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Artemis is a pleasure planet created by a technologically advanced human empire that provided its richest citizens with a veritable Eden to play in All tech was concealed and the animals and the humans brought to live there were bioengineered to help the guests enjoy their stayBut the Empire was shattered in a horrific war; centuries later humanity has lost much of the advanced technology and Artemis is a fable told to children Until young archeologist Griffin Dane finds intriguing hints that send him on a uest to find the lost world After crashing his ship he encounters Adara the Huntress and her psych linked companion the puma Sand Shadow Their journey with her will lead Dane to discover the planet's secretsand perhaps provide a key to give unimagined power back to mankind

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    25 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Awakening is a strange novel one I wish I could have enjoyed a lot I wouldn’t say I disliked it but neither did it hold my interestand later on it just plain weirded me out After mulling it over for a bit I’ve concluded my disappointment probably stems from feeling suckered in by its description rather than something specific associated with the storyFirst of all the setting is Artemis described as a distant world created by an advanced human empire to be a pleasure planet for its richest and most elite to play in Centuries later the empire is no and much of its technology has been lost and Artemis itself is all but forgotten The story begins when a young archaeologist named Griffin Dane crashes his ship onto the planet’s surface stranding himself Enter a local huntress named Adara and her psychic linked puma who encounter Griffin and lend him their help in his predicamentFrom all this I expected of a sci fi adventure But what Artemis Awakening offers at least in the beginning is actually something closer to a spiritual journey Not a very compelling one either if I’m to be blunt In the introduction there’s lot of talk and not much action and most regretfully of all very little by the way of science fiction elements Sure I found certain concepts fascinating such as Artemis’ past as a bioengineered “wild” playground for the rich and powerful the adapted humans and creatures that have persisted and live there now as well as the mental links certain individuals have with their animal companions All that potential feels suandered however as none of these ideas come to fruition doomed instead to wither on a vine behind a brick wallSo much amazing world building but where the story was taking me was definitely not where I wanted to be The plot went in a direction that was rather unexpected but I was also baffled by how the author decided to tackle it After spending a few days alone together with Sand Shadow the puma in the wilderness Griffin and Adara grow close so that upon their return to Adara’s home her kind of but not really boyfriend grows upset with the new boy in town for macking on “his” woman Had I wandered into a Young Adult novel without realizing it?This bizarre love triangle is further complicated when the three set out with Adara’s mentor to figure out what to do with Griffin This is where a lot starts happening in the story but it’s also where things get perplexing It didn’t help that I was so numb at this point not much was going to help turn my tepid opinion around Add to that further along our characters’ journey came the ridiculous villain a man who is ancient but physically never ages how random then there was the uncovering of the conspiracies and the kidnappings the horrible revelations of the breeding facilities and the forced rape and pregnancies of women and by now I’m just like a deer in the headlights going um? Whu? UghI’m still a bit confused trying to figure out what kind of book I just read Half mysticism half uest narrative? A mix of YA and some very mature adult themes? Something that’s paranormal than science fiction? Probably the thing that frustrates me most about this book is how thoroughly it left me cold Thing is I didn’t hate the novel or even wholly disliked it Instead I watched event after event unfold before me with something close to mild curiosity but with no real interest Despite reading about everything that happened in the story I remained feeling unaffected which in some ways is even worse than being just outright disgruntled or upset It means I hardly made a connection to any of the characters or the conflict It’s a shame too because there was so much potential and the story certainly had plenty of merits Nevertheless somewhere along the way I simply stopped caringI had originally picked up Artemis Awakening so I could read it before picking up the seuel Artemis Invaded this summer Unfortunately I probably won’t be doing that any Still I’m open to checking out other books by Jane Lindskold; this was my first book by her and while it didn’t really work for me I hear a lot of her stories involve humans with very close and special bonds to animals Sounds like something I would enjoy very much I’ll be keeping an eye out on Lindskold’s other work but it’s looking like I’ll be giving book two a pass

