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Allison Noble never liked the Baileys They were too good looking too popular too charming to be legitimate For most of their high school career she avoided the pair convinced their outward affability was just a ruse to disguise their true character Okay yeah she’s a little neurotic Even so she never suspected that what they were hiding was dangerous It never occurred to her that they might have abilities based in fiction than reality Why would it? People can’t produce fire with their bare hands There are no such things as mind control and telekinesis Except she discovers there are The Baileys are Elect gifted with supernatural powers Allison is able to not only sense but use herself In the history of the Elect there has never been one such as she and with good reason Because she wasn’t born to such power she has a difficult time controlling it Accidents happen putting them all at risk As others draw near—some who wish to protect her others who want to destroy her—she is forced to uncover the secrets of her past and face the conseuences of being what her own kind refers to as an abomination

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    We’re introduced to Allison Noble the night of her sixteenth birthday when she and her best friend Delaney break into their high school to enact revenge on a fellow student Their plan is pretty solid and going well until they encounter a group of boys in the basement playing with fire This single incident puts Allison on a dangerous path of self discovery for the boys aren’t exactly what they seemand neither is sheThis book is categorized as young adult paranormal I’ve seen it shelved as fantasy science fiction and romance Not one of these genres accurately defines the story It’s young adult but certain aspects would appeal to older readers Pop culture references for example are dated Our heroine is a fan of classic TV in the truest sense of the word No Fresh Prince of Bel Air or The Nanny Nick at Nite’s current line up but Patty Duke and The Brady BunchAllison is in the words of another character “shy cynical and cautious to the point of being irrational” She doesn’t fit the idea cable television tells us is the typical teenage girl I found this a refreshing change of pace We have a lead character who avoids extremes She’s neither ugly nor pretty neither strong nor weak She doesn’t spend the book fawning over some boy but rather discovering her own potentialThere are many areas in which this novel avoids stereotypes but it is in the presentation of the paranormal elements that it is most significant Supernatural powers are introduced in the blurb yet the author does not allow them to take center stage They are a whisper in the background teasing the reader with a potential only fully realized in the last hundred or so pages This was both a surprise and something of a disappointmentHad I read this without the preconceived notions planted in the author’s summary my first taste would have been sweeter Instead I spent too long waiting for elements I now realize weren’t entirely the point This is not The Mortal Instruments It’s not Harry Potter Fans of YA fantasy will likely feel let down by the lack of action while fans of Sarah Dessen may not welcome the paranormal aspects of the story This book almost reuires an open mind It needs to be taken one chapter at a time not for the climax but for the thoughtful introduction to a world not unlike our own filled with a cast of characters you aren’t likely to forgetThe people that make up a story that give it life are what keep me reading The Elect did not lack here From Delaney’s wit to Nate’s charm I can’t remember ever enjoying dialogue so much I laughed out loud something I don’t usually experience with a book and found myself rereading passages for the sheer enjoyment of the punch line The people the main five characters were fully fleshed out They were clever and funny and real They’ve stayed with me since I put this downas has the absolute thrill ride that makes up the final chapters of the bookWhen the true excitement begins it doesn’t let up There are no absolute conclusions here There aren’t even minor conclusions To tell you The Elect ends with a cliffhanger is an understatement of massive proportion Many series contain a set of several stand alone books with whatever larger issues building to a climax over three to five installments This novel does not stand alone The author drops bombs and lets them blow up in your face then walks awayFor those readers who detest that sort of thing I’d caution you against starting The Elect Upon reaching the last page and after I threw the book in frustration I had to immediately purchase the next I couldn’t stand to wait There is so much build up so much promise for what comes nextwalking away was not an optionIf you enjoy character driven stories set in a contemporary young adult environment if you’re looking for a subtle introduction to the extraordinary I’d urge you to try The Elect

