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In my four hundred years I’ve learned three very important thingsFirst my kind vampires aren’t the worst things you humans share this world withSecond true love has the ability to lift you up so high you can almost see the gates of Heavenor destroy you so utterly that there’s nothing left of your heart but ashesAnd last but not least never ever trust a blood witch I should have known Shea O'Hare was up to something the second the word ‘favor’ came out of her mouth I was an easy target I’ll admit She had something I wanted something only she could give me and she used my heart’s desire to maneuver me into place like a pawn on a chess boardYou might be asking what a witch could possibly have that a vampire might want so badly that he would willingly let her play him for a fool In my case that answer was ridiculously simple—information It was only a name and a location but that name and that location meant everything to meIt was bribery plain and simple

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    This was a good book The ending leaves you hanging so will have to find the rest of the series I would recommend

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    At first I was wondering if it was one of those novellas that are published after the series has already begun and if I would have a hard time figuring the universe and the characters But no The funny thing about this first book is that the plot evolves around Ember but we barely see her mostly hear about her This is an introduction to the series and I'm looking forward to reading the rest because so far I've been hooked I like the characters would like to know about a few things who is Tyler exactly why does her mother dislike Ember so much what's the story between the two main protagonists why the curse etc Skipper reminded me a lot of Luc in Lux so it's a good freebie thenI hear it's YA so there is probably not going to be much hotness though I'll survive uotes She handled everything on her own She never shared her fears or her concerns or her hopes She hid behind her fake smile and her sharp wit told everyone she was fine when she wasn't and only shed her tears where no one could see herShe relied only on herselfBecause she didn't trust anyone else

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    LOVED IT oh wow I love aj myers books I read this book the same day it was released I couldn't put it down as amassive ember an nathan fan I couldn't wait to read it an wasn't disapointed at all after I read it I went and read somthing witchy an somthing wicked again for about the fourth time I never tire of them they have amazing characters and the right amount of humour and it my kind of humour what can I say a must read all of them roll on halloween so I can read somthing wanton D

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    This is a ground laying of the Mystic and Mayhem books The love story of Em and Nate over the centuries You can't put this book down AJ MyersI can't wait for books I read all four of them All a real page turnerCongrats AJ great books

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    This is obviously an introduction to a new series Nathan is tricked by a witch friend to visit her granddaughter who she knows is his soul mate Nathan is not a happy vamp but cannot walk away either his drawn to herI really enjoyed this story i felt slightly frustrated as they never really meet but I beleive the story continues Still an enjoyable read with interesting characters

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    A very well written book dialog excellent character development good Free download Glad I got it

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    loved it can't wait for something wanton

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    Wow I really loved this story I couldn't stop reading I'm ready for the next story already Very well written and great dialect I never struggled to understand GREAT READ