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Greengardens Media is proud to welcome Vinita Kinra whose story The Curse of a Nightingale shook the world and gave her a staggering fan following Pavitra in Paris is a powerhouse collection of 11 short stories crafted with unparalleled genius that take the reader on a roller coaster journey from dazzling New York City to remote Indian villages with stopovers at Seattle Vancouver Paris Bamiyan Jaipur New Delhi Patna and Mumbai In the title story a poor old Indian farmer is travelling to Paris with his masters The author brilliantly unveils the emotional upheavals of this savage human in the midst of cultured urban travellers who mock him as a brute primate The 10 other stories are 10 captivating worlds of arranged marriages lone journey through Thar Desert finding a groom in an open bazaar desperation of a snake charmer falling in love with a high school student while being his mother's age finding lifelong friendship with a parrot committing suicide to teach your family a lesson and coming face to face with your mother's turbulent past during your own engagement dinner Vinita Kinra's literary prowess and her intensely compelling prose embellished with poems and songs promise to make history

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    This is a beautifully written collection of short stories which really touch the heart They are stories written from a South Asian perspective but they talk about the feelings every culture has about their marriages and their familiesThe Curse Of A Nightingale is terrifying in the force of its truth as a young girl is attacked with acid for daring to seek an education The prose is tight and heartbreakingGroom Bazaar sees the groom’s mother reveal intimate details of her earlier life at a dinner to meet her son’s prospective in laws Nobody was prepared for her romantic story of how she met her husband to end with such a surprising confessionThe Inseparables brings joy and heartache when a young girl makes a friend in the form of a parrot just before she gets sent away with her new husband to live with her in laws The parrot goes with her and is witness to her appalling treatment as she is used and abused by all the family members whilst her husband encourages it allPavitra In Paris is the story of a South Asian servant who leaves his village and goes abroad to Paris with his master his master’s wife and their children He has never before left his village and here he is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a very different world than he is used toSplash The story of a South Asian man who has to commit suicide to test his family and their values and morals If they are to find his body in the well they must first find someone who can swimThe above is just a selection of these very fine short stories This is one of those books which I find hard to believe hasn’t got reviews on UK or US These stories are a real eye opener into another world and culture that few of us have experience of I can thoroughly recommend this intelligent thought provoking collection of little gems