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I am King Tut’s wife but my name is barely a whisper in history’s memory I was the last of my family to survive the Aten revolution I had a child at age 12 and was forced to marry three times But that didn’t mean my story ended badly My name is Ankhesenamun my loved ones called me An and I will stop at nothing to save my familyDespite the vast treasure found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb there is little left over regarding his bride From the turbulence of her father’s reign Akhenaten who forced monotheism on the country to the mending of these wounds by the now famous Tutankhamun her life saw change than most ancient Egyptians dared even dream about Evidence left to us about her is this She was forced to marry her father her brother and her grandfather She gave birth to one healthy baby girl and two stillborn girls She was widowed at age 12 and 23 She saw four pharaohs crowned within 23 years After her grandfather took the throne she disappeared from history Ankhesenamun grew up a princess and became a ueen at age 13 Her husband Tutankhamun was 9 With outside forces try to influence every choice they make Ankhesenamun finds herself torn between her duties and her desires In addition her husband must deal with a crippling deformity that leaves him vulnerable Meanwhile Ankhesenamun wrestles a matter of the heart her own heart There is a young girl whom was never supposed to have survived the fall of Akhenaten City a daughter she bore that carries the blood of the heretic in her veins There are some who will stop at nothing to find this daughter and end the line of Akhenaten once and for allGuided by a traveler from the desert wanders whose leader left Egypt in ruin Ankhesenamun finds herself longing for true love and the ability to worship a God now banned from her world Can she find a way to escape the game for which she is being played by forces she cannot see? Will it enough to survive the most terrible of all fates the threat of her own death and having her name and her family's erased from the walls of history? Because once the new king is crowned she is dispensableWith a twist of biblical history interlaced Ankhesenamun’s voice has a new song to sing which has otherwise been forgotten Her story weaves through the sands of time as in each chapter she narrates her past and the path her life has been directed to take Between chapters Ankhesenamun is dealing with the repercussions of her husband’s death as power hungry men are grappling for pharaoh’s crown Using newly discovered facts about Akhenaten’s and Tutankhamun’s genealogy and their reigns this tale breathes new life into a fascinating and dangerous time in Egypt’s history Can a lone woman stand against the tides of time which have already consuming her parents her sisters and her husband? May the gods have mercy

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    WonderfulA lover of historical fiction especially novels put in unusual unexplored by historical fiction times and places this novel gratified the reader in me greatly leaving me satisfied but wishing for If there was a seuel to this novel I would have picked it right away despite the perfectly rounded up ending evenNot an expert on anything ancient Egypt related I found it a delight to learn all about Akhenaten and the possible motives to his actions to his puzzling attempts of bringing monotheism to his county folk The fresh interesting thought provoking angle on the story of Moses paralleling this of Akhenaten was wonderfulAnd yet Akhennaten's family his women folk his chief wife Nefertiti and her numerous daughters as much as his minor wives and offsprings being the true stars of this story made this book into what it is a great literature a fascinating story and not only an history lesson The untold story of the various historical characters what can be fulfilling than this?An Ankhesenamun captured my heart from the very beginning her voice so fresh so authentic and yet so understandable to me as a modern day reader Connecting with her was easy Her hopes her pain her aspirations her frustrations her delights her disappointment with herself her love and desires I felt all of it together with her learning history and enjoying a great story at the same time A perfect combinationTutankhamun just an occasional name from some forgotten school lesson took shape in this novel for me presenting me with an interesting character human and alive and not a sandy statue or hieroglyph but a person hopeful and tragic at the same time a lovely boy who tried to do his bestI can go on and on discussing the numerous characters historical and fictional ones as this novel drew me inside it made me live their lives together with them while learning history and customs traditions believes of people I knew little about beforeI'm a fan and sincerely hope the author will publish historical fiction in the near future

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    I rate this book a 45 of 5 due to editing error This is a combination of actual facts and fiction The story is told from the point of view of king tut's great wife the only pharoah that only had one wife and never had a herem king tut was the half brother of his great wife throughout egyptian history pharoahs took their sisters daughters granddaughters and such as their wives to preserve the royal bloodlines which produced many deformities and deaths of the babies from the incestous marriages king tuts wife An for short gave birth to 3 daughters one sired from her father Akenauten at a very young age and 2 from her half brother king tut one stillborn and the second possibly died shortly after birth both of which where buried with king tut It was the duty of the wife to produce a son heir to the thrown and was considered to be a failure if she didnt produce a son This also reflected poorly on the pharoah which is one of the reasons for taking multiple wives and the harem This book was very interesting and I couldnt put it down even knowing it was partially fiction and parts were difficult to readI highly recommend this book

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    Beautiful prose I am not a fan of ancient historical fiction but this novel is mesmerizing I learned so much about the beauty and horror of the time Careful research and documentation is masterful

