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Holy Nativity is novice Pastor Bill Sanders' last chance to make it as a minister But the odd ball members of his new congregation aren't making it easy Will a promised miracle at the church's annual Christmas Pageant save the day? Or will the pastor have to take an icy dip in the lake on New Year's Day? And how does a duck named Delilah lead to true love? A Christmas Miracleis a humorous look at the trials of shepherding a small town faith community It is filled with warmth laughter romance and the magic of Christmas

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    This book is an entertaining and sweet story of a somewhat bumbling pastor trying to find his way in a new church and new town and has a love story added in It is well written and the story moves along nicely I highly recommend for those looking for a heart warming and fun book

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    A Christmas Miracle Comes to Holy Nativity Ken Regan Fresh out of seminary Bill Sanders is trying to find a church After a number of failed attempts it seems that no church in his area wants to hire him At the end of his rope the Bishop of the New England Lutheran Synod gives poor Bill an option Holy Nativity is a flock without a shepherd Located in Littlestown PA it’s a small church but Bill’s desperate Agreeing to give it a try he heads to PA Unlike the churches his late father preached in Holy Nativity has a handful of parishioners meeting in a dilapidated building Everyone knows everyone in the town Featuring orange doors a leaky roof this is not what Bill anticipated Once he meets the Church Council it’s clear that he’s not exactly being welcomed When the Church Treasurer makes it clear that he wants Bill out an all out power struggle ensues While Bill knows he has a lot to learn his heart is in the right place with God Relying on the few supportive parishioners that he has Bill attempts to turn things around at Holy Nativity Can he overcome his jitters adversity to be the Pastor he wants to be? Throughout the novel we follow Bill through his first year Each chapter is a month Although the book isn’t lengthy I read it in a few hours it’s one of the most enjoyable novels I’ve read this year Bill’s character is fantastically written I love the transparency with which our author describes what could very well be a first time Pastor’s experience There is a bit of romance thrown in but it’s clean very sweet I also appreciate the way in which Bill maintained his Christianity in the face of some controversy how well he handled his accusers If you want a very enjoyable read this is the book for you Five stars all around I received a copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are mine

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    A Christmas Miracle Comes To Holy Nativity by Ken Regan is a humorous look at the trials of shepherding a small town faith community It is filled with warmth laughter romance and the magic of Christmas If you have ever wanted a staple Christmas tradition then pick this book up today and start one with your family They will thank you for itI began reading and immediately began laughing This is such a funny storyIt’s plain that Pastor William Sanders — otherwise known as Bill — has a lot of figurative growing up to do when he becomes pastor of Holy Nativity Lutheran ChurchFilled with warmth laughter romance and the magic of Christmas is the introduction — and a fine description it is Bill finds warmth not only when his heat is fixed but in the friendships he makes; laughter especially when he uses Dragnet The Brady Bunch and other television favorites he grew up on – in his sermons; romance well let’s just keep some secrets shall we? I don’t like spoilersKen Regan did an excellent job with creating lovable albeit realistic characters And I’m thinking they might just be a bit unforgettable too — if you know what I mean Ken has been a minister for thirty years and is currently the pastor of Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in Wenonah New JerseyWhether or not Ken is writing from imagination or experience we won’t ask We dare not askIf you’re looking for a great Christmas read stop Pick up a copy of A Christmas Miracle Comes To Holy Nativity It’ll keep you laughing all month longDisclosure of Material Connection I received this ebook free from the BookLook Bloggers program to read and post an honest review God bless you

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    I wish that description was true but I found it to be very lacking in this novel Though the story is sweet it’s not well written The characters were pretty stereotypical there was very little character development and the dialogue was awkward to read Nothing really happens in the story either – there are some major issues in the church but they’re sort of brushed aside to get to the end of the novel I understand that the book is about a Christmas miracle but the ending is so unbelievable and out of character from the rest of the story that it doesn’t feel like a miracle it feels like a forced endingAs for it being a Christian story aside from the main character being a pastor and occasionally praying there’s very little to indicate that it represents a Christian worldview – people act in their own best interest based on their own understanding They do pray for God to make things happen in their favor but they don’t seek counsel or guidanceThe book didn’t engage my attention I put it down often and found myself skimming through long descriptions of daily routines It has the potential to be a good story but currently falls shortI received a free copy of this book as part of the Book Look Blogger program in exchange for an honest review The opinions are my own

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    A Christmas Miracle come to Holy Nativity by Ken Regan is a good insight into the trials of pastoring even if the writing is a bit stilted and amateurish Having been a pastors wife myself I can certainly relate to the Ned's of the church world but also deeply appreciate the other loving and gracious membersThe story is of William Bill F Sanders a PK Pastor's Kid who himself believes strongly that he is also called to the ministry Bill is a somewhat shy introverted young man who is finding it hard to find a congregation that will accept him His Bishop recommends him to another state in the hopes that he can get out from under his father's substantial shadow and find a fitBill does find a place he longs to belong but faces an opponent in Ned who believes he has to follow in his father's footsteps also albeit they are not the honorable kind that Bill seeks to fill What ensues is a battle of finances with Bill endeavoring to take the high road Add a little romance along the way with Sandra Majors a widow with a young daughter the misunderstanding of a gossipy neighbor and trouble brews Overall I did enjoy the book maybe because I could relate SmileI received this book free from Westbow Press a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review

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    I hoped this book would be similar to the books about Pastor Tim in Mitford written by a well known author years and years ago Unfortunately it wasn't It has a few funny moments a beaten down church desperate for a pastor a nobody who can't preach desperate for a church and a single mom with a daughter This is the premise The point of view is all over the place it isn't well written and not really engaging though it did have moments where I laughed out loud such as where the pastor confused Linus for Snoopy when he was preaching a Christmas sermon For the conservative readers it takes God's name in vain many times and there wasn't much of a faith message Sadly this could be any down on their luck small church in America I know many churches who are so desperate for a pastor they'll take anyone but no one will come because they can't afford to pay them If you want a laugh out loud contemporary set around a struggling church give A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE COMES TO HOLY NATIVITY a try

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    If you're the type of person who is entertained by the movies that the Hallmark Channel airs in December you might enjoy this novelAlthough some sections could have used a little polish it's a sweet tale of a small town church a screw up minister who makes good There's a little romance and of course a happy ending