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    Another book on a string of really good YA novels I've read and another cliffhanger These authors are killing me with suspense I'm putting this on top priority in my To Be Bought listI would have given this 5 stars if not for the feeling that the next book would be far far better I love the story I don't read Dystopian much but this book hooked me from the first chapter I love the characters Allison is very different from the heroines that I'm used to She's cool on my list Weird but cool And Ryan sighs Who doesn't want someone like Ryan? He's so amazing I was waiting for that moment where he and Allison will just click And just when things started to heat up and became intriguing BAM you need the next book Argh And the romance was just blooming Bad bad Ms ToddAnyway I will definitely read the rest of the books in this series Seriously this is addicting The story and characters hooked me

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    SynopsisAllison Noble never liked the Baileys They were too good looking too popular too charming to be legitimate For most of their high school career she avoided the pair convinced their outward affability was just a ruse to disguise their true character Okay yeah she’s a little neurotic Even so she never suspected that what they were hiding was dangerous It never occurred to her that they might have abilities based in fiction than reality Why would it? People can’t produce fire with their bare hands There are no such things as mind control and telekinesis Except she discovers there areThe Baileys are Elect gifted with supernatural powers Allison is able to not only sense but use herself In the history of the Elect there has never been one such as she and with good reason Because she wasn’t born to such power she has a difficult time controlling it Accidents happen putting them all at risk As others draw near—some who wish to protect her others who want to destroy her—she is forced to uncover the secrets of her past and face the conseuences of being what her own kind refers to as an abominationMy ThoughtsI find myself pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I wasn't really expecting to be in the mood for a YA novel as it's been a really long time since that last time I've read one I downloaded a sample for this book over the weekend because it was featured as a possible BOM selection for one of the groups that I'm in Last night I started reading the sample because I was bored with the adult CR I was reading and needed something paranormal I got hooked on finding out what would happen to Ally and Delaney and how Ryan Nate and Jeremy would play into thingsWhen Ally had her first encounter with weird powers the day she caught Jeremy Nate and Ryan playing with fire the night they all broke into the school for different reasons I was already interested It was a while before something happened again but I became even interested the night of the bonfire It became really interesting when Ally was able to resist Nate's Pushing and then again even so when she Pushed back They all thought it was strange that she had than one ability when it turned out she was just as fiery as Jeremy They didn't know why but their theory was a good one I had the same idea early on It isn't until the very end of the book that we find out what's really going on with AllyThere is some romance in this but it's not a huge part of the plot Ally doesn't do the usual YA heroine thing of mooning over a hero and there isn't a love triangle so there's none of that wishy washyness you tend to find in a lot of YA these days There are some typical high school mean girl antics but even that wasn't so prevalent that it annoyed me Ally didn't think that much of herself when it came to people liking or noticing her but she pretty much just accepted things as they were She didn't dwell on it or really let it get her down so when one of her newfound guy friends starts crushing on her she doesn't even notice It takes some real convincing on his part to get her to accept it or to even accept that she likes him in that way back By that point there isn't a lot of hope for a relationship between these two considering what happens afterwardsI really like the ending to this book even though it's a bit of a cliffhanger It's a good thing I've got book two ready to go because I really can't believe that happened I cried a bit I really can't wait to find out what will happen next Ally is in a pretty big mess and I'm assuming a lot of trouble based on the things her mother told her What will happen to her now? Will Delaney Ryan Nate and Jeremy find out what happened? Will Ally find her father? So many uestions

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    Note I received a free copy of The Elect from the author Elle Todd in exchange for an honest reviewWow I can honestly say this is one of the best R2R books I've received yet Phenomenal debut I probably won't do the story justice in my review but I'll try The plot itself isn't exactly uniue Basically a normal girl witnesses something she shouldn't have something which shouldn't even be possible outside of a sci fifantasy story but the closer she gets reveals a truth she never knew about herself Like I said before not terribly uniue but how things end up playing out is refreshingly handled Elle Todd definitely has a way with words Both the dialogue and the characters feel very natural and real The characters are strong well written and relatable especially Allison She wasn't reckless or too stupid to live; she's realistic She has a good head on her shoulders and definitely made for a good heroine Delaney Ryan Nate and Jeremy are also likeable supporting