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BlurbSydney Blake thought she had the ideal life A dashing successful husband and dream home were all she ever wanted But everything wasn’t as perfect as she believed When Sydney catches her husband Roger screwing another woman Sydney files for divorce and falls into a deep depression Her only friend Alexandra does everything she can to cheer Sydney up Lexi even suggests a weekend getaway and ‘sex with a random stranger’ to get over her slimy cheating husband’s ways But Sydney has always believed in marriage and everything it stands for Besides she wasn’t even divorced yet and Sydney still hoped that Roger and she would reconcile It became apparent Roger would never change and Sydney needed to go somewhere far away from her small town for a little while Little did she know she was destined to be a guest at the extravagant River Jewel Resort After meeting the charming manager of the beautiful hotel Mark Willburn Sydney might just learn to let down her guard and find than she ever knew she neededExcerpt Sydney sat on an opulent lounge chair and berated herself for enjoying the comfortable piece of furniture It sure beat the furniture she had at home Home? She didn’t have a home any She’d packed everything broken her lease and high tailed it out of town For what? A one way trip to the fanciest loony bin she’d ever seen? How could she have been so stupid? She could feel the fingers of despair and defeat clawing up her spine What had she done?“Ms Hartman?” The abrupt sound of a man’s voice caused Sydney to flinch She hadn’t heard him approach and it was unsettling the way people popped out of thin air at the River Jewel Resort “Please come with me”The man held out his arm for her to hold onto but Sydney paid no attention to it “Where are we going?” The nervousness in her voice was hard to disguise and he smiled before he answered“We’re going to my office”“Alone?”“Yes Will that be a problem?”“No but just so you know I have a black belt in karate”“Really?” The man suppressed a snicker “Well that’s interesting to say the least but I assure you your amazing karate skills will not be needed”Sydney didn’t really know karate but this guy couldn’t know everything about her Could he?His name was on the office door Mark Willburn Now she could put a name to the too handsome snide and a bit unnerving man His obviously expensive suit fit him like a second skin and he moved with prowess like she’d never seen Though he’d been a bit condescending words poured from his lips like warm honey whenever he spokeMark offered her a seat in front of his enormous desk and sat in the chair beside hers Though the chairs were comfortable she sat with apprehension eyeing the door and ready to run “Why are you sitting there? Shouldn’t you sit behind your desk?”“Would you rather I sat behind my desk Ms Hartman? I will do whatever you like”These people and their pleasing ways grated on her already exposed nerves “Sit wherever you like Mr Willburn It is none of my concern as long as you do your job”“Well I like to be close to our guests when they need to speak with me I find it to be a friendly way of doing business Wouldn’t you agree?”“That’s not for me to decide I care nothing about your business whatever that may be I want nothing to do with this fancily decorated romping palace All I want to do is leave I’d like my car and my luggage now”“Why may I ask are you so adamant about leaving? Were you treated badly? Was the room horrible? Was it not everything you desire?” His voice flowed over her like a welcoming warm bubble bath and she fought to keep from sinking into its depths His mere gaze raised gooseflesh along her arms and lit her core on fire with need What the hell was wrong with her? Barely single and as soon as some smart dressed man comes along Sydney imagines him on top of her kissing a trail across her stomach with that mouth of his She bit her bottom lip wishing it was him nibbling kissing tasting herShe mentally chided herself for the outfit she’d chosen to wear a thin silk shift of a dress that didn’t cover as much as she’d wanted it to right then Braless as she was surely he had seen her nipples rise into hard peaks when he touched her hand How mortifying Her divorce wasn’t even final and just being near this man had her creaming her panties like a common street whore“Ms Hartman?”“Sydney my name is Sydney”“Very well Sydney Why don’t you just tell me what the problem is so we may remedy the situation?” Mark stood and went to a fully stocked bar taking up the length of one wall in his office “You look and sound like you could you use a stiff one What’ll it be?”Had he really just said that? Could this get any weirder? “Teuila on ice please”

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    Love this book It's a mixture of reality and fantasy all in one Cannot wait to read of the series Very well written Madison Sevier is going to be the next most favorite author