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    This dual review was originally published at Reading RealityCass So where should we start? The Good The Bad or the What the Fuck?Marlene I think the WTF comes at the endGood first then bad then OMGWTFCass Alright then onwards to the awesome Artemis Awakening has some spectacular world building I loved the entire concept of a pleasure resort planet which let’s face it rich folk would totally build and the amount of work they put into making it the best vacation ever Can’t have nasty insects ruining our fun times Or diving guides that needed to breathe underwater Or locals who have any kind of ambition or interest in technologyoffworld societiesIt was incredibly well thought out and also terrifying to realize how deep they went in building their little pleasure palace So much so that the behavioral modifications were still in place 500 years laterMarlene Westworld meets Risa but with perfectly engineered people and animals instead of androids that can go haywire Except wait that happened tooBut seriously the amount of time effort money science etc that has to have gone into building Artemis is both fascinating for what it says about the original Empire and extremely well done on the part of the author Everything was designed to provide the perfect vacation experience for any wealthy and well connected member of the upper crustIt made me wonder if part of the reason that the empire imploded was because they were spending too much money on the wrong things and not taking care of business I also wonder if this perfect pleasure planet included sex workers or people programmed to be but that wasn’t in evidenceCass Actually I’d disagree with you there In the beginning when Adara our protagonist was trying to decide how to behave with the first extraterrestrial visitor in 500 years she was thinking about how they were known to fuck around with the locals AND the comments made by her pseudo love interest which I have opinions on where he explained that he felt compelled to defer to any attraction Griffin may have felt towards herI’d say the breeding for compliance and happy servitude definitely spilled over into a form of prostitution though not something these Rich Swine would think of as actual sexual slaveryMarlene I don’t think the locals were programmed to say “no” to the “seegnur” either But in all of Adara’s thoughts about it she felt that it would be either taking advantage of her or not what she wanted for herself Rich Swine wouldn’t care and would tell themselves that it was alright But I wonder if there was an adaptation for brothel workers?Cass Super immunity to STIs? Mental control over fertility? Vibrating cocks? Seems like those would be adaptations that wouldn’t get you shunnedWhich was another thing I loved about the world building How the people of Artemis had divided up into classes based on their modifications or lack thereof that they kept to even in Adara’s time and how a farming family would freak out when their kid sprouted claws or gills no matter how useful the trait could be to have aroundMarlene The idea that the behavior modifications would still be breeding true to the point where the entire society still followed the rules laid down by the “seegnur” was awesomely scaryCass At first it was irritating me I was sitting here thinking “Adara is a take charge kind of woman why wouldn’t she rebel against these kinds of ridiculous constraints” But then we started seeing so many indications that people really couldn’t move beyond a need to serve Which of course led many adapted children open to being horrifically abused and taken advantage of by The Old One Who Is Young Without The Benefit of Plastic SurgeryMarlene We can’t start talking about The Old One Who Is Young Without Learning a Damn Thing without talking about the story and the charactersGriffin Dane crashes on Artemis and discovers that none of his backup systems work and he’s stranded on what he thinks is a primitive planet with no way of contacting “civilization” And he’s rescued by a woman with a puma He thinks he’s landed in savage heaven especially after she saves his baconCass A puma with HANDS Everyone stop and think for a moment about the terror of a world in which cats have opposable thumbs The lack of which is pretty much the only thing currently saving us from feline dominationMarlene Nothing is saving us from feline domination Trust me on this However their lack of opposable thumbs does mean that they think we are useful so they have refrained from wiping us off the planet As soon as they figure out how to open their own cans we’re done forM My husband is curled up in the corner in a fetal ball gibbering about cats with hands C Excellent I knew that bit would strike terror into the hearts of all who know catsCass Essentially Griffin is your typical absent minded professor type totally unprepared for the realities of Artemis and we learn about the world through his eyes and also how Adara sees him Along the way we meet up with Adara’s pseudo boyfriend A GODDAMN LOVE TRIANGLE APPROACHES and The Old One Who Is A Young Asshole Spoiler alert He’s an assholeI think we’re really started to edge over into the bad so let me just say that much like the world building the author did a fantastic job with the characters With one exception that I will harp on at length LaterMarlene The dreaded love triangle which almost becomes a uadrangle or a pentagon if you count the puma doesn’t actually come to fruition So points for not totally going thereCass The puma had