players as Allison's friends I can't forget to mention the parents in the book too especially Regina Personally though I believe The Elect could have benefited from a first person perspective I noticed a couple of times that when one is meant to feel particularly close the distance a third person perspective can sometimes create felt a little too greatGreat pacing introduction to the characters awesome and gut wrenching twist With that kind cliffhanger you know the kind where you let out a strangled yell when you realized you've finished it I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to read the seuel The VanguardBy the way I live in Ohio and I've been through the real Stillwater Ohio Let's just say it's not nearly such a substantial small town as it's made out to be in the story It's like one of those blink and you'll miss it kind of places Thanks very much Ms Todd for sending me a free copy for my honest review I really enjoyed The Elect and I highly recommend it

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    More like 45 stars I loved it this book Its pretty easy to read I was waiting for something with action and I thought it would be like I am number four with a lot of battles but instead we have a book that takes the time to introduce the caracthers to you to form a connection with you Wich is good but at the same time i think it took too long between talking and the boys watching her to know how much she knew and for Ally start to understand what was going on with herI loved Ally caracther she is the tipical girl that think its not pretty and has nothing in especial I think she is funny and loyal and what I like the most its that she is genuinely happy and not jealous of her beautiful friend Delaney I liked her connection with Natan but at the same time this connection made me confused about her feelings for Ryan and Natan I changed my mind all the time I didn't know who she liked or if she liked on of them or even if they liked her but I liked this feelling of guessing all the time The book its pretty slow at the beginning but after they come clean with what they all are it becomes very interesting and I couldn't put the book down Finally we had some action at the end maybe what I thought what it would be the whole book was just at the end of the book but I'm glad because this gave strong material for the next book I think that Ally's condition its weel explained to her for the boys but I thought the end when her mother was explaining some things it was a little bit rush and confusing I thought the language and the plot was a little juvenile but I like this kind of book I didn't understand the reason for her pushing the boys alway when she found her powers dangerous She didn't think they were dangerous but she was? Why all this resistance about them staying close to her if they could teach her how to control herself? I guess that is just the way Ally is The reason for less half star its that I wish they could interact earlier in the book instead of taking so long for the girls to figure it out what they were I loved it and I can't wait to read the next one My favorite character besides Allison of course its Ryan

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    I received this book for free as an ebook for review through The Source here on GR When I first started reading this book I was afraid it might not uite be my cup of tea as the main character is a 16 year old high school girl and many of the scenes revolve around the typical life of the modern day teenager such as work school social life hanging out with friends etc Apparently I had stumbled into a YA novel which admittedly isn't exactly my genre of choice All my fears faded when I finished the first chapter though By that time I was effectively hookedI thought the storyline and characters were very well thought out and presented and I unexpectedly found myself connecting with Allison and the troubles she kept stumbling into Apparently there are some family secrets from the past that her mom has never even mentioned and Allison's ignorance of where both her parents came from seems to add to her curiosity when she discovers some of her classmates have special abilitiesI found the story very engaging well paced and easy to read and it proved to be a very uick read as I couldn't bring myself to put it down The only thing I found that cost a star in my rating was I thought the story got a little bogged down about three uarters of the way through The dialogue kind of made me lose my interest for a bit Not that it was poorly written or didn't fit into the story but I don't have a ton of interest in girls shopping for prom dresses LOL But I hung in there and I'm very pleased I did The action really gets turned up toward the end and when I got to the last page what I saw there made me say WHAAAAT? Now I gotta get the next book to find out what happens to AllisonWell done Ms Todd It appears you've found a fan here in TexasThis review is also posted on Until next time stay safe and above all be true to yourselfThat Aaron Guy

