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Deena's grandmother is dying Her final wish is for a Hammond Tanaka reunion Both sides set out for Aruba and once there all hell breaks loose Then they miss the evacuation order Threatening floods push Hammonds and Tanakas up up to the top floor No secret is safe on the top floor Even if Tak and Deena do survive the uestion is will their marriage?Now Available for Pre Order

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    4 Aaw the end of this series makes Me want to cry I loved this author's way of telling a story and this third installment was no different I felt captivated by her story telling I was happy sad mad angry frustrated So frustrated that at one point I wanted to throw my kindle against my wall Can I just say that I will miss Tak He's so perfect Always understanding comforting funny loving and just plain hot I did get frustrated with Deena again in this book She just seems to prefer her career than her family home or even husband This book did focus on family Deena didn't work but she was constantly thinking about it Or coming up with some way to keep secrets from her husband The one time she finds something out about Tak that was before them it seems like all she wants is to focus on that small lie and then act like their whole marriage is in jeopardy Yes it frustrated me to no end but that's just how good the book was I didn't give it five stars because the end didn't give me closure to this series It felt like it was left open for another addition And there was no epilogue I turned my kindle page and was left likeokay so what next What happenes to Deenas mom? What school does Tony go off to? Do Deena and Tak help out her nephews? What hapenes to Lizzie and Kenji? Does Tak's dad retire and leave the company to Deena? And what of Tak's mother? And what about Micheal?? See too many unknowns Maybe the author wanted us to come up with our own ending But hey if that were it I'd write my own book I recommend this series and will be reading from this author

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    Deena's grandmother is dying Her final wish is for a Hammond Tanaka reunion Both sides set out for Aruba and once there all hell breaks looseThis book has the drama secrets and scandalsGreat ending to a great storyI recommend this series to everyone

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    A great end to a true love story Like all relationships that have to go through the ups and downs this was very well written

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    Loved it Although I could have done without the Mike on the airplane and Carmen piece I understand why it was needed A great finale from Shewanda Kudos scribe

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    OMG reading this book was like watching that dinner scene in Why did I get married? only WAY MORE DRAMASo Deenas grandmother is dying and her final wish is for the family to have a reunion of sorts the Tanakas and Hammonds all under one super expensive private beach roof Everyone arrives and from there IT ALL GOES TO HELLWriting format was still a little confusing I fould myself reading lines over and over to see clarify what happened but it was managable Too many spoilers to hide YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDTak and Deena seem to have recoverd some of their initial passion that was in the first book and damn near absent in the second Although Deena hasnt lost the attitude she seems to have dialed it back a bit at least it seems that way at first Shes still trying to balance being a Mom to her children a wife to her husband and a career woman to herself and once she is flailing in her efforts For some reason Deena comes across as very petty in this book almost as if shes jealous of her own husband First with her Grandmother at the hospital then with her son Anthony when her gets into all the schools he applied to Lighten up ladyCan we talk about how much of an asshole Mike is? As much as I disliked him for all the things he did Demanding John stick up for him while being a complete asshole letting implications hang in the air for both Tak AND Deena MOLESTING Deena as she slept etc I couldnt really hate him as much as I wanted to since it was DEENA who chose to jump to conclusions about the man she loved faster than she could turn on her BITCH button Can I really fault the guy for showing Tak the crack in Deena that was already there and then exploiting it? Ehhh not really Is it a douche move? Of Course Should Deena have jumped to conclusions based on almost NOTHING? No she shouldnt have Your husband buys a house from an ex from before you two even met and you lose your shit and believe hes cheating but he finds you holed up in a bathroom with someone you BOTH know is in love with you and you brush past him with ZERO explanation and yet YOU'RE the victim? Yeah ok sure NOTI felt really REALLY bad for Tak for much of the book since he not only had to endure hearing how his wife was practically raped during her drunken nap fest but knowing that he was right there and had no idea that it had happened It sucked for him realizing that he wasnt there to protect her under their roof from someone he should have been able to trust To top it all off she decides to not only be FURIOUS about him trying to protect her by not telling her what she wouldnt have remembered anyway but to throw out their marriage on top of that Insult to injury especially since Tak has only ever been the best thing to happen to Deena in the entire series Deena has gotten progressively worse as the series has continued in that for me she wasnt even a likeable character any You cant be both the aggressor AND the wounded You cant For the love of God not EVERYTHING is about YOU You want to keep your husband? ACT LIKE IT Trust him trust in your love the vows you both said and treat him like a wife treats a husband not like he's your personal assistant sex toy Dont be a whiney snotty WHY DOES EVERYONE LIKE HIM BETTER??? I take things how I believe them to be and not as they areYou should understand my need for secrets but how dare you not share yours bitch and then play the victim Dont push slap shove and scream people away and then reach out for them DUDE who knew that the Tanakas had as many secrets as the Hammonds did??? WTF? Taks Mom With her sobriety John with his divorce and allowing his wife to beleive he cheated when he didnt based on principle FYI dude that was dumb Why let your wife think you cheated on her when you didnt? Cause she had the audacity to think it? Really? Who won in that situation please tell me? Dont worry I'll wait The sister and her second pregnancy the first having been handled? The uncle having ANOTHER child with his mistress while his wife is slowly losing her mind over his blatant infidelity KUDOS DAICHI for making it clear that the Tanakas are NOT to be messed with SO MUCH DRAMAAnd now for the Hammonds Caroline glad you finally realized that YOU are a douche You didnt beg forgiveness for it but you did own up to it and explain your reasoning behind it no matter how faulty it was At least SOMEONE was willing to come clean about their faults and their mistakes and how things could have been so different instead of playing the victim and being in denial Im looking at you Deena Snaps for you You made sense than Deena's emotional roller coaster sporatic behavior Lizzie my GOD how you have grown into a fantastic woman I wish I could have seen of you and Kenji I understand your anger towards your grandmother and I dont fault you for it Thank you for handling Tony's indiscretion since Deena was too busy laying blame You're a good Aunt and now a phenominal woman Tony Congrats you college bound boy You like Lizzie have grown so much How did you not realize you were in love with Wendy? Dont feel bad for telling your Mom the truth that she sees what she wants to and chases characters of people dreams of whom she thinks they are and not who they really are It was worded harshly like how a 17 year old boy WOULD word things but it had to be said Crystal you werent imagining things your boyfriend was in love with his comrade and I think deep down you knew you just didnt want to admit it Ummm whoa you have a secret daughter? WTF? How did you manage to keep that hidden for 22 years? Tyson dont feel bad man I had no idea you wanted Tak either till you tried to kiss him That being said HES MARRIED and DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HIS WIFE even if she doesnt act like shes deeply in love with him Leave it to Aunt Caroline to notice what others dont She shouldnt have outed you That was rude Caroline Crass uncouth and rude It sucks that you died I was curious to see how you and Crystal were going to work that whole her being your beard thing out Shame BTW HOW DID YOU DIE? Where you hit by falling debris? Did you drown and sustain the skull injury postmortum? You screamed before you died as if you saw whatever it was that was coming but with the injury desribed i wouldnt think you would have time to scream WHY WASNT YOUR DEATH VERY CLEAR??? Grandma Emma This whole book is about your last wish yet you dont die you go on a ventilator I was hoping to see some closure for you and Deena and Lizzie and everyone after everything that happened Like a Soul Food kind of ending but Apparently that wasnt in the cards All in all I have to rate this book like I did the others Not a bad read but I doubt I'll be reading it ever again once is enough for me

