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The light is darker than you think High school student Bobby Pendell already has his hands full—he works almost every night to support his disabled vet father and gifted little brother Then he meets the beautiful new girl in town who just happens to be his boss’s daughter Bobby has rules about that kind of thing Nothing matters than keeping his jobWhen Bobby starts to get blinding migraines that come with scary violent hallucinations his livelihood is on the line Soon he must face the stunning possibility that the visions of murder are actually real With his world going dark Bobby is set on the trail of the serial killer terrorizing his small town With everyone else convinced he’s the prime suspect Bobby realizes that he or the girl he loves might be killer's next victim

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    You can also read my review hereWhoah I don't remember the last book that made me Yes That's it That's the perfect representation of my face when I finished reading Vision Lisa Amowitz is a new author on my radar and just by seeing the reviews on her past books I KNOW she's good And this book proved thatBobby is the breadwinner of his family With a father who can't walk and a mother who he thought has runaway Bobby has no time for girls like Gabe or for his eyes to lose sight But then again Bobby has this thing where uncontrollable things happen to him And now that Bobby has been seeing visions of and about the serial killer on the loose it's a race between him and the killer and Bobby has no intention of losing Especially if his eye sight is not the only thing he can loseI think it's amazing how Lisa wrote Bobby He's an impressive protagonist because I never thought I could connect so much to  a male main character But I love his voice I love being inside his head and I can totally feel his situation Bobby is just so admirable Anything he does is for his family and sometimes I just wanna shake him just so he can think for himself even for once I also love how even though Bobby is the main character the secondary ones weren't neglected at all They were fully developed as well and because this is a mystery YOU CAN'T HELP BUT suspect everybody They're well written and constructedIt's a little slow at first but you will find yourself turning the pages urgently sooner than you think  just to find out what's gonna happen next It keeps you guessing and makes you bite your nails It doesn't lack in suspense and thrill Everything feels so real that you'll be a little paranoid because these circumstances happen in real life Honestly when I finished reading this one I immediately closed everything in the house Who cares if it's so sunny outside? I'm not sure if the vacinity is killer free yetI highly recommend Vision to anyone It's a fast paced YA thriller filled with profound characters This book is stay up all night ignore everything kind of read and it's gonna suck you in right from the start Bobby will compel you with his voice and as soon as you thought you already had it figured out you're wrong

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    I received an ARC copy of this book free from the author at BEA 2014 in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the second novel by LIsa Amowitz that I have had the pleasure of reading and I liked it a smidgen better than Breaking Glass I did find Vision a bit slow at the beginning only because I'm not a fisher and that's how the story starts off The read did uickly pickup for me and I was scared to let my dog outside for fear of the serial killer I thought I had it all figured out and then there was that twist that I was not expecting I really give props to Amowitz because she writes from male POVs and she does it flawlessly The way this novel ends leads me to believe hope that there may be a second novelVision was a very entertaining read with shocking twists I would recommend it to readers who love murder mysteries I can't wait to read by this author

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    I was a First Reads winner of this book and recieved a free copy in exchange for a honest reviewO m g I really liked this book It was so intense had me paranoid and on the edge of my seat with every chapter Bobby Pendell's life is rough his mother left his dad randomly his dad is a disabled vet and his little brother is talented but in the middle of all of it Bobby lives in his poor boring life in the country where he takes care of his beer drinking father and little brother He tries hard to keep his dad happy and make sure his little brother Aaron grows up to be great Then unexpectedly he runs into a new girl in town Gabe Friend He's dazed right when he meets her but the problem is her daddy is his boss And his boss prohibits anyone from dating his daughter and he can't risk loosing his job His hands are full enough With the problems in his hands 1 is he goes blind temporarily with a migraine and suffers severe horrific hallucinations Hallucinations of murder At first he just tries to forget about them but he soon has to face that these visions might be real and he has to act on them But who would believe him? Either way he has to find out who the killer is before they might starts murdering people in his life However will the people trying to help him actually want to help him? My heart was pounding so much while reading this book it's like you know who is it in one chapter but it deceives you because there's to it And I loved the little romance it was good relief from the thriller parts of the book After finishing the book I was like yes this book was a success The writing was so good that it make me reevaluate my own life because I was so paranoid Lol lawd this was a good readI give it 455 stars Only because yes fast paste books are good but I wish this just had a little The action was there though trust me It had a great plot the writing was good too The story was basically perfect especially for Halloween But I just thing it lacked a little and needed to it Like it was under the perfect line by 1 milliliter Which is still perfect Or I was just too sad because the book ended Nevertheless this book was so good like gooder than good If you're looking for a thrillermystery book make sure you read this one cause it's flawless Definitely gonna read of Lisa Amowitz's books

