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Bestseller on Historical Fantasy GreekRomanIn the latest Eno the Thracian sword and sandal myth and magic adventure Eno accidentally ticks off the Great God Pan while rescuing a beautiful Egyptian maiden from man eating monsters He has to leave his native Thrace for somewhere much 'civilized' The High Priest of Amun in Thebes Egypt needs his help but won't say what for except that several Heroes have already perished after taking on the mysterious job Still it's a livingif not for long

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    This creative tale ranks tall with all the colorful stories depicting Greek mythology Enos the Thracian takes you on an enjoyable journey It's a journey beyond the norm yet he envelops you with such uniue and interesting charm that you become embedded in the storySeriously I felt like I was there walking talking and observing all that was going on Okay and maybe like in the old days swooning over Enos I admired him and better yet I really really liked him Cynthia Pratt has created a monster a monster of a man as addictive as chocolate From the beginning you are wondering about him picturing what he looks like and searching for clues to know about him With her spell binding writing she creates a thirst that is never really satisfied; you want of him even when the story ends and even after you close the coverThis is the second book in the series but the story can actually stand alone Well kind of like I said you want of this Enos the Thracian man of wonder so one book just isn't enough The story though does come full circle so you don't begin in the middle of the previous book and you end with a clear picture ending even as you want another written page to follow the lastEnos was created to solve problems at least that's what he does for a living but the story has hinted that there is to the depth of this creation than has been told so far I am wondering what the first book had to say and of course have purchased it to read and hopefully ease my uest which I am sure it will help but with Cynthia Pratt's masterful work the next book will have to be purchased as well You just can't get too much of EnosThe other characters are entwined enough to keep you firmly entrenched in the story but never take away from the main character You don't find yourself really wondering about them than Enos which I'm sure was the author's intent all along They all keep the story animated colorful and interesting but still manage to keep you focused on what Enos does how he will react what will happen next and of course what he looks like Ah the never ending uestions of a female reader about a virile male characterI had to give this story five stars With a good storyline a vibrant and enticing main character and the author's ability to make sure you want it couldn't be anything less I will absolutely read the first book which is already on my shelf and rest assured the next book or books as well I have always enjoyed stories based around Greek Mythology and this one can certainly claim the top hat spot Thanks Cynthia Pratt your adventure was fun

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    I read the first book of the Eno the Thracian series by CBPratt and thoroughly enjoyed it I made room for the second book in the series The Stone Gods in my TBR list Here is what I thought about the second installmentSynopsis from the author Eno the Thracian is a hero for hire solving other people's problem for a profitable fee In the second book of the series Eno angers the Great God Pan and is forced to leave his native Thrace for somewhere 'civilized' where the God of the Wood cannot follow him The High Priest of Amun in Thebes Egypt needs his help but is fuzzy on the details except that several heroes have already perished after taking on the job It's possible that civilization has dangers than nature never holds Still it's a livingif not for long What I liked The book is written in a light hearted manner despite Eno’s dangerous lifestyle Eno angers Pan and decides it would be a good time to take a job in Egypt His adventures including a journey with the Pharaoh make for plenty of action humor and entertainment Add to the mix the beautiful Naunet his job in Egypt and this is one enjoyable readWhat I didn’t like I couldn’t find much to dislike about this book except that it ended Luckily there are three books in the seriesOverall impression As with the first book of the Eno the Thracian series the second book The Stone Gods was an entertaining read Filled with action adventure Greek Gods and a hero for hire The Stone Gods is a great read for everyoneMy rating 5 Stars

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    The Stone Gods Book Two Eno the Thracian Series by C B Pratt is a fantasy set in ancient Egypt about Eno a mercenary hired by the High Priest of Amun to find the murderer of the fifty sons of the Pharaoh Ramesses before the royal bloodline is decimatedEno is on his way to the hilly homeland of Thrace to visit his mother when the haughty prince Hebnetma of Egypt intercepts him and proposes a job to find the royal assassin Eno refuses and on his way up a cursed mountain pass to his homeland meets up with Naunet a young Egyptian woman who was told by an oracle that Eno was to be her lover Together they outwit the monster on the pass make their way to Egypt and find themselves in a swirl of swordsman for hire adventuresThe Stone Gods is a fantasy delight set in the land of ancient Egypt Eno’s world thrusts the reader into the thick heat of a desert day wrapped with bedazzling sun on sand The characters are well drawn Eno is experienced and practical and contrasts well with Hebnetma who has a surprising reason for his aloofness The biggest delight was Ramesses a paradox of a ruler who showed a surprising humility about his place in the worldDiscovering the murderer’s identity and motivations was an excellent study in human folly and intentions gone very wrong The Stone Gods is recommended for fans of fantasy stories set in unusual worlds

