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An obsession that has lasted through out the centuries Twenty year old Lilianna Mason is the reincarnation of Ysmay a woman who long ago was the object of desire for the powerful demon lord Darcamius Unaware of her past life Lilianna ignores a certain nightmare involving a hypnotizing demon in an inferno but when she see a familiar looking man at the coffee shop where she works she begins to worry about reality and her mental health Time isn’t in Lilianna’s favor and when the evil demon finally presents himself to her she’s saved by his half demon son Seth who will stop at nothing to protect her from his father Will Lilianna and Seth outrun Darcamius or will the demon triumph and finish what he started hundreds of years ago?

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    I wanted to like The Fires of a Nightmare I really really wanted to like it but I just didn't I dislike writing reviews that were below three stars Especially when the author is so nice but I thought this book was just okay unfortunatelyI must admit that books about demons and angels are probably my least favorite in the paranormal genre so maybe that was part of my dislike who knows Also I'm not the biggest fan of reincarnation stories But I still wanted to try this oneI didn't like Lily all that much Sure she has fire and spirit that I admire but other than that I wasn't her biggest fan She made a lot of bad decisions A LOT She kept putting herself in danger and needing rescue from Seth That's just a big no no for me And Seth? He was a slightly better character in my opnion As a half demon he's pretty dark and brooding And I like that although he loves Lily he can admit that things wouldn't work out for him because he's part demon and has been alive for centuries Not that I don't want them to work out or anything It just seems rational The story wasn't too great for me either I mean it was okay but that's where it ended When Seth took Lily away for her own protection she didn't even get to call her parents to let them know she's okay And I get that they wouldn't want to involve them but really I'd at least make one call to let them know I was okay and not to worry But that's just meThere was a lot of action in this book also but I couldn't care for it Normally I love action in a book In fact I find a book without action boring But the fight scenes didn't sit well with me I guess I just didn't like the writing It was sort of choppy and didn't flow well The conversations between Lily and Seth weren't my favorite either But the one thing I did find possitive And this is a pretty big deal to me is that the love wasn't instantly So yeah no insta love Their feelings for each other grew over the weeks At least that's what it was like for Lily I was really relieved over that because I genuinely think I wouldn't be able to handle another insta love bookAs I said before I didn't like the writing but I liked it best when Lily was dreaming I liked seeing how her other reincarnations died That sounds kind of awful to say but that's where I liked the writing and story the best Oh and the ending I think I liked the best It was a pretty big twist that I hadn't seen coming You see I have a lovehate relationships with cliffhangers I hate them but I love them also and this one was a pretty unexpected oneSo overall The Fire of a Nightmare wasn't my cup of tea I do feel kind of bad for having to rate it so low but I'm always honest with the books I'm reading especially those for review I wanted to like this book so much but I guess you can't like everything There were some possitive elements that I mentioned before so I hope nobody will be too scared off to read it Other people might like this book a lot than me This is just my opnion and it wasn't a book for me sadly enough

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    An interesting concept and take on demons I liked how it stands out from other YA novels these days The main character seemed a bit too accepting to me thoughmaybe that's because she is a reincarnation who already has past knowledge of this but this fact seemed like a plot device to excuse lack of skepticism in our main character Also there was a lot of rule breaking with the show don't tell guideline The author would try to work it into the dialogue but it came out as forced and awkward when she would say Tell me about him Seth or Tell me about your mother Seth or even Tell me what happened to her Seth There are definitely better ways to integrate backstory flashback events and character development other than forcing the characters to talk about them in a way that feels a bit cheesy and unnaturalI liked Seth's character but even with him there were some discrepancies that I didn't really understand He's supposed to be a half demonthe son of demon lord Darcamius and yet he's nice to Lily? He's only mean to her for likeeh the first ten pages of their interaction together then all of a sudden he's opening up giving her a nice warm bedroom to sleep in It just didn't add up to me He was certainly a looker though and I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by that hunk of man meatAnother thing that was really cool the glimpses into Lily's past lives I thought that was interesting since we got to really live through those other women and see what they experienced This would've been an accurate way to explain what happened instead of having Seth go on and on about for an entire chapterLike I said earlier the concept is awesome and original something I haven't seen in a while But the way it was executed unfortunately detracted from its potentialI enjoyed getting to know the characters though and their stories were interesting despite their cheesiness Lily is supposedly this reincarnation which is really awesome when you think about itbut half the time she's just sitting there harping Seth with uestions or hiding out in a cabin with him to stay off Darcamius' radar As far as female leads go I've seen braver smarter and deeper charactersThe ending was probably the best part of the whole book The confrontation between Darcamius and Seth was pretty intense though I'd have liked to see Lily do than just lie there like a useless Bella Swan on the floor The action got my skin to prickle and I actually got a little anxious for Seth But the whole thing with him leavingnooooooo I didn't go through all that with you and Lily to watch you leave Jerkface For a younger audience this would probably work nicely since they will not overanalyze and get into the details like I would but I feel it is necessary to bring up these things to help not only the readers but also the author Hopefully my critiue has helped at least one person thinking of reading this book

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    This book was OK It was solidly in the middle of the spectrum for a number of reasons The writing was good the plot line was good it just wasn't great It was fairly predictable Good knight in shining white armor or a dark angel saves beautiful however useless and stupid damsel in distress Over and over And twice from her own idiocy But sometimes you just need this kind of book One of the purest kind of love that doesn't really exist in the real world of predictable dashing heroes and stupid beautiful girls fighting against the usual kind of evil Why read this book then? Because sometimes you just want good Not amazing not bad just good That filler book between books like The Fault in Our Stars and Go Ask Alice Just goodHas anyone else noticed that the cover looks just a little like a certain girl part?

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    I don't know what's happened to the current generation of Young Adult Supernatural novels but they have become very repetitious and filled with fluffy romantic nonsense Demon Wings The Fires of a Nightmare brings back the essence of how fantasy books should be filled with a sense of urgency and danger and creatures that could uite possibly frighten you to your very core The antagonists in this book truly fit their description as demons and uses a realistic approach to Lilianna's nightmare The story is compelling and the characters uickly become your heroic champions I think what I love most about this book is that although there is a strong romantic bond that will capture your heart it is not the most important piece of the book and could be enjoyed without it I highly encourage everyone to read Demon Wings and begin the journey through this awesome tale

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    This was a well written fantasy novel and I absolutely enjoyed it