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The Dragon Temple Saga continues as Zar Daruel embarks on a trial by fire defying Dragon Temple scripture by undergoing the rigorous training of an apprentice dragonmaster while desperately searching for the doctrine that allows women permission to participate in the battles at ArenaYet Zar's difficulties pale in comparison to her craving for the hallucinogenic dragon venom and her desire to understand the dragons themselves both of which make her a vessel to receive the ancestral memories of the great beasts And now eager for the knowledge only Zar can uncover Temple has her imprisoned and subjected to starvation and torture all to make her reveal the dragons' deepest secrets

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    I wasn't sure I was going to bother reviewing the second and third book in this series I just wasn't sure what I'd say I liked the book? I hated the book? These books left me reeling cringing demoralised and strangely vitalised at the same time? How does one express that? In reading others' reviews I sense I'm not the only person struggling to find the appropriate balance I see a lot of middling reviews indicative of a lot of emotionally confused readers I can completely relate That's where this book shoves its reader right into the middle on 'how should I feel about that?' The problem is that while it's occasionally obvious a lot of time it isn't Not because the things that happen aren't horrid and denounce able in the extreme but because so many really really bad things happen that some bad things just don't seem to rise to level of atrocity any even though in isolation that would definitely be It's rare for a book to transport a reader there A major theme of this book these books is the abuse of the powerless by the powerful and it's amazing ability to remain socially invisible to otherwise good people As an outsider it's hard to imagine how it's rationalised but it iseveryday Here it's just made a little obvious We deal with a strict caste system a violent patriarchy that allows women NO influence in their own lives slavery the marginalization of a native populace by a conuering people and the resulting institutionalised racism economic entrapment social stigmatisation a dangerous and far reaching religious organisation and a ruling class that can no longer understands their duty blinded as they are by their perceived superiority This leaves a lot of powerless people many powerless on numerous fronts and a myriad of ways for victims to be victimisedtraumatisedIn the middle of all this is Zar a young powerless woman who trips along and by dint of simply surviving the MANY horrors of her own life and being the right person in the right place at the right time manages to almost accidentally start a revolution Ah the transformative power of even one person willing to sacrifice their all for the greater good And she does survive and witness horrors Thus the reader deals with them too Beyond just the basic hardships of poverty and austerity she spent 10 years in a remote convent as a child there's kidnappings rapes battles betrayal attempted assassinations loss and pitifully few moments of relief It's all hard on the readers psyche The book also treats sex as amazingly mutable I actually really liked this about it but we all know sex can tie people in knots faster that just about anything We deal with consensual and non consensual a lot of the latter though blessedly vague on details sex of both the hetero and homosexual both M F variety In fact this is the clearest case of institutionalised rape I've ever seen in a book incest pedophilia and even beastiality though there's no interspecies penisvagina contact I can readily imagine a whole host of readers being put off by any one of those let alone all of them in one textSo in the end I'm left wondering what I thought of Shadowed by Wings I certainly didn't enjoy reading it but having finished it I'm really glad to have read it I recommend others do the same

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    Keeping it real dragon style More venom violence and dragon sex but this time I was ready for itAn online review said it was like Lord of the Rings set in the Middle East ruled by the TalibanClose enough

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    This is not a pretty story It's well done but it's dirty gritty violent and full of despair yet triumphing against impossible odds It's one of those stories that you know it's well done but you're just not uite sure how you feel about it

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    Sar sure gets dragged through the mud and then some

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    People who are sueamish about all the sick and twisted things in the world should steer clear of this book any R21 movies and change channels whenever they happen across TV documentaries of such violence and perversity especially those tribal onesAm I horrified by the disturbing stuff that goes in in it? YesDo I get off on such things and agree with the stuff in it? Hell to the noThen why you might ask do I give it a high rating? Because of the ending the unconventional way it is written the reasons for it and the guts to do itIn this second installment Zar is now an apprentice to the dragonmaster and as the only girl there the odds against her are sky high She struggles with her addiction to venom and while I am disappointed in her all too willing acceptance of it and disgusted at how she doesn't seem to act on anything other than self interest and survival I do understand that the book's culture is different and she's just a lonely average girl desperately seeking a home or comfortHowever I like how she manages to triumph against such impossible circumstances as a normal person not as a heroine or saint or noble being The part about the fight for gender euality rights despite the sickening conseuences is pretty amazing as well and really opens up your perspective on thingsThe ending especially is the best part of it all and does not disappoint It makes me curious as to whether Zar will ever make any real friends that stay with her and if she will ever try to overcome her venom addiction after accomplishing her goals If you read with an open mind and can get past the grotesue stuff this book is a raw gem

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    Strangely I was getting nostalgic for those days when in Korea I rarely got my hands on the books in a series in order Maybe I missed the frantic mental coloring in one has to do when faced with gaps in characters' pasts Reading things chronologically is so y'know passéAnyway I picked up this second book because I'd vaguely heard of the series and the first few pages that I flipped through had the protagonist being whipped I can appreciate an author who doesn't spare the rod when it comes to her charactersCross might take this to extremes Zar is training to be a Dragonmaster despite being a woman; this involves trying to arouse a dragon with your body while he tries to kill you so that he's in the proper state to go breed with a female Um Yeah There's also drug addiction explicit bestiality rape serious psychological slavery And these aren't treated as horrors They're bad things but they're events that apparently are supposed to just be dealt with moving on to the next crazy violent disturbing occurrenceMeanwhile for some semblance of an overarching plot Zar is being haunted by the spirit of her mother who wants her to find her half sister whom she's sure is deadNo I didn't find this sufficient recompense eitherKind of weirdly fascinating as in Did the author really write that? Ugh and not terribly written if you just look at the use of the English language but I'd avoid it I'm certainly not going to hunt down the other books in this series

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    I picked this book up somewhere at a discount but still think that I spent way too much on it It isn't badly written just bad writing The storyline apparently picks up this is book 2 as our female character is entered as a sort of dragonmaster apprentice in a kingdom where women aren't even second classThe back cover sounded good Actually it sounded really good So much for truth in advertising We had our heroine being whipped tortured raped by a dragon starved forced into manual labor threatened with all sorts of punishments and haunted by a ghost She was then forced to slave for a dragon and act as a whore for it and she enjoyed that?? all the while supposedly working towards controlling the beasts Not a story I will ever reread nor do I recommend it for anything but lining the bottom of a birdcageSomeone told me I was mistaken about the storyI wasn't but now I want to add that the writing was repetitive and sloppy the author used the same phrasing over and over to describe similiar actions

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    This was a good book with a fast pace The development of the central character now in her early 20s was interesting and brisk enough that I did not find myself skimming pagesThe author's world is a little different than your average fantasy Tolkien inspired world Some of the names places holidays and functions are a bit awkward to pronounce I wish that the author or her editor had included a pronunciation guide If you are offended by slavery homosexuality bestiality and pervasive drug use this book is not for you If you are looking for Conan style butchery and page turning action this book is not for you There is some action but the book is not action packed Most of the story is told from the perspective of the central character so there is very little back story of the geo political climate and history The story is fairly simple and straightforward with little or no side tangents or other story lines for the reader to keep straight Some might dislike the simplicity of a single central character with only a handful of supporting characters

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    I really have nothing to say about this book There were some good parts but for me nothing mager

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    Zar's saga continues even a little violent and crazy and venom addled than before I got a little confused on who was who at times but they were all running for that big dragon