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    Ankhesenamun is the third daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti Her early life was happy until her father becomes obsessed with giving birth to a healthy son She watches in horror as her father commits atrocious crimes for his god Aten Once Tutankhamun becomes king it seems that her nightmare is over and a peaceful era has begun She marries Tutankhamun and becomes his ueen However Ankhesenamun realizes that peace is merely an illusion because behind Tutankhamun are power hungry men that wait for the opportunity to seize his throne Ankhesenamun must fight to protect her family from the men whose biggest wish is to see them dead Ankhesenamun is a sympathetic character She is truly a survivor She experiences many horrors She is the last of her line and is forced to watch her family die in front of her My heart ached for her everytime she lost a member of her family She is also forced to marry her father and gives him a healthy baby girl After the death of Tutankhamun she has to marry her grandfather Ay She tries to get out of the marriage by pleading to the Hittite king to help her It ends up being a futile attempt to get out of her marriage to Ay However the novel shows that these tragedies helped make Ankhesenamun a strong woman I admire that she is really not afraid to stand up and fight for those she loves She has a few flaws in this novel She could be occasionally selfish and ruthless However Ankhesenamun is mostly a mature character in the novel Because of the tragedies in her life she is forced to become an adult at the age of nine I could not stop reading this book because I hoped that she would eventually find some happiness in her life Overall this novel is about hope faith love and family The message of The Forgotten Aten's Last ueen is that there is always a silver lining Even though Ankhesenamun has many dark moments in her life she learned that these moments paved the road to her happiness I thought that most of the characters were developed My second favorite character was Nefertiti She seemed like a warrior ueen She even took up the sword to protect her family and her country Tutankhamun seemed like a lonely boy that tried to be a great king to his kingdom The only character I thought needed development was the villian His motive for wanting to destroy Ankhesenamun’s family was very silly I like how the author incorporated the story of Moses in the Bible and that it played an important part in the story The aspects I did not like in the novel was the unnecessary love triangle and the story switches periodically between Ankhesenamun’s life as King Tut’s widow and Ankhesenamun’s past These time jumps made the reading a bit confusing for me and harder to keep track of the story Still The Forgotten Aten's Last ueen is a feast for historical fiction lovers and features a captivating heroine It is meticulously researched and is an engrossing novel I recommend this novel for fans of Michelle Moran Pauline Gedge and Stephanie Thornton

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    I enjoy the history of Egypt and Israel and thought I would try The ForgottenThe author gives a table of content and an alphabetic listing of characters at the beginning of the book I wish I had marked their location on my Kindle so I could easily refer to them I finally did so and it allowed me to keep the names clear in my mind The table of content assisted in keeping the myriad dates clear The story would back and forth from present to past and since we are reading about BC dates can be confusing I was about one uarter of the way through the book when I had my revelation and I started againThe author tells a good story and fleshed out a period of time that we are still guessing about She also does some speculation about religions how they came about and where they crossed which may have some upset I thought they were interesting and didn't bother me since this is fiction after allThere were some typos but nothing confusing I like indie authors for their guts to self publish I hope to read by J Lynn Else in the future

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    The extent of the author’s research was impressive and it certainly paid as it added a sense of reality to the story What made the story so real however was the depth each character main or supporting hadFor fans of historical fiction specifically that based on the ancient Egypt civilization and readers who like stories based on an untold figure in history this book may just find you delightfully surprisedRead my full review at UndergroundBookReviewsdotorg

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    Great book I read both books in the series and they were both well researched and brought the characters to life Enjoyed reading I love reading books about Egyptian history Definitely recommend

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    Rating 25The Forgotten Aten's Last ueen wasn't bad It just tried to do too much I made it to the half way point and just could not finishThere's not a lot known or written about King Tutankhamen's wife Ankhesenamun save for a letter she may have written to the Hittite king asking for a prince to marry after the death of her husband under then what were believed to be mysterious circumstances J Lynn Else does herhis best to not only fill in the blanks which was a notable endeavor Her character is sympathetic strong willed and yet caught up in a web of greed ambition and politics set in her father's fabled city of Amarna There is much love and loss and familiar personages we've come to know from study and from guesswork are a little different hereIn an overarching arc the author tries to explain the Heretic Pharoah Akhenaten's attempted monotheistic reformation by linking it with the story of Moses Not the first time it's been done but it has been reasoned however that Moses if the story is true would have been around the same time as Ramses the Great And this attempt plus the heavy handed muddled religious overtones detracted from a compelling and fascinating story And I've always given a bit of a side eye to the idea that Akhenaten was crazy There was a practical method to his new belief system which was to wrest power from the priests of Amun who tried to rule or tell the pharaohs how to ruleI may pick this up later to see what the author does with the rrst of the tale Not bad just not up to the uality I expect of Egyptian historical fiction

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    The Forgotten Aten's last ueen by J Lynn ElseI loved this book It's set back in ancient Egypt but the author has a great way of making the characters come to life J Lynn Else is beautifully descriptive in her writing so you feel like you are there can see the things they see and can almost reach out and touch the scenery She effortlessly weaves the historical information in with the fiction creating a rich story full of love loss betrayal faith and family There are twists and turns and the book keeps you wondering what will happen next It was a fast read for meI didn't even want to put it down to make dinner If you like historical fiction you'll certainly enjoy this book Can't wait to see what J Lynn Else puts on the shelves next

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    I only had 70 days before a heir to the throne had to be named For this task I would trust a foreign prince instead of the snakes that seemed to slither around the halls of the palace slowly undulating toward me like the darkness encroaching on the cityI think the above paragraph summarizes the 400 pages of challenges worth of ancient gods pharaohs and ueens I enjoyed this historic fiction book and I praise how well it was researched by the author