants to discuss racism sexism misogyny exploitation class differences distribution of wealth in the world the treatment of animals colonialism overburden the thin plot The third book is better in my opinion than the previous two but still deserves from me as a result of my own personal opinion one star because you cannot give none

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    This book is the last in a trilogy that was a decent read but one that I am not likely to read again or add to my personal libraryJanine Cross created a vivid and interesting world that is a little different than other fantasy worlds with dragons No elves dwarves or other fantasy creatures appear in this world Thankfully no sparkling vampires either or I would have tossed this book in the recycling binOther than the rampant lesbianism and bestiality this is a decent story about a young woman from the bottom of the class structure attempting to better her life and the life of others Zar is subjected to nearly all the evils that can befall a woman female circumcision sexism classism and racism I felt some empathy for Zar's lover Jotan who chose her addiction to dragon venom over a life with Zar Despite that Jotan and Zar were from the polar opposites of the class system they had a meaningful relationship shortened in the last book by Jotan's violent suicideIf you are looking for light fluffy full of rainbows and unicorns fantasy this isn't it There is no happy ever after ending and if you have to have a Disney es ending skip this book I like dark fantasy having read Tanith Lee for years Janine Cross is no Tanith Lee nor even a close second but her writing was good enough to entertain me through three books

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    A warning If you're looking for some escapist fare a la a Pratchett novel these 3 volumes are definitely not for you Zar's world is viciously misanthropicmisogynistic and our protagonist suffers degradation rape and genital mutilation among other tortures before she succeeds in throwing off the tyranny of the Dragon TempleI think Cross is a pretty good writer with potential The difficulty I have with giving this trilogy 3 stars is two fold One I think she overplays the humiliation the character suffers; Zar is constantly falling into a horrid situation enduring it only to fall into another horrid situation In isolation each of these set pieces is well written but strung together they are overkillTwo as often happens the ending comes much too uickly and depends upon the usual trope of a prophesied messiah figure saving the good guys It is admittedly a personal bias but I've grown to dislike fiction where fate actually does rule the world and the good guys can't lose On the plus side in Cross's world however the good guys aren't really that good and Zar clearly recognizes when all is said and done that she's not living in a Utopia where evil injustice etc have been eliminated

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    The writing continues lush and beautiful the plot complex and the protagonist believably flawed without being so idiotic that you come to dislike her altogether I want to read by this authorFavorite uotes I was going to war It seemed surreal surreal but terrifyingly true Like the way a nightmare can leave one unsettled for days the residue of the unreal viscerally impressive and impossible to shake affecting how one views every moment p 310People's beliefs and wants vary for a myriad of reasons upbringing status health perceived needs Culture personal uirks family foibles Fears Boundaries Experiences or lack thereof People react strongly and uniuely to situations for all the above reasons and emotions are triggered And so people disagree and disagree vehementlyLife is change Growth is optional One must choose wisely p 351 2

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    A satisfying last book with an alright ending There isn't as much X rated stuff in here as compared to the first two books thank god I'm a bit disappointed in how the venom as addiction issue was addressed in the end am happy that Zar embraced who she really was but am also let down somewhat by the revelations of the plotline and side characters Ah well it is still a good book despite the morbid themes and made for a nice read although lacking the hook it initially had in the first two books

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    MessyI liked the entire trilogy for its potential This last book felt rushed like it needed another edit and rewrite That being said I'm glad I read this book and this trilogy While sometimes graphic it was nothing like watching Game of Thrones I'm always happy to read an author who doesn't want to impress people at the sake of their own work I just wish she'd managed her time before deadlines better? I'm not sure how I'd go about recommending these booksthis book

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    OK enough of the Djimbi ex machina I was hoping she could do a little something for the dragons but at least there was a nifty creature at the end Poor Zar she never does get away from the crazy mom I had a hard time keeping track of the creepy men but at least the storyline was never very predictable though improbable but then it's a fantasy about dragons