the right idea Three way I suspect they might go that way in the next installment after some spoilery things that manifested between Adara’s almost boyfriend and her extraterrestrial meet cuteBut other than that there was no point in even bringing it up Wah Adara’s indecisive wah the menfolk can’t tell if she’s into them wah wah wah Just fuck them and move on or shut up about it already There are so many important things going onMarlene One last wah Wah Adara’s heart was broken by her asshole ex who based on the songs that he wrote about her is seriously psychopathic He’s one sick dudeCass The songs and his post Adara career choices I was kind of trying to block that part out I’m sure in the next installment he’ll make an appearance right around the time she’s actually going to get some with one of the other guysMarlene I expect him to kidnap her at some point in a later installment and try to enact one of those songs shudderHowever in spite of her poor taste when she was young and stupid I like Adara She’s intelligent and strong and doesn’t fall into bed with either of the two dudes sniffing around her as a cure for her angst Also she distrusted The Old One Who Is a Sociopath when she was 8 and she doesn’t like him any better nowCass I loved Adara analyzing The Old One Who is a Men’s Rights Activist’s reactions to her and figuring out that he was a misogynist who knew he had no hope of controlling a child or woman who could grow claws at will Hah In fact I kind of wished he hadn’t been smart enough to figure that out because Adara could have demonstrated for himMarlene The “facility” that The Old One Who is a Torturer had created reminded me of the humanCylon breeding facilities on Battlestar Galactica And OMG that was sick then and it’s sick nowCass I’d say this one trumped the horror of BSG because we got a vivid full color description of how The Old One Who is a Butcherer handled his “failures”Marlene I think we’ve reached the point where we need to talk directly about The Old One Who We Hate So MuchCass The Old One Who Is YoungIs inexplicably young despite being centuries old and NO ONE not even Griffin ever fucking uestions how this is possibleIs inexplicably able to commit atrocities with impunity and command people who hate himIs a cardboard cut out villain Unlike Adara’s ex who though uber creepy at least appears to be acting in characterBasically all those good things we talked about earlier? The world building? The characters? All fall apart with our villain He makes no sense in the context of the world he isn’t given any kind of motivation and nobody even attempts to figure out WTF is with all the WTFeryMarlene The Old One Who is the Villainiest Villain of Them All is too much of a “bucket of all evil” What the hell is he? An adaptation that went wrong? A “seegnur” who got left behind? Probably not but I did wonder for a while An incredibly organized serial killer? Well yes he is definitely thatCass We should just call him “He Who Must Not Be Named” and be done with itMarlene Voldemort with a touch of Sauron in the body of Jack the Ripper or Sweeney ToddCass I was thinking Voldemort trapped in Young Voldemort’s body as raised by post Red Wedding Walder Frey A Senile “Seegnur” who had nothing to do for centuries than think up atrocities to top those in the history books You had to have noticed they talked about a Red Wedding in the beginning of the book? I was totally laughing when I realized I could start counting ASOIF referencesMarlene I had not thought of the possibilities for ASOIF bingo but you’re right OMGCass We could call him Seegdemort Frey? I always envisioned Hogwarts as a creepy breeding facility anyways Artemis Awakening’s villain is Harry Potter Meets Game of Thrones Yes I know I just broke all your brains but that is because IT MAKES NO GODDAMN SENSEMarlene All high schools have the possibility of being creepy breeding facilities if you suintCass Yeah but Hogwarts specifically divided them up by specific traits For breeding purposes The Sorting Hat is only looking at genetic compatibility and potential offspringOr are we getting a little off base?Marlene I just think we’re in danger of being longer than the original book we started withCass Well we can’t really explain The Old One Who Wants To Be A Frey When He’s All Growed Up without getting into spoiler territorysoEscape Grade B Yeah there was a lot of omgwtfbb at the end but the beginning was awesome and I’ll totally pick up the seuel to see what happens when Artemis starts taking an active interest in eventsMarlene Escape Rating B The villain was a bit too much the Nazi version of Snidely Whiplash but the characters and the worldbuilding were extremely awesome at the beginning Especially Sand Shadow the puma as much as she worries me about the evolution of cat kind I enjoyed Adara’s not falling into bedroll with either of the two dudes on offer and I want to see her come into her own And I sincerely hope that the next book in the series which I will definitely pick up tells us about The Old One Who is a Nazi and where he came from and how he got that way And hopefully we see his complete comeuppanceCass Hey look at that We agree Most unusualMarlene We get closer to the same page when there’s no mushy stuffCass Well no mushy love stuff there were plenty of mushy other stuff and such in this bookMarlene We agree on gore just not on kissy faceCass I’m still pulling for the three way in book 2 Sand Shadow is clearly the dominant character They should follow her suggestionsMarlene Definitely Sand Shadow for the win

