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PEOPLE GO MISSING EVERY DAY BUT IN SEVERE WEATHER THE NUMBERS INCREASE When Kayleigh Harwood a young hairdresser is reported missing by her mother in the worst blizzards Harrowfield has experienced in years DI Jack Dylan and his team are called in to assist Kayleigh's car is found abandoned with her mobile phone inside but there is no sign of her Clothing is found on nearby moorland and a search of the local uarry begins The investigation turns to a loner living in a dwelling close to where Kayleigh's car was found As the snow thaws human remains are found and Dylan's boss Chief Superintendent Hugo Watkins thinking the two incidents are linked calls out the entire Major Incident Team much to Dylan's disbelief Meanwhile Dylan's wife Jen becomes distracted and distant as unbeknown to Dylan her ex fiance is in their midst and stalking her RC Bridgestock are consultants to ITV's award winning drama series 'Scott Bailey' and the BBC's new police drama 'Happy Valley'

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    Snow Kills RC BridgestockAlways wear a rug when it snowsAs someone who has been stuck in a snowstorm in a car miles from anywhere I wasn’t without a certain feeling of trepidation when I started to read Snow Kills I was right to feel a little anxious The story centres around the disappearance of a young hairdresser Kayleigh Harwood initially stuck in her car on the outskirts of a village during a blizzard However once the snow has settled her car is found abandoned and there’s no sign of Kayleigh until much later when items of clothing are found at a nearby uarry Are they Kayleigh’s? The investigation unfolds without any concrete trace of Kayleigh alive or dead With many twists and turns suspicion falls on several characters who have come into contact either in the salon where she works or in other circumstances with the missing girl All the characters in Snow Kills are well formed I know they will be as I’m familiar with DI Dylan and his team because I have been following the series I love that some of the suspects are uite odd but nevertheless very believable and plausible I liked the way their idiosyncrasies were not over played yet left you in no doubt that there was something not uite right about themI must admit I laughed out loud a few times as I had a mental image of one who liked to adorn themselves strangely but I shan’t give anything away and spoil your enjoyment when you get to read about this person Having met someone very similar when I wore another hat in life I immediately had a vivid image flash before my eyesAs ever R C Bridgestock hasn’t disappointed with this fascinating insight into an investigation which takes the reader through the stages the detectives go through as they piece together the movements and acuaintances of the victim and delve into the lives of the various suspects who seem to be mocking the police who fear the worst for Kayleigh The suspects seem completely convinced her disappearance will remain unsolved But then human are bones discovered and DI Jack Dylan and his team’s fears seem to be realised – and yet bones come to light and everything turns upside downA fab read lots to think about – which I love when reading a crime story because I always try to solve it before the writers reveal all A great book to lose oneself in Another 5 delight

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    The fourth in the D I Dylan series and another cracker of a readThe title is very apt for the story as it is set in winter when there's a heavy snow fallI love how the story starts off The reader is introduced to hairdresser Kayleigh and we get a feel for the young girl well at 19 technically a woman but as a mother to me she is very much still a child Having finished work and getting to her car she realises just how bad the snow is and this is where the story gets a whole lot chilling literallyThe tension of knowing that something was obviously going to happen to Kayleigh had me feeling a whole lot of emotions I was totally gripped to see where the authors would take us yet in a way I didn't want to know what horrible fate was in store for herA missing person is probably never on top of any priority list especially when it's an adult Jack and his team though do get stuck in as their first investigations turn up some unsavoury characters to say the leastI love how even though there is plenty of the story dedicated to the case part of it still manages to concentrate on Jack and Jens relationship and it was great to see Jen evolving as a stronger character than just a D I's wifeYet again the authors bring home to readers what it is like for the family of murder victims as well as what it is like for the officers involved There is a particular bit in the story where it says that the families that are left behind have a longer life sentence that the actual murders themselves and I can believe that being very trueSnow Kills is a brilliant crime book with plenty of insight into procedures of how the police narrow down on their suspect If you haven't read any of this series yet what are you waiting for?

