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Alternate cover edition of ASIN B009PP0KSI“I think he’s going to kill me” A frantic phone call from her estranged sister sends Jesse Peña rushing home to Brownsville Texas only to find that Alicia –seven months pregnant– has vanished Jesse is convinced her brother in law Marcus Vega is a killer but getting the police to listen isn’t easy especially when Marcus announces that Jesse and her sister are borderline schizophrenic Detective Michael Cisneros is reluctant to believe Jesse's allegation After all Marcus Vega is a prominent citizen with a tight alibi and this isn’t the first time she’s charged him with murder When Michael is accused of allowing a personal relationship with her to cloud his judgment he is forced to accept what Jesse cannot Marcus Vega is innocent Jesse’s refusal to give up will risk than her life it will test her sanity as well

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    Posted on Romancing the Books blogReviewed by MariaReview Copy from a COntest WinThis is one successful thriller because it kept my adrenaline pumping like nothing else That razor edge of danger was always present that sense of not knowing uite what was coming next The prickles up the spine you know what I mean I have to admit I uite like to be scared when I read a book provided I’m reading in a safe environment This thriller did the job Admirably As the blurb says the opening hook will have you on high alert from page one Jessica Pena has noticed a recurrence of the nightmares which had plagued her for years – the nightmare in which she relives the unspeakable road disaster – she’s never called it an accident – in which her parents died and from which she barely escaped with her life That event which changed her life forever after which all she had left in the world was her elder sister Alicia Which would have been fine except for the fact that Alicia married the sinister and unreadable Marcus Vega Vega the villain of the piece who drove the two sisters apart A sudden frantic message from Alicia on her answering machine after a seven year silence has Jessica running back to the town on the Mexican border where she grew up The trouble is Alicia has disappeared Vega plausible as ever says that his wife left home after an argument to stay with friends as she often does He doesn’t doubt she’ll be back Jessica smells a mega rat Especially when most of Alicia’s friends say they haven’t spoken to her in months Vega eventually reports his wife as missing playing the grieving husband role to the hilt The local police officer handling the missing persons inuiry for Alicia is Michael Cisneros the son of an old family friend It isn’t long before an attraction between Michael and Jessica begins to manifest itself The pair have to fight that attraction though because a hint of personal interest in the case will have Michael – a textbook police officer with an impeccable record – and his integrity called into uestion And this is what the slippery Vega will use to his advantage I enjoyed these characters a whole lot Michael is a good guy with a job to do a job which often keeps him away from his close knit Mexican family a lot than he’d like Michael is drawn to Jessica Jesse who seems to have the knack of bringing out his protective instincts Jesse’s a fireball who doesn’t hesitate to punch the face off Vega if he gets in hers She’s taken too much torment from this man for too long and enough is enough Michael’s dad Jesse’s late father’s friend and her old high school teacher is an adorable father figure who is one of the safe havens in the story The moment he appears on the page you kind of feel everything is going to be okay Vega the villain exudes just the right amount of slippery plausibility and just concealed menace The story doesn’t miss a beat – the twists and turns will have you turning the pages and you’ll give a happy sigh when the wrap up comes around – now Michael and Jesse’s love story can begin Too bad we won’t be around to see much of it though But the predictions and indications are good I particularly enjoyed reading a novel set in the Hispanic community and liked what I saw – the colorful dialogue peppered with Spanish phrases the strong family bonds the strength of kinship It has never occurred to me that the dangers of living in border towns are uite so plentiful The way crimes can be committed and perpetrators can just disappear across the border where the police system in whose area they have transgressed have no jurisdiction How the different cultural values on either side of the border division makes it so difficult for both police forces to find a middle ground and areas of cooperation I now understand that border security is uite an issue So this novel has had the effect of increasing my awareness Well done to the author that’s uite a job Favorite uote Jesse froze as her sister’s voice rushed from the machine The room closed around her taking the air with it The glass slipped from her hand and shattered on the floor The wine spilling like blood onto the tile “Alicia”

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    Let me preface this book review by stating it is a joy to read stories where the setting feels like home Texas The fast paced thrilling murder story leads you through a path of possible conclusions I would say mystery but the foreshadowing was overt This story was about finding proof One of the things I admire about Molina's writing is the way she can use her craft to unravel clues slowly building a case so to speak against the antagonist Little by little she allows you to gather information mounting undeniable evidenceHouse of Cards had me a little on the edge of my seat as I wanted the antagonist to be caught As the story develops it follows with a predictable ease; however the ending surprised me as it also depicted a feeling of empowerment Flashbacks and memories the main character displayed mounted evidence in my mind As a reader I slowly started mounting my own evidence similar to what I would do if I were watching an Episode of Matlock or Bones without the strong forensics Molina usually writes a little romance in her other books but the subtle romantic innuendos were enough for this serious and at times sad story The cultural aspects of this novel in the title was witty If you like a uick and nice read about plots of murder then this is a book for you It begins then it ends there are no stagnant parts in House of Cards Her books are like a piece of candy you can't eat read just oneIf you read this story you will definitely want to read another of Molina's work MEspinolahttpwwwterrimolinacom

