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Daughter of pioneer feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and radical philosopher William Godwin lover and wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley author of Frankenstein and creator of the science fiction genre Mary Shelley has remained a figure both undervalued and enigmatic In this authoritative ground breaking biography she is finally restored to her rightful stature as one of the major figures in English literary historyHere for the first time is a full account of Mary Shelley's career significant areas of which have never before been examined her precocious childhood her adolescent liaison with the radical poet Shelley her creation of Frankenstein at the age of nineteen her tempestuous but brilliant married years with Shelley and of particular note the dramatic second half of her life after Shelley's death Emily Sunstein has also discovered previously unknown works written by Mary Shelley and traces the development of her unjustly clouded posthumous reputation

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    I am such a nerd that when this book came out I checked it out of the library the hardcover version people and took it with me on vacation I had such a fascination for that whole Shelley Byron circle

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    its possible I'm becoming a little obsessed with ms shelley

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    Long and am not reading it as thoroughly as I should but its fascinating learning about her childhood and romance with Shelley The author includes lots of anecdotes to bring it all to life

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    One of the best biographies I've ever read This is a in depth look at a fascinating woman