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    All things considered Artemis Awakening is not an unpleasant read Just a very straightforward one The plot is well put together but somewhat predictable The observant reader will see the hook for book two coming uite some time before the climax of the book It is the kind of cozy science fiction that will not really challenge the experienced read and as such I thought it was only mildly entertaining I might be convinced to read the second volume but I doubt it will leap to the top of the to read stack when it appearsFull Random Comments review

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    I clearly know this is bubble gum pulp not all that well written but certainly fun The only thing keeping me from loving this enough to continue the series is that the character building wasn't all strong a little bumbling And the interludes that you finally figure out on like the last two pages? Would have been way way way interesting if that happened about halfway through They pissed me off the entire book so the payoff at the end was zilch Especially as it was written as a cliff hanger for the next in the series

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    In some ways Artemis Awakening is reminiscent of Andre Norton's post apocalyptic science fiction adventure novels that take place on an Earth like planet which was once home to advanced forerunner technology but now is home to the leftover human survivors who are making do in a less advanced world In addition Jane Lindskold like Norton has been able to create memorable human characters who have a bond with animals Like her 2001 Through Wolf Eyes which featured a girl who could speak with intelligent wolves this science fiction tale has a strong female protagonist with a telepathic bond to her demiurge a huge puma Typically in the Norton novels the main character is on a uest Artemis Awakening also features a uest plot but unlike the traditional Norton novels the uest takes a left turn midway through the novel While not the best science fiction out there this first book in a new series offers a pleasant science fiction diversion and promises in the futureGriffin Dane is an archeologist historian who has figured out where the legendary Old Empire pleasure planet Artemis is located Artemis inhabitants were bio engineered for specific roles on the planet Some were hunters to take the Empire's richest citizens known as Seegnurs into the wild while others were factotums who fixed and set up trips The planet has been hidden in time since the Old Empire collapsed in a titanic war Artemis was also attacked The rich killed and the fabled link between the Seegnurs and the planet destroyed Or was itWhile orbiting the planet Griffen's shuttle crashes and he barely gets out alive rescued from the site by the beautiful Huntress Adara and her telepathically linked puma Sand Shadow who take him to meet her mentor Bruin a loremaster Griffin soon learns that Adara and Sand Shadow both have adaptions Adara's eyes enable her to see in the dark and her hands can be changed to claaws while Sand Shadow can grow handsBruin suggests that his teacher The Old One might hold the key to helping Griffin but the story takes one of several left turns when Griffin Bruin and Adara learn that Old one may be doing experiments on woman in an attempt to breed children with special adaptions Adara Griffin and the factotum Terrill visit the Old One to learn the truth At the same time Griffin's arrival on the planet may have triggered Artemis to start to link up with its dwellers When Griffin disappears Adara and Terrill must learn the truth while Griffin fights to get freeThe predictable denouement contains a bunch of hints about the next volume in this intriguing series