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    Cheers to Madison for the debut of this new series Not only did she tackle the life changes of her heroine with class and style she portrayed her as a strong independent woman not afraid to show her vulnerable side Too often in the world of romance we have heroines hell bent on being the top bitch instead of being REAL Sylvia is a real modern woman full of lust and passion just aching for the chance to erupt And boy does she everMadison tackles the topic of adultery with ease Life isn't over when one partner breaks the vows Portraying the real emotions of betrayal denial and then finally acceptance gets the little devil kudos Where many other authors would let their heroine play the victim this one makes her move on to bigger and better thingsI can't WAIT for the next book in this series I'm so looking forward to adventures at the River Jewel Resort and for my reunion with the hero and heroine from this book Nothing like leaving me begging for This couple is HAWT please note on my review blog I use extra emoticons and icons for my reviews along with the hearts I gave this one 5 hearts full review with emoticons can be found at Sassy Vixen Reviews From the above extra rating icons you can see I really enjoyed this book It's a fast read and right from page one it doesn't disappoint We're introduced to Sylvia Blake right after she's separated from her lying cheating husband Of course the slime ball tries to convince her it will never happen again but once a dirt bag always a dirt bag Our poor Sylvia has the wind knocked right out of herDon't count her out so fast Giving herself just a wee bit of time to mourn the loss of a marriage she realizes wasn't all that she takes her best friend Lexi's advice and gets out of town to an exclusive and very expensive resort catering to your every need And I do mean EVERY need hehehe You'll have to read this and the next books to find out exactly how they do this but it's the manager of the resort that has his eye on our Sylvia He caught mine as wellManager Mark Willburn is the perfect eye candy and sets Sylvia's blood a boiling and her panties a meltin' As she takes Mark's challenge to give the resort a try even just for one night we're swept away by the beauty of the resort and how happy everyone is being thereincluding our heroine When Mark checks up on her extending a bit of a personal touch to the hotel amenities sparks continue to fly Of course they hit it off but can Sylvia overcome her hesitation and let her guard down long enough to enjoy all the resort has to offer?Brava Madison Sevier You've grabbed my attention with the start of your series now hurry up and write stories set on this marvelous place I wish I could visit there for just one weekend with Mr Vixen

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    I loved this book so much that it was difficult for me to even get through simply because I was Sydney at one point in my life The heart string honesty that Madison put into her is amazing because in reality when you have been through the same situation you find yourself feeling the same things asking the same uestions and coming up with the same answers Many times we forget the good we need when we are attached to someone that isn't the best for us and regardless of the wrongs done to us it doesn't mean that person can just go out as if it didn't mean a thing I loved being able to have the reminder that no matter what the bad I went through and how attached I was to the person and how dedicated I was to make things work I did deserve better Watching Sydney go through the stages and process of moving on and realizing that she too deserved better was refreshing The best part is that women don't need a man to make them happy they can learn to be happy without them too The strength in self and the comfortable feeling of being alone can be just as good as any happy ending without prince charming Way to go Madison for writing such a fabulous book and thank you for reaffirming confidence of heart

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    Anything You Want is a gratifyingly cute witty sexy fictional yet emotionally realistic well written short story This book caught my interest from the dedication yes the dedication It sets the perfect tone for the ideal escape reader’s look forward to when needing a uick fictional get away I’m sure just about every woman is able identify with Sydney and her feelingsexperience with her ex husband Roger I love the fact that Sydney was no stupid chick She didn’t tolerate Roger’s behavior and infidelity Sydney’s response to Roger’s um friend the accountant was hilarious Although I would have liked for Sydney to spend time with Mark I can certainly understand why she couldn’t do so at the time Would love to read about her return to the River Jewel Resort While reading this book I found myself texting my husband telling him we needed to go on an exotic weekend get away ; I’m certainly looking forward to reading books by Madison Sevier Thank you for the gift

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    Sydney walked in on her cheating husband banging another woman not once but twice She files for divorce and at the insistence of her friend makes a reservation at The River Jewel Resort Sydney begins to think she has stepped into the Twilight Zone They knew her by her maiden name the room had all her favorite foods and books She was demanding to leave when Mark the manager convinced her to stay at least over night She agreed and allowed herself time to put herself first and indulge in a fantasy I was shocked at the ending and yet pleased to see Sydney pursue her own destinationThis is a very short story of about 45 pages It is the first book in The River Jewel Resort Series

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    A very nice short and hot story Sydney was living the dream loving adoring husband who treated her like a princess and wanted her not to work It all ended with the surprise picnic she brought to his work on a rainy day He was already celebrating but not with his wife As her marriage crumbles and Sydney's life crashes down around her she books a get away to the River Jewel Resort They boast that they can make every wish come trueevery fantasy They seem to know about her than she knows about herselfShe meets Mark the resort manager who makes her feel all kinds of specialCan Mark help her put behind her past and just feel and live for herself? A great sexy short story by Madison Sevier I can't wait to read

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    Anything You Want by Madison Sevier is a uick read perfect for those with limited time for reading Ms Sevier has delivered a well written story with interesting characters drama and sizzle Anything You Want is book 1 of the River Jewel Resort series but is a complete book not a cliff hanger I look forward to reading from this author in the future

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    Life is always full of twist and turns but sometimes it takesa major devastation for you to realize your life really wasn't as happy as you think it is This is what happen to Sydney after finding her husband cheating on her now she needs to find herself and how to move on The magical Jewel Resort may help her do that

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    GreatI loved this first story of River Jewel Resort It has mystery and romance How does the folks at the resort know exactly what Sydney wants and Mark is definitely one of them Will she come back to Mark at the resort after she figures out her life? Can't wait to read the next book and find out

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    A grown up fairytale This story reads like a fairytale The woman finds her husband cheating on her in his office with his accountant She goes through the usual emotions when something devastating happens then she decides to go to a fancy resort to feel better and it's like a dream come true complete with the perfect man Yet she still needs