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    Elle Todd's debut book The Elect is the first in a series called Allison's Story It's a solid effort though it tends to offer nothing new to the Young Adult genre While I felt that the interplay between the main character Allison and her friend Delaney was uirky and fun the book suffered from an inexperience with writing that was most notable in the author not trusting the reader Ms Todd showed that she is yet unable to walk the fine line of knowing when to give information and not giving enoughThis book did show a strong foundation of basic authoring skills that I think with time and practice Ms Todd can hone and I look forward to that time

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    SUMMARYAllison Noble a typical high school girl discovers that three male classmates are behaving suspiciously strange and comes to suspect that they are hiding a dangerous secret Struggling to balance schoolwork while helping her poor single mother pay the bills Allison and her friend Delaney are caught up in a web of deceit by these three classmates and eventually discover that the three boys have superpowers However this is only the tip of the iceberg as Allison soon begins to manifest an unusual ability of her ownTHE GOOD1 The anti TwilightThis story has a lot in common superficially with the popular book series by Stephanie Meyer It features a female protagonist who goes to high school with a trio of attractive young men who have superpowers But despite this the book is actually uite the opposite This is a book where the female lead uses things like logic For example when the three attractive young men start making special efforts to hang out with her and her friend she realizes that something is up and starts becoming suspicious Rather than losing her head and falling for the pretty guy in front of her Our Heroine manages to keep her wits and remains distrustful of these three weirdoes who are practically stalking her She does not thrill over the possibility of any romance and we definitely got the impression that if she woke to find one of these young men was watching her sleep in her bedroom she would scream and call the cops Just like every sane intelligent young woman should2 Excellent beginningThe book opens with Allison and her friend Delaney sneaking into their school in an effort to frame one of Delaney’s enemies high school trope ahoy They then discover that three male classmates are also there and something weird is going on From there the story flips the “paranormal romance” genre on its head these guys were doing something unusual in a bad place ergo they might be dangerous and they certainly sound such so naturally the female protagonist is suspicious of them and doesn’t trust them Yay for common sense3 Fun protagonistThe story is told in third person limited from Allison’s POV We can’t tell you what a relief it was to read the story of a relatively intelligent teenage girl She is young and makes stupid mistakes but compared to some of her classmates she is far above her age This is understandable given her home situation single mother poverty which lends her an extra level of maturity above her peers She’s not perfect by any means–sometimes we found ourselves yelling “Just say ‘no’ Stick up for yourself girl”–but overall we found her an intensely likeable character For that matter even though they’re only seen from Allison’s limited perspective all of the characters appear to be fully fleshed out individuals and it was great to see how different they all were We certainly enjoyed all of the interpersonal play between them4 Witty conversationSometimes there are authors who just know how to make their characters’ conversations have a little extra spice a little “zing” in their words and yes this novel is written by one such author The lines in these characters’ mouths were amusing and clever and made the read feel very much like a television show with witty repartee between the leads It gave a definite sense of chemistry among all these characters5 Flowing writingThis novel stands at about 250 pages but it flows fast in no small part thanks to the author’s writing style It takes little to no effort to read and understand what is happening which was great Although there wasn’t a large cast of characters perhaps 8 or so who need be remembered they often gathered together in the same scene which could have been confusing if not for the flowing writing We never felt as though there were too many people on the page and never had trouble differentiating one character from anotherTHE BAD1 High school drama clichésNow some people will like this aspect of the book We don’t particularly enjoy these tropes but we also know that a great many people like stories about young people going to school But even though this book has high school clichés in spades the author found ways to make these clichés bearable First the protagonist a specific voice and it was interesting just to read the situations from Allison’s eyes even if the situations themselves were not particularly interesting on their own Second the writing style and especially the witty conversations made this all fly past so we could practically soar through the boring parts and go right to the important plot elements Third the mystery of who these three boys were and what they were doing or intending to do kept us on our toes For these reasons and we can just shrug and say “So it involves high school so what?” Which believe us is not something we would usually say2 Lack of description and sceneryThe characters all are fairly well fleshed out especially the protagonist and their interplay is great The