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She knows what it means to be Elect The Vanguard are an entirely different breedIn the wake of tragedy Allison Noble finds herself surrounded hunted by enemies she never knew she had protected by strangers she isn’t sure she can trust Her options are limited She can stay and put her life in unfamiliar handsor honor the promise she gave her mother to track down Phillip Noble uestioning friendships testing loyalties Allison strikes out on her own But as her powers grow and new potential is revealed the danger she ran away from is never far behind

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    Everything you thought you knew about the Elect and the Vanguard will change during this bookA lot has changed since Allison's 16th birthday everything is different now She has no clue what's wrong and what's right any Her mom is gone forever There is noway back In the beginning of the book she is completely lost It doesn't really matter to her what happens She lost the one person that was always there for her is gone She has no one left at least that is how she feels I can not imagine how she feels It must be awful The darkness and numbness of her pain is all consuming It took me down with herShe needs to get out and run Look for her the man that is supposed to be her father See needs answers Since her mother could not give her those Now she is lost without any clue where to go Stuck in between the Vanguard and the Elders who also have no clue what to do with her or what she is and how? Ally has to make a lot of difficult decisions Will she have help making them or does she have to do everything on her own?I was very angry and frustrated while reading this book I might have yelled at my boyfriend and told him to get lost because the book was just too thrilling The feeling I had was similar to the feeling I had while reading The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin Locked away from the people you know like you are some kind of dangerous animal that will hurt everyone that comes in its way Though while reading this part of Allison's story made me so much angrier Ally never asked for any of this and now they are treating her like a criminal while she is the victimThe fact that I felt that angry means that I was very much into the story It doesn't happen that often But when it happens it has under it's spell for days or even weeks Like it's predecessor The Vanguard is exciting from the first to the last letter of the book I was not able to put it back down before I was finished which is one of the best ualities a book can haveI was a little disappointed by the ending I was expecting a huge cliffhanger like the first one had But to my surprise this book ended uite peacefully Even though I'm anxious to read the next part I'm not out of my mind because of the ending which in a way is nice like I was after the first part Nevertheless I liked The Vanguard better than The Elect You know about the gifts the characters the events the story line everything And because of that I felt connected to AllyFor reviews check out my blog

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    SynopsisShe knows what it means to be Elect The Vanguard are an entirely different breedIn the wake of tragedy Allison Noble finds herself surrounded hunted by enemies she never knew she had protected by strangers she isn’t sure she can trust Her options are limited She can stay and put her life in unfamiliar handsor honor the promise she gave her mother to track down Phillip Nobleuestioning friendships testing loyalties Allison strikes out on her own But as her powers grow and new potential is revealed the danger she ran away from is never far behindMy ThoughtsI really really enjoyed this seuel I read it straight through in just a little over five hours I am very much looking forward to book three and will certainly be on the lookout for future series from Ms ToddThis book picks up just over a month after the end of the first book Allison is depressed and doing all that she can to stay numb With the Vanguard around that's easy to do However it isn't long before Ally begins thinking of vengeance She'd kill every Elder out there if she were able and if she had to She makes moves to do just that but her planning isn't so good She goes on the run and has an unexpected tag along in Ryan to accompany her Ryan would do anything for Ally She has a hard time trusting him at first but she slowly lets him in If only she didn't have the bad habit of pushing him away constantly That dude puts up with a lot of that from her but I don't think he can do it for much longer I think it's what she's given him so far that keeps him around but I believe him when he says that he won't chase her Both Ryan and I need her to make up her mind for once and for all when it comes to their relationship I understand why she feels she should stay away from him but she's hurting the both of them by playing keep awayAlly gets herself into a lot of trouble in this installment Some of it really isn't her fault other times she clearly does wrong She just doesn't care She appreciates the conseuences a little by the end of the book than she starts out with but considering her current plan she's embroiling herself in when this book ends I'm even worried for her futureThere are some revelations revealed in this book that Allison did not react well to and that I didn't expect Maybe I should have but I was pretty surprised I hope that Ally gives her remaining family a chance None of this is their fault I think the possibility is there now that she had a chance to see things from Phillip's POV I really hope Ally gets a chance to be somewhat herself in the future as well She's stronger now but she hasn't been very nice since what happened at the end of book 1 She at least realizes that she's changed She hasn't corrected her behavior by much but I think those good parts of her are still there I really hope she doesn't do anything too crazy but I'm not putting it past her at this point I'm worried but I really can't wait to see what comes next

