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Since The Silva Mind Control Method was first published in hardcover over one million people including top celebrities have graduated from Mind Control training to use their minds at a deeper and effective level even in their sleepBased on the extraordinary 4 day course pioneered by Jose Silva this life transforming book shows how people have learned to overcome tension bad habits emotional insecurity and even illness with the techniues of Mind Control

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    I first read The Silva Mind Control Method in 1984 while in college Every time I applied his visualization techniues good things happened After than a few amazing tangible results I realized it wasn't a coincidence Since then every time I've re read this book especially the first 14 chapters great things have happened In 2007 I became a Silva UltraMind graduate and have written 3 bestselling books as a result of Jose Silva's amazing insight and dedicated efforts to truly making the world a better place If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one book aside from my own this would be it

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    If I had to name a couple of books that really had a great impact on my life this would definitely be one of them

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    Memorable and uirky and mind wideningMeditation ESP in order to go on reclaiming one's mind and life Reread hundreds of time and well still incredible

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    I was told this book would change my life It did; it wasted four hours of it The book states the obvious and seems to be of a glorified advert for the classes that the author presents

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    Overall this is a great book Many of the concepts you will find in other books on visualization mind control and the alpha state were probably taken from this book The only drawback is that an overwhelming number of pages were dedicated to advertising the Silva Method Mind Control Class The author states in the book that you will not learn everything you need to know unless you take the course He ensures that promise by only providing glimpses of what will be available in depth during one of the many seminars I am impressed by the material and will likely attend a seminar The first 4 chapters are the most important chapters of the book in my opinion

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    Step by step ESP Read it in 2003 in 1 sitting and then surfed the net for Voila the power of synchronicity had worked for there was a weekend workshop coming near me in HK Of course i enrolled and it's well worth the hefty fees for a thorough guided training of the Silva Method As a bonus students can re sit in a refresher anywhere in the world again for as many times we wish Enlightening

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    read this YEARS ago and it helped me learn a method of future visualization created to make things happen for yourself Kind of weird but toally effective in getting one's self to do what you think you cannot achieve It's a bit like selling your soul to the devil but you never really learn how to control other's minds despite the title

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    Our mind is either our master or our servant If it is our master we'll find ourselves within a jungle of never ending thoughts jumping from one to the next to the next to the previous one and back where we started without control direction or purpose If it is our servant we will be the ones to guide it make use of the wonderful tool it really is The choice is ours

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    I was fortunate to attend a workshop by a Brazillian Priest in Silva Mind Control as a youth thanks Mom This book and workshop was my first true introduction to creative visualization in detail I re purchased a set of audio tapes of this book in 2005 to re read

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    I read this book because I had learned the Silva Mind Control Method in 1994 but had stopped practicing it and wanted to get back into it I took the book out of the library to read it to see if it is sufficient to self teach the method and it is so I bought the book Now I just have to start practicing