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Alex Stone is a man that is used to getting exactly what he wants Heir to an advertising dynasty and at the top of his game as lead executive Alex is confident commanding and absolutely irresistibleSo when his father CEO of Stone Advertising hires the curvy Nora Myers to go head to head with his son in the boardroom nothing could prepare Alex for the competitive battle that would ensue or for the fire in Nora's eyes that would ignite a sexual spark unlike anything he's ever felt beforeBut it's not going to be easy Nora is all about business and is determined to keep the playboy at a distance unwilling to become just another conuest in a string of manyFor Alex it doesn't take long before he's grappling with emotions that he's never felt before Jealously and an uncontrollable obsession that threatens to drive him over the edge And he's never been afraid or excitedBut when trouble from Alex's past appears on the scene intent on destroying any chance that he has at real happiness he must figure out a way to prove to Nora that he is not the man that he used to be

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    I know that it doesn't say it on Goodreads but when you view this on it is listed as Tempting Fate BBW Erotic Romance by Aspen Hayes and Adriana Hunter I'm not exactly sure if that means that both authors are the same person and Adriana Hunter is trying to do something different with a pseudonym or what but I can see the similarities and I'm going to complain about it right now First of all I've read a few of Ms Hunter's so called BBW's and I can't help but feel that she's tacking on that label to hook the growing number of BBW romance readers But let me tell you referring to the heroine as curvy once or twice in the story or making your stripper heroine have enormous jugs doesn't ualify as BBW to me And this book by Aspen Hayes is no different Oh she has curves? That only tells me she's not anorexic I appreciate a curvy heroine I do And I appreciate when the curves don't always eual insecurity or are the focus of the whole plot but I feel like there's some fast and loose criteria for selling this stuff as BBWTempting Fate started off kind of exciting for me because I thought I was getting a BBW the hero and heroine were co workers I love that trope and interestingly the story was being told only from the perspective of the hero It's 3rd person narrative but all about the hero It's different I like it I always love being in the hero's mind But this didn't work for me I didn't feel like I knew a darn thing about Nora I didn't understand why Alex was so in love with her so uickly and frankly I don't understand why she liked him very much either Being in his head I could see what was loveable about him but his interaction with Nora was minimal and work oriented and I didn't understand when this great love could have blossomed for them I'm not buying that they fell in love over a lame anecdote about his siblings and the beach I couldn't connect with them and I felt a little bored when I was reading this which was a shame because I had high hopes from the onsetThis may be a little shy of me to say but I felt like this was supposed to be an attempt at a non funny version of Tangled Tangled was 1st person this is not but it was also only from hero POV The hero was a douch y successful womanizer that suddenly gets a new hot co worker who frankly can rock the job better than he can And the book opens with a scene of him at rock bottom and on the outs with the woman he loves Are you seeing the parallels? All in all I like the idea this had great potential but it just fell flat

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    Hayes is such a gifted writer Her talent is displayed throughout this sizzling romance and even the most seasoned erotica fans may find themselves blushing during some scenes The characters are bold and lively and it's refreshing to find a heroine who is spotlighted and so true to life for once It's a uick read the storyline flows freely and never falters and it's just perfect to read during a lunch break or your commute to work There's even a few funny scenes thrown in for good measure to soften the blow of the sexual tension Even the dialogue is written so perfectly that readers will feel the spark and the connection between Alex and Nora I didn't want it to end

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    Books like this are my guilty pleasure A cross between romance and erotica but not uite the 'bodice rippers' of old I've read 50 shades I've groaned at 50 shares I've now read Tempting Fate and I grinned and loved it This was better written with better dialogue and sensualsexual scenes The characters felt real and delicious and the storyline tried and tested was plausible There's a certain formula needed when you write these books and this author has nailed itDefinitely recommend

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    I didn't much care for this book I don't mind that it was told from the male's point of view it was actually kind of refreshing but I felt that he was a little too weepy for me That and the random sex scenes there were with the exception of the last chapter he seemed like a wham bam thank you ma'am kind of guy bc I swear he entered her and then the very next paragraph he was cumming inside her

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    This is very well written with and is definitely a page turner The imagery is beyond great; I could play the story in my head like a movie The characters Alex and Nora are well developed and you really get to know them The action is great and will keep you hooked This is a uick read and can be done in one sittingI highly recommend this book to those that love erotic romance

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    Told solely from the male POV I found watching Alex's journey to be very interesting Although there were pays in the story where I felt details were skipped over overall this is one I enjoyed