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    I received this book as a free download through The Source here on Goodreads As the 2nd book in Allison's Story The Vanguard seamlessly continues the story that was begun in The Elect The opening chapters made the cliffhanger on the last page of The Elect completely worth it and the action that I had hungered for throughout the majority of the first book really took off in this one Of course Allison is still in trouble still can't uite get a handle on her abilities and still tends to act before she fully thinks about the conseuences and ramifications of her spur of the moment decisions Which I loved because this keeps her character so believable Remember she is still only 16I thought Ms Todd really came into her own in this 2nd installment While the first book was fairly polished and flowed very well The Vanguard simply shines I especially enjoyed the continued fleshing out of the characters here I completely forgot I was reading which I personally feel is the highest accolade for a piece of fiction The book disappeared and I was totally immersed in the world Allison lives in and wanders through mostly by trial and error A butt ton of error Allison's predicaments had me cheering for her and the way both the Vanguard and the Elders were presented made it hard to discern who was truly for or against her I love it when an author keeps me guessing who the true villains may be The author did this in a way that I found very refreshing I also applaud her for the abilities twist in the final chapters If you readers want to know what said twist is I'm definitely not gonna tell you because it's definitely worth it to read both of these superbly crafted novels to find out what I'm talking aboutPut another mark in the Win column for Elle ToddNow I've just got to wait until #3 arrives Reminds me of waiting for the next chapter of The Green Mile when it was originally published I'm trying fairly unsuccessfully to be patient until that day comesThank you Elle Todd for making me a YA fanboy I salute you for that LOLThis review is also posted on Until next time stay safe and above all be true to yourselfThat Aaron Guy

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    The Elect gave us an excellent introduction to Allison Noble's world but it wasn't until I read The Vanguard that I felt as though I was truly beginning to understandThis second installment of Allison's Story moves things forward nicely With action explanation and active use of powers The Vanguard is what any seuel should be intenseBeginning about a month after the end of book one we're thrust into the thick of things with only the briefest recap of the events that occurred before Within fifty pages Allison has faced off against the Elders and the Vanguard and taken off on her own kind ofI won't spoil the read here except to say that there were several bombshells in this book I think we all walk into a story with certain expectations Nothing worked out as I thought it would and I was left with as many answers as new uestionsAgain this book does not stand alone It is a continuation of Allison's Story satisfying in the resolutions provided yet still whetting the appetite for Bottom line? I can't wait for The Core

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    Awesome Indies Book Awards is pleased to include THE VANGUARD by ELLE TODD in the library of Awesome Indies' Badge of Approval recipients at Awesome Indies' Assessment starsVanguard is the followup novel to Elle Todd's The Elect This book continues to follow Alison through her discovery of her powers and the ramifications they hold for both The Elect and The Vanguard Throughout this book the twists and revelations keep coming This is a fast and satisfying read with no errors in formatting or editing that I could detectIn Vanguard Todd has accomplished something even the most talented authors often stumble over How do you write a book where the main character is isolated and imprisoned during the majority of the narrative? How do you do this and keep the reader interested and invested? And even difficult how do you do this without turning it into an exercise in navel gazing Because the characters are so well drawn the reader is never bored Every interaction is fraught with tension and discoveryMy only complaint about the book is that I would like to see Alison be nicer to Ryan It's getting difficult to believe he's still willing to sustain on nothing than breadcrumbs A moment of weaknessvulnerability on her part other than physical would have been satisfying but I also understand why she couldn't let her guard down Because of this I rate Vanguard 45 starsI received this book free of charge from the author in return for an honest review

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    This book is a part of an amazing series I had found on figment Just when I thought Allison's life couldn't get any worse she is thrust into an entirely new take on her nightmare She finds comfort and sanctuary with The Vanguard's and yet is somehow still afraid of EVERYTHING This novel had me on my toes and wanting Her relationship with Ryan seems to make things complicated in her life Every tiny detail in this novel made it all come alive This is a whole new take on magic within the human world It does not compare to Harry Potter The Mortal Instruments or other novels featuring magic simply because they are ELECT not wizards warlocks or witches The idea behind this whole story is so complicated but Elle Todd doesn't info dump She gives us certain things at certain times without us having to realize that we've become Allison Everything Allison felt I felt I honestly didn't get bored with this though in The Electbook one I find a couple of parts that weren't as exciting The Vanguard was simply action packed and daring Think of how Bella Swan lived months without Edwardand multiply that greatness by infinity Elle Todd is a true author and I can't wait for her works to get the proper recognization they deserve

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    This was so different from the first oneNate is hardly in it and Allison is basically being held captive by the worst guards everShe leaves and her and Ryan do the cross country thing while almost the whole time she's thinking he's going to turn her in She is taken back only to find out things aren't what she thoughtI hated The Elect and Vanguard's in this I was pissed off for Allison most of the book I mean can she not get someone in power to help her out? She still has her friends which surprised her but they're not able to do anything about her situation I'm still not exactly sure what is going on with her and Ryan Although a good part of the first half is them togetherShe finds out the truth about her father and by accident learns there is to her than originally thoughtThis one didn't end on a cliffhanger but I'm still anxious to get the next one

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    I received the book free in exchange for an honest reviewAnother good book in the series We learn about Allison the Elders and the Vanguard but there are still lots of answers awaiting in the next book at least I assume so Good well developed characters and a good plot Looking forward to seeing how the story continues to grow

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    Well written but I didn't enjoy it as much Honestly this book felt like nothing than the necessary bridge between books 1 and 3 I'm still not exactly sure what the conflict is and why Allison needs to be running There just didn't seem to be a point to a lot of what's happening