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A mother’s love knows no boundaries Abeba Habtu is met with war poverty domestic violence and terrible human rights violations yet she remains strong for the sake of her children Her life is a testament to just what a mother is willing to endure for her children This is true in any time and place even Eritrea Africa where death and unjust imprisonment is all too familiar The tiny country has fought for its independence and survival for many decades It’s sometimes called the “North Korea of Africa” due to its human rights violations and lack of international media presence You’ve probably never heard of it because it ranks dead last on the World Press Freedom Index Abeba was born in this war torn country She was forced to marry an abusive older man She has run from bullets and seen bombs fall from the sky lost loved ones been thrown into prison and then escaped the country with her two youngest sons Abeba is now in Germany where she is battling cancer “Despite all my hardships I am blessed and remain hopeful for the future” Abeba says “Sometimes my story is hard to stomach but I believe it may inspire others who are struggling through domestic violence are stuck in a seemingly powerless situation or battling life threatening illness”Why this book with its accompanying risk? Abeba's amazing story demanded to be told It gives voice to domestic violence human rights violations and gender ineuality But it doesn't beg for sympathy It offers hope and inspiration in the face of injustice and cruelty Read BECOME COURAGEOUS ABEBA and get an inside look into an extraordinary life in a country that has kept the world out for decadesThis story is autobiographical fiction It is based on Abeba’s life but names places and some events have been changed in order to protect the family and add to the reader’s experience

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    You will be strongShe's a mother battling cancer and worried about how she's going to take care of her children only she's from Eritrea and she has sneaked into Sudan trying to escape her own failed country where the people trying to stay in power understand only one political strategy kill your enemies and imprison or kill anyone who might not support you as vigorously as you'd likeShe's loved and lost so much already but as Abeba Habtu is about to escape to Germany where she hopes one day to be reunited with all of her children these are the words she says in lieu of goodbye You will be strongBy that point of the book I was already mesmerized by her story and the vivid images created in my mind so artfully by the author but those words really hit me hard There are some terrible terrible moments in this book but for every pitfall there are eual amounts of tenacity and courage I read this book in one sitting last night and I'll start it again today and read it slower the second time It's that important of a book Abeba Habtu says that If just one other person can face their struggles and find courage through these words then I am glad I have told my storySurely Abeba your story will inspire far than just one to become courageous

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    This isn't really my style of book but I read it because a friend told me about it First of all I can't believe all the crap Abeba has gone through in her life and then I can't believe that she was able to remain hopeful and positive I'd never heard of Eritrea and I can't believe so many are going through so much hell thereI definitely recommend Abeba's story

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    I couldn't put this book down Abeba was so courageous and resilient through extreme trauma war and challenge From societal norms of being married as a child to an older abusive man she didn't know raising children while still becoming an adult herself then losing her children to provide a better life for them Every page brought hardship yet Abeba stayed strong and persevered It is hard to imagine that anyone could go through one of her experiences being in a worker camp horrible conditions of the prison the infidelity of her husband being taken advantage of and then disowned by her family and yet being able to have a happy ending with her family while battling cancer Her story brings to light the atrocities of a war that has gone relatively unnoticed by the rest of the world Your heart aches for her to escape and you feel compassion for the many people who helped her throughout her life This story is a remarkable example of how much a mother's love can heal all wounds and provide comfort in the most feared situations and moments I would highly recommend this book for readers interested in historical family oriented literature that shows how resilient a woman can be through significant trauma I also think this would make a fantastic movie