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    So disappointed The series finished with Deena still being selfish emotionally unavailable and judgmental with Tak being almost doormat like Ambition is one thing but she basically only seems to care about her job She’s lying to Tak and keeping secrets about serious issues yet she’s offended because of who they bought the house from or how Tak didn’t tell her about Mike After almost 15 years she still thinks that she doesn’t need anybody and that she achieved everything on her own As if even if she’s talented being Mrs Tanaka didn’t help or having Tak and his flexible schedule didn’t facilitate raising her kids She wanted Tony as an idea but didn’t really invested the time to really nurture him She got upset when Tony told her that he wasn’t his father but he was right Even Lizzie got the scam Lila was going for while she accused him straight away She had this superiority complex with her family which was grating Yes they treated her horribly when she was young so she should have either cut ties completely or made the effort to know them As for Tak I understand love but in his case it was tooo much She basically abused him emotionally and he never put his foot down He was expected to deal with all her family drama and there was a lot and smile through it all The situation with her mother really took the cake Grandma Emma asked for the trip but there was no interactions with her nor with Lizzie The whole thing with Mike finding an illegal immigrant on the flight out and her basically becoming his crutch then maybe his love interest was so out of left field it made no sense Mike obviously has deep seated issues It would have made sense for him to go home or somewhere else in the States and seek professional help