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    The Second Book of Eno the Thracian Hero for HireAfter the third week of a one week cruise the sea had lost its sparkleAnd so begins the second Eno book by C B Pratt The Stone GodsEno's marketing plan is simple His sign is in a well traveled acropolis Hero for Hire All monsters dispatched from carnivorous geese to Minotaurs Special rates for multiples Eno the Thracian at the sign of the Ram’s Head one flight upWhile he's the ‘defender of Aphrodite destroyer of incredible monsters and three time all Athenian winner of the ‘Spicy Snails’ cooking contest' Eno is on hiatus He's on the way to visit his mother and ask her some difficult uestions Even a brimming chest of gold and jewels can't sway him from his filial mission But a lovely naked liuid eyed Egyptian nymph in his tent may be a different storyEno's second adventure is as fun and exciting as the first one The series would make an excellent movie or a great television series

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    After reading Hero for Hire I couldn't wait to read the seuel The Stone Gods I was definitely not disappointed CB Pratt combines Greek mythology with Egyptian myth for an all new adventure for EnoThe beginning starts off with a bang with Eno already knee deep in trouble and he never catches his breath as he crosses paths with everything from Pan the God of the Wild to the demon sphinx and a mysterious stoning of the Pharaoh's sonsI love the fun as Eno deals with the love struck Naunet and the jealous SmendesThe characters are well developed as is the story and The Stone Gods is an excellent read for adventure seekers I highly recommend The series is one of my all time favorites

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    I'm going to have to uote from this oneI loved the humour in the first book and the second one delivers just as much Racing chariots the importance of respecting one's motherthat will keep every Theon Deke and Homer or their modern day euivalents amused throughout a pretty exciting adventure Eno the practical hero is back with another female supporting character who is hardly a damsel in distress but I won't tell you what her peril is for I don't do spoilers Naunet is no fainting flower and she definitely makes this story interesting With fast flowing action that's not slowed down by arduously long description I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy mythology and a bit of history thrown in

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    Ms Pratt’s highly entertaining tale presents Eno the Thracian a combination of Hercules and Sherlock Holmes As a self proclaimed hero he advertises his extraordinary services on a shingle above a tavern Although Eno’s services are rendered with all seriousness his observations about others and himself are rendered with wry humor In The Stone Gods Eno's visit to his mother in the Thracian mountains is pre empted by an Egyptian beauty who is pursuing a prophecy One encounter with villains leads to another and Eno is enticed to accompany his companion back to Egypt in the employ of the Pharoah The Pharoah's long lineage of sons have be been mysteriously turned to stone and it's up to Eno to figure the how and why Ms Pratt has crafted another action packed page turner

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    I think I liked the first book a little better than this one; the contemporary urban fantasy tone came through strikingly But this was still strongly written and a fun read The mythological elements came though less strongly in this one as it was not set in an area where the gods Eno believes in are present so any magic in his current setting was not viewed as divine That jarred me a little bit since the treatment of mythological nuance was one of the stronger points of Hero for Hire I think I would have liked something a little closer to home dealing with Eno sorting through his family history and dealing with his gods but personal preference aside it was a good read and a good follow up

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    Eno the Thracian is a hero for hire in a world where legends are bred He is the perfect male handsome dashing brave and forthright with an entertaining hint of humour This novel was an incredibly good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it I honestly couldn’t have predicted the ending at any point in the story I loved how the ancients are mixed in with the presence of the mystical ghosts sphinxes and hags all decorate a novel with the power to hold the reader’s attention with ease All this without forgetting the company of a camel named ‘Nightmare’The author clearly has a dry wit which reaches out of the pages of the book and makes the reader smile continually

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    Eno just gets better I loved the first book in this series so I was uite pleased to see a second opportunity to adventure with Eno Our hero is now in Egypt which makes for a great setting as well a a huge array of new gods with which to make troubleMore monsters plenty of jokes and an excellent companion to the first novel hero for Hire Loved this one too