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This short story serves as an introduction to the Hudson Ranch seriesTime is running out for Zackary Hudson He has a fierce desire to reunite with his estranged sons but they're proving difficult to find He hires a private investigator and the search begins in earnest but Zack doesn't like the information he's hearing

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    InheritanceZack Hudson owns and operated the Hudson Ranch His wife and toddler son live there and help out as well When he went to the doctors he was not expecting to get news that would change the coarse of his life forever Telling his wife he is going to die would be one of the hardest things he would ever have to do Finding his sons would be the next hardest Separated from his ex wife and not being able to see his sons broke his heart Now he has to find his sons and make sure they know that their dad loved them and to welcome them back to the ranch If he can find them what will they thinksay or believe? If the chemo works will he be able to have a relationship with his sons? So many unanswered uestions and so little timeLorraine gives a GREAT start to a new series What a bunch of twists and turns you don't expect I can't wait to see where she takes us on this new journey Wonderful 5 star startComplimentary book given for a free review juliesbookreviewblogspotcom

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    The Inheritance The Hudson Ranch Series #1What an amazing start to a new series by Lorraine Nelson and I can't wait for the next issueAlthough The Inheritance was very uick read it sets up the full size novel that is coming in October 2013 Cannot wait to see what happens next

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    I strongly urge you to go grab a copy to find out what the fuss is all about I'm not one for giving away details of the story but as always I will do my best to convince you that you NEED to read this bookIn this new series by Lorraine Nelson which has beautiful cover art she introduces us to the Hudsons If you are familiar with Lorraine's Thunder Creek Ranch Series and the Manning family then you already know how incredibly amazing her families are Each features strong female leads HOT ranchers and families that we all wish we knew personally The Inheritance and the Hudsons are no differentThe Inheritance brings us Zackary Hudson a man who's clock is ticking Bianca and Jeremiah Zack's new wife and young toddler and the search for Zack's three oldest childrentripletsand from the sounds of it just as sexy as their fatherWe find ourselves involved in the hunt to reunite a father kept away from his sons by an angry vindictive ex wife and though we are given thoughts and feelings of each of the main characters even an insight into Zack's lawyerfriend Bartit deepens the story and creates a hit home scenario on an incredibly personal subject I believe many readers women and men alike will love this family Their struggles hopes and dreams are so believable palpable that I became hooked from the get go The urgency is evident from the first page and the ending of this short storyintroduction to The Hudson Ranch Series willleaveyoubreathless and dying to get your hands on the next book I can honestly sayI NEVER saw this coming Lorraine has crafted an entirely new addiction for me and I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on Book 2Way to go Lorraine This reader LOVED it and as always you pushed beyond my expectations If you'd like to get a copy of The Inheritance The Hudson Ranch Series Book 1 you can now find it on here As I said it's ONLY 99 cents and you get an incredible amount of story for less than a dollar You will NOT be disappointed

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    I read this short and was impressed with how Zach tries to set his life in order for his soon to be widow and his young song Then he tries to find his grown sons in a bid for what I can only see as forgiveness for not being there for them It's a strong start to a series that shows you the challenges people face when trying to correct mistakes The different turns life has taken for all the different memebers of this broken family and how a deep bond of family and belonging brings about healing and hope It is wonderfully written with a masterful understanding of the human need for belonging

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    This was my first book by Lorraine Nelson I really enjoyed this short story and can't wait to read the first full novel in this series

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    Once again Lorraine Nelson one of today’s best new authors has created a series that reflects her trademark gifts for writing romantic suspense set against an intriguing backdrop—this time a working horse ranch in the Canadian west—and filled with engrossing dialogue and characters so unforgettable you’ll uickly forget you’re reading fictionThe titles in this series—one book for each of the triplet brothers—skillfully and memorably champion the theme that families are at their best when they stick together and that families—and love—are forever And no one has opportunities to overcome obstacles than these three who were separated shortly before their teens and sent to different foster homes A uirk of fate reunites the three with the challenge of a lifetime—move immediately to a faraway place bring a large spread from the red into the black within a year and oh yes raise the two year old stepbrother you’ve never heard about until today Too easy if you’re one of the Hudson brothersThe fast paced plot has the warmth of a Julie Garwood novel as Nelson deftly shows her similar talent for creating and portraying family members who take whatever gets carried their way with humor love and a dose of feistiness The women they fall in love with join the battle to save the ranch from those who would deny the Hudsons their inheritance Suspects abound and the ending will leave you cheering to see the bad guys caught—but wishing the series would never endAn added bonus is the original hand drawn cover art that graces each title in the series illustrations done by Sharon Wilson Dupuis Nelson’s sisterThis is a great prologue to an excellent series

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    FINDINGWell the ending had me on pins and needles I can't wait to read the next book I received this book as a gift from the author I had won a contest a few months back Zack's one desire is to see his sons He has not seen them in many years So his search is on along with his wife Bianca So much happens in this short story Yes it is short but it does pack a punch after all this is a PrologueI'm not going to say anything about it but to get the whole picture this is the place to start Thank you Lorraine for being a great writer

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    Free book for honest review juliesbookreviewblogspotcom This short story is an introduction to the series Time is running out for Zackary Hudson He has a fierce desire to reunite with his estranged sons but they're proving difficult to find He hires a private investigator and the search begins in earnestReview Wow this book was unexpected in many ways I loved the writing and the setup of the stories to come An absolute great start to this series and I can't wait to read the next book 5 of 5 starsTheresa F

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    I had trouble deciding between 3 and 4 stars I liked this short story as a set up for the longer series book 1 of which I am downloading now

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    An Awesome ReadI enjoyed reading The Inheritance The Hudson Ranch Series Book 1 all about Zack Hudson a fifty nine year old cowboy with an inoperable brain tumor Bianca Hudson wife and mother of two year old Jerry Bianca is the second wife of Zach and they have been married for seven years Rita is the first wife and she had triplet boys back when Zack was in the rodeo in is much younger days The boys are identical and today they are twenty seven years old When the boys were four Zack was still touring and the rodeo came to town so he went to see the boys and their mom She was in bed with another man and he flipped out grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the bed and broken her arm and twisted something in her shoulder So she slapped a restraining order on him and he lost access to his kids So he's been paying for all their necessities his whole life but has never been able to see his boys Today he needs to find them before he dies from his brain tumor The author wrote a fantastic story that will keep you on the edge of your seat Now I can't wait to read book 2