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Samuel Beckett's poems in English are not much studied except by Lawrence Harvey Philip Nikolayev recently and a few others Thus this is a seminal work extending Harvey?s readings The book has an introduction and conclusion and divides Beckett's English poems into the years of learning the years of wandering and the blue celeste of poesy Its main argument is that Beckett bridled his anguish at being unable to express due to language's imperfections and thus his work is in the best sense of the word metaphysical ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr A V Koshy is an established poet critic essayist and writer of fiction He has published two books one called Wrighteings In Media Res with A V Varghese and A Treatise on Poetry for Beginners and three collections of poetry His poems were chosen as editor's picks for the Camel Saloon and Destiny Poets UK and one was nominated for Pushcart Poetry Prize of 2012 His Treatise was chosen as one of the best Indian reads of 2012 by Butterfly and the Bee His poems articles and research papers have appeared in India and abroad He is running an NGO for autism and teaching English Literature in Saudi Arabia presently and is a World Bank certificte holder CONTENTS Preface; Acknowledgements; 1 Introduction; 2 The Years of Learning; 3 The Years of Wandering; 4 The Blue Celeste of Poesy; 6 The Bridled Anguish of Non Expression; A Select Bibliography; Index

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    marshwiggle23first to reviewThis book is worth readingThe three most written about writers in the twentieth century in the West were TSEliot James Joyce and Samuel Beckett As in the case of Conan Doyle and Wodehouse or Tolkien and Rowling now they became industries and not just authors While much has been written on Beckett's plays and novels not much has been written on his poetry Even in 2013 every university library and public library will be happy to own a copy of this critical work on Beckett's English Poetry such is his power and importance as a Nobel Prize winning writer It is a significant study making him enter the canon of modern poetry along with Yeats Pound and Eliot This is not to mention the interest this book will generate in Beckettians Joyceans Irishmen and of course scholars academicians literateurs and poetry lovers all over the world in general