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    Rating 45I received an ARC copy of Vision that I was incredibly excited to begin I had read some of Lisa's work before and really enjoyed it not to mention that with a serial killer in the main plot line this book definitely seemed my speed Luckily it turned out to be a case in which I had every reason to be excited I absolutely devoured Vision in nearly one sitting It's the kind of novel that picks you up and drags you in a rapid twisting ride all the way until the end Although I found the beginning to be a bit slow the book uickly picked up and held steady with a great pacing Readers will be eager to learn what happens next and solve the case alone with Bobby I thought Bobby was an excellent protagonist He had such a strong personality that felt entirely authentic and always stayed true to his character He really is an admirable person and I couldn't help but root for him which is nice as a weak 'hero' can easily have me on the villain's side The way he cared for his family his friendship with Coco and his relationship with Gabe were all very true to life and interesting to read aboutThe plot just kept getting better as the book went on The sense of urgency and suspense was ever present and I could really feel Bobby's struggle with the situation Although not everything was explained there was enough of an explanation to keep the story believable which is a medium that's not always found Even though I was able to predict half of the twist from early on I still enjoyed the way everything played out Regardless of how paranoid it might be making meIt's an incredible ride to an interesting end that leaves a possibility of and although I like it as a standalone I definitely would not complain about seeing Bobby again Vision is an excellent example of a YA thriller a relatively short read that's packed with such a punch readers will be thinking about it long afterward

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    I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review Wow This book is awesome Bobby the main character is definitely a character to respect He has so many good ualities and doesn't really recognize them himself It's because of this that he is my favorite character in this book I knew something was up with one of the characters but I couldn't put my finger on it Then BAM a major twist I was not expecting at all I LOVE when that happens This book was paced well and kept my attention throughout I loved Lisa's writing in BREAKING GLASS and love it in VISIONS

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    A pulse pounding supernatural thriller that will keep you guessing

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    Wow Now this was the fun read ahh not exactly the FUN READ but yeah a mysteriously fun read I literally got hooked to this booksThe story was filled with many sudden twists and turns and they were so sudden that I never expected them to come The story have a killer involved in it though I suspected him in middle of the book and YEAH the killer was the same character I had expected but hey no I really didn't stick to my suspected character because at every step I was forced to believe nah heshe can't be the killer it just can't possible author make you uestion every thing now that's the thrillI really liked the Bobby's little romance with Gabe it was pure Bobby's friendship with Coco and his love for his pet dog Pete Bobby is really a fighter it is commendable that how he fought with all the situation he faced like he was becoming blind it is a really big thing that you would really can't see anything after a week or so and a killer is ready to slit your throat any moment I really appreciate himI highly recommend this book I'm sure you will not regret reading it

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    I absolutely loved this book It's chilling enough that I would have liked to only read it during the day but it was one of those I can't put it down books so I ended up reading into the night just to finish it And then spent the next several weeks looking over my shoulder The characters are the kind that stay with you long after you've finished the book and not just the main character but the side characters as well Bobby's visions are truly horrifying as are the conseuences of those visions The story kept me hooked and guessing and sad that the story ended I'm hoping for a seuel If you like murder and mystery and an amazing male main character you definitely need to read this one I highly recommend

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    This was a crazy twisted intense story There were times I couldn't put it down and other times I had to for sanity's sake Bobby is a tough stubborn boy with a hard home life He has his plans in place until crap starts happening and throws him into a twisted web of murder and lies This book left me guessing until the very end when BAM and you are left picking your jaw off the floor I am excited that there will be since one of the twists set this up perfectly for chaos to come

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    Whoa Just whoa Vision by Lisa Amowitz is one of those types of books which gets under your skin Know what I mean? The author takes an everyday kind of teen guy and bam He's living his life and then something happens and then something else and the reader gets wrapped up in everything and forgets that this is a story Sneaky yes but I have to say I was riveted by the suspense intrigued by the storyline and I loved the writingAs a resident of the Hudson Valley I'm always stoked when books are set in New York Just knowing that main character Bobby Pendell was fishing at a lake with the Catskills mountains as a backdrop made me smile and then bam Something weird happens to Bobby while he's fishing on his boat The opening scene alone made me stay up late that night watchful of moving shadows across the walls His weird new 'visons' and the way his eyes change until he is practically blind resonated with me As these 'attacks' continue and the serial killer continues hisher spree Bobby gets sucked in and and so did I Vision is simply great storytelling The cast from Bobby a realistic young man living along the poverty level with his Ira veteran and wheelchair bound father and adorable younger brother Aaron to the cute and outspoken new girl Gabe Friendly gotta love these names was stellar It was refreshing to read a YA thrillerhorror from a guy's pov Bobby is not some fortunate spoiled kid His mom gave up on them and left leaving her oldest son to take her place as caregiver to his dad and brother as well as working to make a buck going to school and surviving And did I mention the serial killer? Yep that kept me awake longer than it should have What was very cool were the twists in the story When I thought the story would go one way nope it went another Kudos to Ms Amowitz for keeping even experienced mystery solvers at bay I will also give the author kudos for sharing Bobby with us Gosh I became this guy's champion From the gentle way he approached his songwriting to the way he fought his body's reactions to seeing Gabe the first time and definitely the way he berates himself when his dad is being mean this kid reminded me of people I know Bobby and his brother are sympathetic but they don't want the reader to feel that way Pride will do that to a person The relationships the friendships the emotions the mystery and yes the twist and reveals in Vision kept me reading late into the night I even forgot I was reading Thank you Lisa Amowitz for making readers everywhere stay up to read your latest novel Vision is a definite keeper an unforgettable story by a talented author I'm thrilled that this is the first book in the Finder series Next time I think I'll begin reading earlier in the day Blog tour