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For ten years the young King of Cats known throughout the Kingdom of Londinium as Tybalt—once known to family and friends as Rand a gentle Prince who had never aspired to the throne—had ruled his Kingdom alone refusing to let any other of his kind enter the city while it is in his care But even a King can get lonelyWhen Tybalt meets a Selkie stranger named Dylan it seems almost inevitable that they should become entangled with each other—the lonely King and the man without friends or family in London were virtually designed to be together But sadly designs can only hold for as long as they are left alone and when the Undersea inevitably arrives looking for their missing son Tybalt will have to choose His Kingdom or Dylan?Either way he loses

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    This is a Tybalt story and it’s horribly sad

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    I didn't love that this had an inconsistency from the original short that spawned it RAT CATCHER unless this came first but either way inconsistenciesI didn't love the bit of romance in the story and too much Tybalt perspective makes the old timey speech a little unbearable but I love the concept of what this romance means to this character Also the end was very subtly devastating and I was here for it

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    Forbid the Sea is set about ten years after events in Rat Catcher and can be downloaded for free from Seanan McGuire's website Tybalt saved the rest of the Cait Sidhe by becoming King and sending them away to safety but he remained in Londinium alone to make sure nobody returned too early Although the fae have begun to return he remains the only Cait Sidhe and he has kept himself away from the rest of the courts he entertains himself by haunting the local theatres in his cat form and I don't think he even realised how alone he'd been until he meets selkie DylanDylan is alone in the city and away from his family for the first time so it seems natural for the two to spend time together What follows is the start of a beautiful friendship and the beginnings of a budding romance but we've seen what happens when fae fall in love with selkies before and it doesn't usually end wellI love Tybalt so I will devour any story from his point of view but I have to admit I wasn't sure if I wanted to see a romance between him and anyone other than Toby Let's face it though this story is several hundred years before she was born and I think the guy's allowed to have a past I actually found the relationship between Tybalt and Dylan was really sweet and even though I knew it couldn't end in a happily ever after I was hoping they'd get longer than they actually did

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    LOVE THAT BISEXUAL TYBALT ❤ A short story that takes place about ten years after Rat Catcher and features Tybalt and a Selkie named Dylan It's both cute and sad and I love any insight into Tybalt's past because he's probably my favorite character aside from Toby

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    you may as wellForbid the sea for to obey the moon William Shakespeare The Winter's TaleImmortality does not make a person immune to time; if anything it makes it easier to believe that time is somehow meaningless that every hour once spent will be replaced with a dozen The world doesn't work that way Perhaps it did once but that was in Faerie and Faerie as we all know too well is another countryOne of the overarching themes of Seanan McGuire's October Daye series is that Faerie is dying a slow moment by moment loss of mystery and decay of magic brought about largely by the arrogance of the Fae These stories are loss writ large across the tragedies of a handful of beautiful wonderful heroes we her readers have come to know and love so well We read knowing each time that she is going to rip our hearts out rip out her own to tell us this storyAnd damn but she's done it again Another beautiful loss I admit I was cringing a little at first; I didn't really want to see Tybalt in another romance I hate romance small r in most all stories but when I 'ship I 'ship hard But then the light turned and I realized just who the actual interest was and she had me hooked set up like a fool for the blow I knew was coming Regarding that interest don't click if you don't want it spoiled and don't read the book summary or any other reviews but I can't contain my gleeview spoilerThe part of me that adores Captive Prince Volume One started suealing like a girl mm mm Why didn't somebody tell me that the incomparable Seanan McGuire had written an mm story?? End suee hide spoiler

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    Another series preuel on Tybalt set about 10 years after the events of Ratcatcher It's free on the author's website Tybalt is alone in London after all of the Cait Sidhe and Fae left town And he doesn't really realize how lonely he is until he meets a selkie named Dylan The two become fast friends and lovers This is mm but there is no on page sex Remember the sexuality of the Fae in this world is very fluidAnyway we see Tybalt make his first emotional connection in a long time only to see him lose it It's a pretty melancholy ending and helps show why he is such a lonely soul 29 pages

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    Forbid the Sea October Daye #72 Seanan McGuire

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    35 starsWow McGuire sure as hell loves tragic same sex romancesWhen I started reading this short story I expected to meet Tybalt's past wife Boy was I wrong Tybalt and Dylan's romance was just as bittersweet as that of Annie and Liz I'm really starting to hate Selkies All Fae societies have stupid rules but Selkies really take it to another level I still don't uite understand all the rules about passing the skin among them but I hope it will be explained closely later in the seriesConsidering everything Tybalt went through losing a sister and his whole Court being alone for ten years and then losing another person he became close to I'm really surprised he is as okay as he is in the present It broke my heart a little bit to read about how lonely he wasAt least he has Toby now

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    I had come to one indisputable conclusion if boredom has a form it looks like an empty alleyway where no laughing sisters wait to tease It looks like a Kingdom of ash and silence filled with the ghosts of those who have left you behind In the Kingdom of the Bored I was the only King and I might hold that crown until I mercifully died Tragic and beautiful in the way all Seanan Mcguire shorts seem to be I haven't been able to get my hands on the previous Tybalt story chronicling how he became a King of Cats so I feel like I might have missed a few things but overall this gave a great look into a very lonely time in Tybalt's life Plus a historical London setting and we get to see things from the cat perspective

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    If boredom has a form it looks like an empty alleyway where no laughing sisters wait to tease It looks like a Kingdom of ash and silence filled with the ghosts of those who have left you behind In the Kingdom of the Bored I was the only King and I might hold that crown until I mercifully died A very sad novella where we see into the past of the lonely King of Cats Tybalt is one of my favorite characters in this series and we had to wait so long for him and Toby to finally admit their love Seeing of the loss that Tybalt has experienced in his long life before Toby just broke my heart and made me love him even Just like with the other novella In sea salt tears it breaks my heart the way the selkies has to live their lives The fae world is never fair and almost never kind