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    Family A Dangerous Storm And lots of secrets A perfect recipe for disasterCrimson Footprints III The Finale is the final in a wonderful page turning trilogy It continues the story of the Tanaka and Hammond family Takumi and Deena Tanaka are given the task of gathering both families together for a family reunion at the reuest of her dying grandmother Grandma EmmaThe story takes place years after part II Dee and Tak are the proud parents of three children Tony Mia and Noah They along with their colorful family arrive in Aruba for Christmas and things soon go from uncomfortable to nightmarishWe are introduced to new characters and become reacuainted with old ones At the center are Tak and Deena What can I say about Takena as I took to calling them? Tak is the knight in shining loving armor I truly enjoyed getting into his head again The love he has for Deena kept me turning the pages and their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTI found myself unable to stop reading and wishing this wasn’t the finale because I can definitely see tons of story left I enjoyed getting to know Tony Tak and Deena’s oldest son again I loved how Ms Pugh gave him a little story which cultivated in his getting accepted to all the schools of his choice further proving that children can rise above their circumstances to become phenomenal and talented individualsThis story moved fast and one thing I wished was that I was able to learn about the fates of the Tanaka and Hammond family It seems as though the author left certain things open which gives the reader hope that this isn’t really the end“I think that when people upset us really upset us the person we’re most angry with is our self For not seeing being smarter or anticipating some flaw or eventuality” One thing I’ve noticed when reading Ms Pugh’s work is her wonderful ability to drop deep insight forcing me to look inward The beautiful prose and vivid imagery transported me right on the island inside the palatial estateAs with both books before this I was given a hard look at what secrets can do to a family Redemption is the ultimate goal though This book didn’t disappoint giving me drama suspense peril and unwavering love and acceptance I found myself holding my breath at times and ended up being pleasantly surprised at other timesI did however find myself being so angry with Deena I wanted to throw my ereader across the room But in the end she seemed to come full circle I also wish I’d been able to read about Kenji and Lizzie Nonetheless Crimson Footprints III The Finale was great from beginning to end There’s definitely something to be said about getting to happy and staying there A lot of times we’re invested in the journey to the happily ever after but very rarely are we treated to seeing what it takes to stay happy foreverGreat job Reviewed by Leslie

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    Family ReunionRating 4 starsCrimson Footprints III by Shewanda Pugh is the final installment to the series with the beloved characters Deena and Tak Tanaka Deena’s grandmother is dying and her wish is to be with those she loves her family Deena’s side The Hammonds and Tak’s side The Tanakas all under one roof is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode Although Deena is apprehensive about the thought of spending time with her family they make arrangements for both sides to vacation in Aruba What is meant for a family to come together as one turns out to be a nightmare in ways than one Aruba a place that is normally a beautiful Caribbean vacation spot and where it hardly rains comes under a torrential storm With an immediate evacuation is in effect for those there this family misses the memo As the storm rages on inside the beautiful mansion that the Tanakas and Hammonds are enclosed secrets are exposed hearts are broken and a different kind of storm rages under this roof Lives will be forever changed after this vacation for those of them that survive the outside stormCrimson Footprints III by Shewanda Pugh was a very good read If you haven’t followed the seriesthe first book introduces you to Tak and Deena So begins their love affair and the background of both of their families The good and the bad The second delves into Deena and Tak’s siblings With the one character readers seem to hate in the first book readers come to love in the second With the 3rd and final installment of the series both sides of this couples' families come together This is a novel charged with emotions The actual hurricane that is about to hit can be used as a different connotation within the story The storm represents the lies and secrets that are brewing When it hitsall hell breaks loose and the hurricane rages out of control like the emotions of the characters My only issue with this novel is that there were too many characters that had a part within the story that needed to be addressed Although Ms Pugh addresses each one individually it could have been narrowed down to the immediate characters within the previous two novels Other than that ‘The Finale’ was a very good read Ms Pugh is an excellent writer who writes with a lyrical style that is poetic She immediately draws the reader into the story and builds up to a climatic ending Note I would recommend all 3 novels Although the first book is a bit slower than the other two it is beautifully written and with each novel you see the growth of Ms Pugh and see she is truly talented Reviewed by Leona

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    The culmination of an amazing love story that battles the odds of varying expectations and racism I've thoroughly enjoyed this series This finale is an unbelievable stretch and laden with drama As the storm sets in it parallels the the emotional fire storm that is brewing For all that were initially embarrassed by the brazen ideologies and characteristics of the black family this blasts all stereotypes that are associated with hood life placing everyone on a level playing field Privilege masks what poverty could not even begin to with time and chance happening to us allWhat I appreciate the most is the great taste this author had on describing scenes of intimacy where a glance or silence is never just that All urban fiction writers should read and take note This is how classics are born Gems of wisdom in the midst of stupidity and insecurity; and exuisite character development You walk away feeling as if you know these ppl and catch yourself wondering what are they doing now Most important each story has a climax and conclusion that leaves your curiosity fulfilled

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    This story of Tak wanting to grant Deena's grandmother Emma's dying wish for a family reunion by taking the Hammonds and Tanakas to their lavish island retreat on Aruba to bring healing consolation and a closer understanding of both side is your initial prediction for this story Once the families are together the plot and subplots cascade into one emotional drama after another of deception lies conspiracy unreuited love interest intrigue and unforeseen surprises On top of all of this Deena is finally confronted about her fatalistic view of marriage and her unwillingness to let go of some of her darker beliefs and face the truth about her personality Despite how dark this story could have been Shewanda manages to weave the threads of the various plots together to bring us an excellent ending to this trilogy of Deena and Tak