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    I don't normally read crime fiction but still loving the forth book They get better every time I just don't like reading in be at night on my own as much as it is truly frightening to know this is coming from real police experience Loved this book couldn't put it down now just to wait for the next

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    A winter's night thick snow a young woman stranded in her car and a Good Samaritan who is not all he seemsMix in an oddball or two drunken louts and a stalker and DI Jack Dylan finds himself in the middle of another difficult caseKayleigh Harwood the stranded young woman went missing from her car during an evening with the worst blizzards for years But why was it that a week went by before her loving mother her boyfriend or her employer reported her missing? Was it simply a matter of crossed wires? Or something sinister?Dylan had troubles at home to add to his difficulties at work Jen his wife was strangely distant and evasive Their first baby Maisie was teething and causing sleepless nights Then an old boyfriend of Jen's appears on the scene Is he a potential rival for Jen's love?The investigation continues the lies of the various suspects are disproven and after painstaking searches on the moors in the water and at several addresses two sets of human remains are found Whose are they? Could they possibly be those of two other young women who went missing twenty years earlier? Dylan wonders whether the older cases might be connected with their investigation of Kayleigh Harwood It seems unlikely given the timescaleThen a girl's abused body is discovered naked and concealed in a freezer at the home of one of the suspects The post mortem reveals sexual assault has occurredAmidst continuing uncertainty and upset in his private life Dylan works his way through the uagmire of deceit to find the truth about young Kayleigh's deathHis relief at solving an investigation covering twenty years and at least three murders is matched by his joy when the conflict in his private life is resolved with a message of love from Jen the wife he thought he had lost foreverSnow Kills is another terrific book in the Dylan series by R C BridgestockI fairly raced through the story It gripped me from the start as I witnessed Dylan and Jen's marital tensions and met the young Kayleigh who was I sensed destined not to be long for this world Five stars Well deserved

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    Snow Kills grabs your attention from the first page You are given an insight into what happens to a young girl when she is stranded in her car one evening during the worst snow blizzard for twenty years The book takes you through DI Dylan and his team investigating if the young girl is still alive or dead I must say I went through every emotion possible reading this book loving many of the characters and disliking a few Knowing that this is a novel as true to life as it's going to get keeps the hairs on your arms tingling and your heart pounding especially as DI Dylan get closer to solving the mystery There is so much going on with so many twists and turns that it keeps your attention throughout the book and there is no way you can put it down till you get to the end of the BookDI Dylan has grown on me over the series and I love his relationships at work as well as his private life he is not a man to be messed with that's for sure but a man with a emotional heart and high standardsThis is a series that you will love if you enjoy CrimeMystery I can only say read it you will be amazed at the writing ability of this author and his wife Truly brilliant

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    I tried so hard not to read this book too fast as I knew it was the last one but I honestly couldn't put it down From page one I was completely immersed in it and in a detraction from the three other books we know who the killer is from early on in the bookor do we? That is the uestionDI Jack Dylan is under pressure to find Kayleigh Harwood a 19 year old who disappeared on White Wednesday the day of heavy snowfall During the course of the investigation Jack has personal problems of his own which are obviously causing him great concern It is the usual fast paced brilliant Police investigative work which I have come to know and love and I just couldn't wait to find out the outcomeIf I am being particularly pedantic sorry there are the usual missing words and spelling mistakes ie visa versa but I do believe that in time the mistakes will completely disappear and will be as eually enjoyable as these four have been I do hope there is enough life left in Jack for books as I just love them and him Terrific and absorbing

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    The 4th in the DI Dylan series is another top British police proceduralWhen a young woman goes missing in a snow storm the team are called in to investigate Dylan has to juggle the day to day running of the investigation along with his home life which is complicated when on flame of Jens walks back into her lifeWritten with an eye to detail you get a real sense of the goings on in an investigation brought by this ex police writing couple coupled with this is a real feel for the characters which has developed throughout the seriesI was gripped from the opening pages it is difficult to go into details without revealing spoilers I really enjoyed the read with believable characters well plotted and well written by a couple who know what they are talking about Look forward to book 5

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    Snow Kills is another fantastic novel in the DI Dillon series loved it and look forward to in the future from this fab writing duo

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    Another excellent read

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    I have readthree in this seriesI enjoy the books and feel as if I know the characters They are uite easy to read and are set in my local area