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    It felt like an eighties or nineties fantasy novel a real flashback feeling Which could be a good thing but though it was not unpleasant it was also not at all compelling As I got toward the end I wasn't planning to rush into reading the second book and might not ever have gotten to it at all if I hadn't already reserved it when I got this one and if there wasn't at least a bit of a hook near the end that I should have seen coming but I really didn't care enough to try and figure out the hints before then Between already having the book in the house and being a bit intrigued by where it's going I'll probably try the next one soon I just have to wonder if an author who wasn't a big name would have gotten this published it's fine but it doesn't seem competitive with what I'm used to reading The people are adults and the story has some adult themes at times rape but the story feels kind of juvenile

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    Artemis Awakening is a soft SF novel about an archaeologist named Griffin Dane who crash lands on the legendary lost planet he was studying He is rescued by and befriends a woman called Adara who has a mental link with her puma companion Together they work to find a way to return him to his people There is one among the Artemisians who might have such knowledge but disturbing rumors surround himThere's nothing really wrong with the writing in the book but I simply didn't find it very compelling Once Adara takes Griffin back to her people the story slows considerably Even when interesting things start to be revealed later on I didn't really care that much I would describe the book as cozy You have cozy mysteries and this is cozy SF I felt like it was something I would have really enjoyed if I had read it as a teenager especially with the plot device of the human animal link So if you are younger or perhaps newer to the genre you might get out of it than I did It was nearly a three star novel being generous but then it ends with no resolution carrying right into the next book which I don't plan to read so two stars it is

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    The Good If you can get past the first half of the book's slow and pretty boring progress there is a fairly decent story here The shift in pace was jarring but I was so thankful for it we'll call it a good thing When dealing with the science fiction angles on genetic modification and breeding the book was at its best Had the entire book focused on that instead of meandering through weird feudal fantasy to get there it could have been a 5 star readThe Bad My big problem with this book was the synopsis is a total bait and switch Look at that first paragraph Awesome right? Except we never see or talk about any of that in the book That awesome part is part of the past and it's completely glossed over in the book The present is so far removed from that past that there is absolutely no reason we needed to tease that former reality The book itself pales in comparison to the opening premise of the synopsis and that is really not the impression you want to make to a reader It completely set me up for disappointment

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    Pros great characters interesting storyCons romantic elements though minor feel awkward at timesWhen Griffin Dane locates the planet he believes to be the ancient pleasure planet Artemis his intention is to study it and return to his home world and bask in the glory of his historic discovery So when his ship crashes stranding him there he’s eager to find his way back to the stars He’s rescued from the wreckage by the Huntress Adara and her demiurge puma companion Sand Shadow with whom she’s psychically linked They guide Griffin first to their village and then to a major city with relics left by the Seegnur the people who made the planet and altered the inhabitants to be the perfect servants There they meet with the Old One Who Is Young a man who has studied the technology of the Seegnur for decades But Griffin’s arrival has awakened something And things with the Old One aren’t what they seemI loved Adara and Sand Shadow It’s great to see a self confidant young woman who gives and accepts help as the situation reuires She knows her skills and when the location changes and her abilities are less in demand finds something she can do to help that will use her skills By the same token it was great to see Griffin fumbling on this ‘primitive’ world accepting menial tasks as the only ones he’s ualified to do and not complaining about it I really liked Terrell as well It was interesting how the three protagonists strengths and weaknesses complemented each other and how the characters worked togetherThe story begins sort of uest like but there’s a series of overlapping mysteries when they get to Spirit Bay which were uite interesting to read It was also interesting learning of the Seegnur and how they modified things via the social rather than scientific changes You don’t learn the science behind the genetic modifications but you learn about the different social strata and some of the abilities of people who were adapted for specified jobsThere were minor romantic elements in the book The opening led me to believe that these would have a stronger impact on the story so I was pretty happy to discover they didn’t There were some awkward conversations where the characters were honest about their feelings or lack thereof which I appreciated the honesty if not necessarily the awkwardness Some of the elements seemed a tad heavy handed like Adara noticing Griffin’s eye colour in the middle of a life or death situation which also struck me as being out of place But on the whole I found the characters’ openness refreshing and the elements indicate that a romance may form as the series goes onThe world building is understated but interesting Since the planet was specifically designed it still works on a feudal style system As with the romance there are underlying elements but they only pop up from time to timeIt was an interesting read

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    this ain't it chief