description of space outside the characters’ heads and voices? Not so much Literally “not so much” there were typically only markers “they sat in the living room” “we were at so and so’s house” “she went into the classroom” with no description of anything within these locations How big was the living room? What color was the couch? We can’t even tell you the hair color of the protagonist Of course this is easily made up by the reader’s imagination but it would have been nice to have a little bit of a framework for our imagination to work withTHE BIZARRE1 Telepathy mistaken for ventrilouismIn this book when a telepath’s ability is discovered the character doing the discovering decides that it must be a case of ventrilouism because “obviously” telepathy isn’t real We thought this little twist was a cool and interesting take on this power a fun way for the character to “explain away” the discovery of the ability and in this way kept the mystery going for a bit longer For that matter we loved the descriptions of this book’s telepathy it was so intriguing and occasionally hilarious2 Ability theftLater in the story we’re introduced to the concept of villains who can steal people’s superpowers We thought this was a cool twist and liked the idea that there were these two communities–superpowers and superpower thieves–who worked in balance with each other We thought this was an interesting explanation for why both of these communities remained hidden from the eyes of normal peopleAND THE VERDICTThis book is GOODAs we said above the writing is fast paced and its flaws are of the sort that they only appear intermittently; by the time a reader becomes annoyed with them the flaws are already gone as the plot pushes ahead What really makes this story shine is its characterization and emphasis on personal interactions Each of the characters felt uniue and real and we really enjoyed the mystery of figuring out what was happening In short this book knows what it is and it’s not difficult to categorize or understand It is a fun attention keeping read and we very much look forward to seeing where this story goes in the future

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    Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed reading The Elect and would recommend it to fans of YA fiction and especially newcomers to the genre No monsters such as vampires or werewolves and I was even hard pressed to find any kind of story defining love triangle possibly a first in my experience For a detailed breakdown of what worked and didn’t uite work for me keep readingThe Elect is the powerful young adult debut novel of author Elle Todd Allison Noble is your typical teenage girl relying on her smarts rather than good looks to get by and she is fiercely loyal to her best and only friend Delaney Gray But on the night of her sixteenth birthday by the light of an impossible flame she discovers a secret that will change her life irrevocablyDescendants of certain powerful bloodlines have abilities that make them Elect—supernaturally powerful in ways that most humans could never understand Their abilities must remain a secret or they would be branded as freaks and hunted by those who fear themElle Todd’s rich mastery of language and clever use of dialogue instantly draw us into the characters of her story bringing them alive with distinct personalities and viewpoints Every conversation serves the story in some way either to have characters hash out their thoughts to confront some issue or to simply show how this kind of life changing revelation impacts Allison The dialogue cadence of speech and development of characters are all on par with established professional writers and it is a refreshing surprise to find such a gem with a self published author Her cover art is beautiful the formatting is perfect and it has all the styling of a professionally proofed novelSome characters felt as if they were going through the motions both in their own actions as well as how everyone else dealt with them I’m looking at you Troy and Rebecca The most unfortunate casualty of this is Allison’s mother Regina Aside from being a loving single mother working three jobs we don’t get much information about her and I would really have loved to see integration of her into the main storyline during the bulk of the bookThe story starts off in media res with a break in at the high school and Allison discovering the Baileys’ secret and action seemed to be occurring at a promising rate but the next third of the book is spent in ignorance peppered with a healthy dose of suspicion And the excuse she comes up with for explaining Nate’s supernatural gift two fifths of the way into the book? AbsurdAllison prides herself on intellect contrasting it outright with Delaney’s beauty but she is downright oblivious to some of the things that really matter including her painfully awkward relationship talks with Ryan However the story picks up again once she accepts the idea of powers and we can finally start resolving the cursory issues of the storyline another glance to Troy and RebeccaThe flow of the novel is pretty consistent throughout—until the white water rapids at the end that leave you desperately clawing for answers to new uestions I’m not sure why so much had to occur in so little time but it hints at active usage of powers happening in the books to come which is a plusJudging