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KD Berry WINNER Sir Julius Vogel Award 'Best New Talent' 2012 Halleday had a pretty good scam running at the Fountain of Forever peddling the promise of youth to the credulous the old and the desperate The thing is ever since he took on the enchanting Persephone as his assistant the Fountain seems to be working and he doesn't know why Time is on the move Little bits of time shifting about of their own accord It's up to temporal agent Merrivel to find out what is causing these eddies and ripples in the timestream and then do something about it But he has his own secret agenda It's personal and strictly against the rules Time is just what Vilnius Baccarat needs Thirty years after his wish was granted Storm is on his trail to collect the debt and she won't give up until she succeeds Can the Fountain of Forever save him before his time runs out? If time could be spun measured and cut who should decide the length of the thread? Persephone has her own ideas about that And it's about time

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    KD Berry does it again with this third stand alone adventure set in the Central Realms of high fantasy This time around the fabric of time is upset when petty conman Halleday sets up an enterprising scheme the Fountain of Forever to sell the people what they want; youth And when the mysterious Persephone becomes his assistant the scam surprised even Halleday showing a handsome profit But then scallywag Vilnius Baccarat on the run from destiny and with his desperately ill grandson in tow turns up at the spa time and Fate are disturbed Can temporal agent Merivell from the Chronological Intervention Agency CIA sort it all out before he’s pinged back to the future and does he even want to? It’s another hilarious past paced tale from this award winning writing duo as their likeable characters both noble and nefarious human and otherwise are pulled and twisted like threads in a tapestry As is the case for other stories in this series the authors’ witty subtext makes Fountain of Forever an entertaining read aloud experience for parents wanting a galloping story to enjoy with their middle graders I hope we’ll see this one come out as an audio book as I can see Fountains of Forever being the perfect panacea for backseat suabbles during a long trip in the car Lee Murray author of A Dash of Reality

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    The Fountain of Forever promises the gift of eternal youth To turn back the years and make you young again if you pay enough money People come from all over the country in a desperate attempt to regain some time and to live a little longerUnfortunately it's all just a very elaborate scam at least it is until Persephone turns upSpeaking of turning back time Vilnius is fleeing from his obligations The payment for his wishes is still outstanding and the bailiff is hot on his heels If that wasn't enough going on Persephone is being hunted and temporal agents are afootThe time traveller Merrivel also makes an appearance in this story Readers may remember him from previous Berry novelsFate and time are changed and played with like pawns on a chess board in this story that mixes wit with fantasy and the fantastical Berry likes to keep it funny and playful whilst incorporating elements of mythology fantasy and sci fiI received a copy of this book courtesy of the author

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    I first became a fan of KD Berry's work after reading Growing Disenchantments a fantasy that was chock full of humor which I also found to be exceptionally well written The same is true of Fountain of Forever KD Berry has a real knack for crafting adventures that leave you at the edge of your seat and characters that stick in your mind long after you've finished the story The characters in Fountain of Forever one of which I was happy to have recognized as being from Growing Disenchantments are believable and so filled with wit and snark that any lover of sarcasm or outstanding character development couldn't help but love them I am looking forward to reading books by KD Berry in the future and have recommended the authors' books to several people

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    Another fun fantasy adventure With loads of uirky characters a plot that will keep you bouncing around merrily and a healthy dose of humour that is funny without being silly Fans of the earlier novels will delight in the return of CIA time traveler Merrivel and those new to the series will want to read Highly entertaining