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Ever since five year old Bo can remember she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine and Bo is losing the only home she’s ever known Initially homesick she soon realizes that there is warmth and friendship to be found everywhere and what’s her new town may hold an unexpected addition to her already unconventional family

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    It makes me very sad to be writing this review This book started well with interesting well rounded characters doing interesting things and treating each other with love If anything I was enjoying this seuel even than Bo at Ballard Creek Then Bo's family arrived at Iditarod Creek with its noisy dredge and ugly tailing piles everywhere and the entire book took a horrible turn It started when they moved into their new house and declared that Jack would be sleeping in the closet Seriously? This can't be a coincidence right? This is clearly a reaction to either criticisms from a narrow minded editor or general backlash to the first book or both right? Either way I was appalled to read Bo saying Jack and Arvid weren't partners before getting her that they just partnered up on the spot I don't remember if the first book stated explicitly that they were partners before but it was definitely implied In any case saying Jack and Arvid became partners solely for the purpose of raising a baby girl doesn't make them straight it just makes them stupid Then there was the whole section where a little boy uses the word n and Jack a black man says this is sometimes a mean word but sometimes it's just a word The author attempts to justify this scene in an afterword in the back but I don't buy it Then they bring in a nasty woman just to say bad things about the good time girls and be mean to Bo And several chapters seem to be inserted to give the author an opportunity to pontificate on problems in education The book goes so far astray from being in Bo's voice and from Bo's point of view that at the end she is reduced to eavesdropping behind doors on scenes she is not a part of Which really makes no sense because there are some scenes from Graf's point of view that Bo isn't part of at allVery very disappointing

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    In this seuel to Bo at Ballard Creek Bo her new brother Graf and her papas Jack and Arvid must move from their small town of Ballard Creek to Iditarod Creek where the men have jobs in a mining operation in about 1930 The trip is long and involves passing a ghost town and a boat with a gramophone on it Once they arrive the family sets up shop in a house in a town where mining sometimes dictates that houses be moved giving the whole place a haphazard air Bo has to explain her story to all of the new people that she meets such as the Japanese gentlemen who run the town laundry and the few children who are in town She meets another boy Renzo whose father works at another mine as well as Nita and her daughter Paulie Eventually Bo has to be signed up for school and the papas get an opportunity to leave the mine business and live on land that is not ruined by the mining industry leaving room open for another seuel Strengths Like the first book this is a charming story about community and family rich with details about life in the Alaskan wilderness There are all kinds of diversity from Jack who is African American to various native Alaskans to Renzo who is Italian The E ARC didn't show the LeUyen Pham illustrations which I am sure are delightful Weaknesses The first book is a hard hard sell at my school and since Bo is about 6 this would be better suited for younger readers However there is a lengthy discussion of why nigger is a bad word several mentions of women who are bitches and occasional mentions of women being good time girls all of which seems like not a good match for the target demographic I found the use of the term Dago Charlie especially offensive; growing up in a largely Italian community I was always told that this was an offensive term but there was no mention that this was an ethnic slur

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    Just as sweet and enjoyable as the first I love how these books are full of interesting information about living in Alaska at this time but also full of heart and fun These books deal with a lot of serious issues in a very easy to handle package and with so much love and community support I think this is some truly great historical fiction

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    If you had asked me 10 years ago if there would ever be a kids' book about two gold mining bears who adopt a bunch of kids that is also extremely cool about native Alaskans people who can't read and why you shouldn't say the n word but you might hear it around I would have been like I DOUBT IT But here it is

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    Didn't like this uite as much at the first but 6yo and I enjoyed it She really got attached to the characters We are definitely hoping there's a third fourth fifth book I love the settings and the characters We've both learned a lot about the particular time and placeI had to do a little editing as it's not meant for 6yos If you want specifics ask me

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    I enjoy the closeness and understanding this blended family shows to their entire community Repeated uses of racial slurs while true to the time period may reuire some discussion

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    I loved this historical fiction about a non traditional family Gold rush camps and mining towns in Alaska This author knows Alaska The Year of Miss Agnes is one of my favorite stories

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    More anecdotal than plot oriented but still delightfulhttppussrebootscomblog2018comm

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    A cute middle grade book about a family of dredge miners who have to move to Iditarod Creek a rural town in Alaska due to lack of gold where they currently live Bo the main character lives with her two dad’s and little brother The story basically goes through the lives of this family along with the people they meet along their journey to Iditarod Creek There were some parts of the book which I thought were a rather off and some of the chapters were so short and even insignificant to the actual story but overall I thought it was a good read and I connected well with most of the characters especially Bo

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    I don't know what took me so long to read the second book in this what I hope will becomeseries Set in the mines of 1930's Alaska the people form a community where the most unlikely people are able to come together to do what needs to be done There's no judgement in Bo's world her two papas love and care for her They teach grown men to read and write they've never had the opportunity before They listen to everyone but they don't follow useless directions and they don't leave anyone out who needs a hand Bo Graf and Renzo along with Jack and Arvid are people I'd like to spend time with