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    3 ½ stars The plot was pretty good except for the heroine stupidity partI was expecting romantic suspense but there wasn’t much romance It was mostly mystery suspense and gathering clues That part of the story was pretty goodFor the romantic part I wanted to see relationship development This was mostly Jesse being worried and stressed about the case not enough about how she felt for Michael or how he felt for her or how those feelings changed over timeThe main couple is police detective Michael and Jesse a newspaper researcher Jesse believes her missing sister was murdered Michael helps herMost of the characters seemed like normal regular people I think the author could use a little John Grishamness in her characters Something that interests me or pulls me in as I read about them something unusual to themMore than a dozen times the author used Spanish words without translating them I’m happy to have Spanish words in English books but I want the translation immediately after in parentheses or italics When there is no translation I am annoyed It takes me out of the storyI was also annoyed at HEROINE STUPIDITY Jesse knows who the killer is He calls her and tells her to go to a remote place alone She goes alone and the predictable bad thing happensDISCLOSUREI received a complimentary copy from the authorDATANarrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 2663 Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual content none Setting current day Texas Copyright 2012 Genre mystery suspense with a little romance

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    “House of Cards” is a great “whodunit” Read full review in the 2013 DecJan Holiday issue of InD’tale Magazine

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    I enjoyed this 23 chapter book It went back and forth between Jesse and Detective Michael’s third person point of view How would you feel if you knew a crime was committed but you couldn’t prove it? I’d go crazy I admired that Jesse didn’t give up trying to search for her sister Alicia And that she didn’t give up believing that her parents were murdered I liked that the main character was strong and took matters into her own hands when the police force wanted to stick a cold case label on the alleged crimeI liked the backstory that Jesse and Michael knew of each other when they were younger I always like to see how people’s relationships develop after rekindling It offered good inner conflict scenes for Michael Following protocol he couldn’t do whatever he wanted without evidence He had a precinct he had to answer to However he didn’t want to let Jesse downMarcus was Alicia’s husband and let me tell ya he was a true villain He made my skin crawl in a good way He had the right charisma and good boy image to get away with crimes I thought the scenes where he terrorized Jesse by playing mind games with her was very interesting From the beginning I got a sense of how the story was going to go so it wasn’t really a mystery for me Instead it was suspenseful as in trying to determine when the characters will wise up so they can protect themselvesThe author had a brilliant talent with dialogue The conversations were really realistic and her dialogue beats helped enhance the vision of how the characters interacted with each other There were a lot of disagreements that I loved I really felt bad for Jesse because she’d been dealing with trauma for 12 years without anyone listening to her I could picture this novel as a Lifetime movieI RECOMMEND this book to read

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    Jesse Peña rushes to her home town in Brownsville Texas after hearing the frantic messages from her estranged sister When she cannot get a hold of her she automatically thinks the worst–that her brother in law Marcus is at fault She has accused him of murder years ago No one has believed her then or now Michael is the only one who may believe but it is being tested despite what is growing between themMichael Cisneros is lead detective for the police and takes the responsibility for the case Marcus is a prominent citizen so he has to do everything by the book His hands are tied because of it and he is also accused of having a conflict of interest regarding his involvement with Jessie He works to find solid clues to match his gut feelings and to try to ignore the rumor she may be delusionalJessie knows Marcus is guilty Proving it is another matter She also has the added frustration of trying to prove she is not mentally unstable like he is telling everyone In addition solving her sister’s disappearance may open the way to reveal surprising secrets from their past not to mention the battle Jessie and Michael have with their growing attraction which they cannot act on till her sister is foundI love reading this story I enjoy the ups and downs even the frustration and irritation at Jessie’s impatience The characters are vivid and have some heft to them Jessie’s impulsiveness and high strung personality is tempered by Michael’s steadiness and persistence to do things the right way I would recommend this story for someone who wants to read a really good mystery with some romance and suspense thrown inLlaph Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance More

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    Title House of Cards Author Terri MolinaGenre Romantic SuspensePublisher Self PublishedNovelReviewed by Javier2 Flames Warm5 Stars Highly Recommended Don’t miss outHouse of Cards by Terri Molina was an excellent read The story line flows really well and is written in such a way that it pulls the reader in the result of which being that you keep wanting to know such things as 'What's going to happen next?' ''Is she crazy?' etcFor go to

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    Jessica struggles to convince the police that her sister has been killed at the hands of her manipulative brother in law Her single minded determination eventually convinces a detective to help and they embark on an investigationWhat follows is a fast paced thriller that keeps you turning the pages right to the end Unfortunately the text is marred by a smattering of homophone errors and other silly mistakes that take the edge of what would otherwise be a 4 star book

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    I had to deduct one star for some typos and what I perceived as some continuity issues mainly with the number of boxes and some other things Otherwise this story was intelligent well planned suspenseful sexy and fun I loved it It should be a movie Seriously Congratulations on a work well done

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    Wow just wow U know by my other books that I don't usually read anything besides vamps and stuff like that but something about this made me want to check it out I'm glad I did Page turning suspense and action Took me 4 hrs Bravo bravo