from the short story description I thought that this book would contain much information about the world of the Elect We as readers know from the description that the Baileys and Allison are Elect and I expected a greater amount of the story to be action orientedInstead the most powerful part of this novel is its central characters and I think that was the purpose of Elle Todd’s style of writing to begin with We aren’t omniscient and we don’t get every emotion and thought from every character yet the core five characters are all fleshed out and developed by the end of the book I was instantly taken with Nate’s charming sarcastic personality and his power gives the most potential for this kind of thing and Delaney remains a delight even in rough times While we’re never viewing the world through Allison’s eyes the ride along on her shoulder reveals plenty and the abrupt series of events that form the climax of the novel are just as tumultuous to us as they are to our protagonistIt might not be obvious from the paragraphs above as they tend to point out the critical aspects of the novel but I really enjoyed this book I read it over the course of two days often in blocks of several hours straight and I never felt like I was wasting my time Parts could be condensed sure but the evolution of Allison’s character took place over months in the book; if the story felt like the action took place over one very solid week I would have taken much greater issue with that Allison and her friends are charming and organic feeling very much like real people I could know The Elect powers while not wildly uniue are interesting in their own right and seem to play a much understated role in the book than in most paranormal stories; The Elect is primarily about interactions between characters not the powers they have As stated above I would recommend this book to fans of YA fiction and newcomers who would like a gentle introduction to the paranormalAssuming the action picks up as we delve into the world of the Elect and Vanguard I will be looking forward to reading the rest of the series

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    Finished reading November 10th 2014 Allison thought about telling him she'd seen the same movie and was pretty sure the claim was bogus Instead she offered her own bit of nonsense In some cultures saving a life is considered an interference with fate and is punishable by death” A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review Thank you Guest Reviewer Program view spoilerI was intrigued by this first book of the Allison's Story series as soon as I read the blurb that was sent to me by Ethereal Book Reviews I admit it took me some time to finally start reading The Elect but that was mostly because I wanted to be in the right mood for it And I'm glad I did This paranormal fantasy story with a dash of romance was worth the wait and left me wanting for I know Elle Todd has already published the second book The Vanguard and I will definitely try to read the seuel to find out what happens to the main characters The Elect is a story with a fast pace easy to read and Elle Todd is able to build up the tension uite smoothly by letting both Allison and the readers discover her powers gradually I'm normally not a big fan of high school novels but in this case the emphasis is being laid on the supernatural powers of the elect and it makes the few 'cliche' high school scenes tolerable All in all definitely recommendableAllison and Delaney have been best friends for ages Allison is the uite and 'invisible' one of the pair while Delaney doesn't mind a little excitement When the popular mean girl Rebecca decided to spread a horrible rumor around Delaney is out for revenge She convinced Allison to break into their high school to falsify an email accusing Rebecca of cheating But things get complicated when Allison discovers they weren't the only ones trespassing; the three boys doing something she never believed would have been possible People can't produce fire with their bare hands or can they? Allison doesn't know whether to trust her own eyesShe doesn't think the three boys recognized Allison despite her fiery red hair but when Delaney wants to spy on them she doesn't think it is a good idea Ryan Nate and Jeremy are the popular guys at school and apparently they are hiding something that isn't normal When the three suddenly start showing interest in the two friends Allison suspects something is off But Delaney is developing a crush on Jeremy and thinks becoming friends with them is the best way to spy on them They soon discover what the three boys are hiding and Allison makes a discovery of her own Nate and Jeremy are no the only 'Elect' gifted with supernatural powers; Allison is able to use them as well when they are close She is now forced to uncover the secrets of her past and find out who she really is Because she is the first Elect that is able to use than one power and soon others are after herI really enjoyed reading The Elect and I will definitely be looking out for the seuel It is an interesting story that is easy to read and the ending leaves you wanting for Allison is a character you can easily relate to and while some of the high school scenes were on the verge of annoying the rest of the story made up for it Definitely recommended to those who enjoy YA paranormal fantasy novels hide spoiler