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AN UNSTOPPABLE BODYGUARD ON THE HUNT A WOMAN HIDING A SECRET EVEN SHE DOESN'T KNOW A PASSION THAT BEGINS WITH DANGER Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher is on a mission to track down a baby given up in a black market adoption thirty years ago He has a list of possible names and one tantalizing clue the infant girl had been marked with a tiny tattoo And since tattoo hunting will mean getting up close and personal with the women on his list he's the perfect man for the job But when Fletch meets Miranda Lang he knows she can never be just a name on his list If she's not his target he should move on and find the right woman despite their electrifying attraction But Miranda is on her own mission and every step takes her closer to a deadly trap Fletch may be the only man who can protect herforcing him to choose between duty and desire

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    Adrien Fletcher has some downtime and is using it to help his former teammate track down a baby given away in a black market adoption thirty years ago The first on his list is Miranda Lang an associate professor of linguistic anthropology at Berkeley She's beginning a book tour to promote her recent publication that debunks the theory that the world will end on the last date of the Maya calendar While Adrien is trying to locate the identifying tattoo someone is out to sabotage Miranda's book and hurt her in the process I have mixed feelings about this story which had two mystery angles The first was the search for the adopted child and it was the most interesting but had the least amount of page time The second was identifying who was disrupting Miranda's book tour and why The anthropological aspect was fascinating but the mystical shenanigans were a distraction It's obvious that an extraordinary amount of research was conducted for the story but I wish the shaman stuff had less focus I liked Adrien and Miranda but didn't love them because their chemistry seemed forced They just never grabbed me emotionally The mysteries however were intriguing and compelling Please know that while most of the mysteries were resolved here part of the story arc continues into the next book I enjoyed the story despite my issues and am looking forward to the next 35 stars

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    Roxanne St Claire's Bullet Catcher Series continues with First You Run book #4 with Aussie Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher helping a friend track down a baby adopted illegally in the black marked 30 years ago whose biological mother is dying of cancer and needs a bone marrow transplantOne of the names on the list he's given is Miranda Long a Mayan historian who is being targeted by fanatics opposed to her theory that the world will not end in 12212012Another fast paced and suspense filled romantic adventure that keeps you turning the pages And yes some parts of the story are a bit far fetched and dare I sayhard to believebut waitthis is pure and enjoyable fictionWHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEI enjoyed the plotand the charactersthe only uibble I had was Adrien Fletcher's irritating Aussie slang So do I want some Bullet Catchers??? Yes I'm on a total roll here with these hot and sexy guys

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    Bullet Catcher Adrien Fletch Fletcher has been asked by a friend to track down a baby who was given up in a black market adoption thirty years ago Since he has been given a list of a dozen names Fletch must track down each woman and try to discover if she has a tattoo that she was given at birth Halfway through the list Fletch meets Miranda Lang She is currently on a book tour repudiating the popular theory that the Mayan calendar ending in 2012 means the world will end But there are people who do not want Miranda's book to be a success and will do anything to stop her from selling a single copyThis is the first book in a mini trilogy within the Bullet Catchers series You should have no problem jumping into the series at this book This story had a uniue plot with the Mayan calendar slant to the story I found some of it interesting but portions with the Shaman made me want to skip pages My favorite part of the story was the hero searching for a woman on behalf of her mother who was convicted of murder and is currently dying from cancer I want to know who actually committed the murder Well I have to read the rest of the trilogy to find out My rating 35 Stars

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    Book #6 and looks like Book #1 of a trilogy within the Bullet Catcher Series as well I thoroughly enjoyed this book It started off with a BANG and went Wonderful characters Wonderful Loved the Australian accent and enjoyed how the author showed the pronunciation to readers Still not sure what a Bunyip is though Is that a Bun yip or Buny ip? This book reminded me of the tv show Bones because Miranda is a Linguistic Anthropologist who studied the Mayan Culture wrote a book etc I thought I was in trouble for not remembering who Jack Culver was The book eludes to history from another but truth be told his story comes out in the end of the book where it all gets explained And I can safely say that Jack Culver's stuff was NOT in a previous book ; I see how this book sets up the trilogy and that's all I can say about that without posting a spoiler alert I see the next in this series in due out July 2008 Then You Hide And This Reader can't waitI laughed and cried while reading this and it was oh so romantic too One of This Reader's favorites

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    I am really enjoying this series This book First You Run is the first in a trilogy within the series and I am very excited to read the other two books There is a arc that will connect the books and each book has its' own hero and heroine and a mystery to solveBullet Catcher Adrian Fletch Fletcher is on a month long break except instead of going home to Australia he is going to help a mate Jack who was a former Bullet Catcher who is now a PI Jack needs to find a baby given up in a black market adoption thirty years ago Fletch has been searching for the baby now a 30 year woman and his only clue is a list and the information that she has a tattoo Miranda Lange is the next name on his list Miranda is an associate professor on Anthropology at UC Berkley and she has just published her first book on the Mayan Long Count Calendar which some say prophesy the end of the world in 2012 She has plenty of critics and detractors and at the launch of her book tour demonstrators interrupt her Adrian is on hand to rescue her and they have an instant sexual connection and Adrian thinks getting her nude to search for the tattoo should be easy peasy Except the crazies after Miranda prove to be a lot than disruptive and Adrian must choose between protecting her and completing his mission 4 12 Stars

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    4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseThis installment of the Bullet Catcher series features the yummy former Tasmanian Special Ops Policeman Adrien “Fletch” Fletcher whose sexy Aussie accent and nefarious tattoos are positively swoon worthy'nough said 'bout thatOf course there’s also a fairly complex plot about a black market baby adoption ring a fanatical Maya worshipping cult preparing for 2012 Armageddon and a threat on linguistics anthropologist Miranda Lang’s life; so it's a good thing hottie Aussie Bullet Catcher Fletch is there to come to her rescue and save the dayThis was a thrilling addition to the Bullet Catcher saga and Fletch is a devilishly sexy hero 45 stars

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    Most Romantic Suspense novels I've read have been heavy on the suspense but light on the romance often not having any romance than books that don't try to lay claim to the romance catagory This one was balanced and I like it better as a result Not to mention being totally smitten with the Australian hero Adrien

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    This is the first Roxanne St Claire book I've read While it is #6 in the Bullet Catcher series it is first in a trilogy within that series I wasn't confused by coming in so late though there may have been things I missed about secondary characters because I didn't have the full backstory First You Run was very enjoyable with great leads fearless bodyguardsecurity expert Fletch and panic prone professorwriter Miranda The emphasis is definitely on their romance and relationship rather than sex though there was plenty of attraction between the two from the get go My biggest uibble was that Miranda's book on Maya history was supposed to be such a huge splash with the general public I was willing to believe there could be a cult of fanatics who believed in Maya myths There's been crazier cults out there lord knows But every time there was a reference to all the excitement about her book dispelling Maya myths and how Miranda was telling people they didn't need to worry about a predicted doomsday I kept thinking Really? A few times the Maya doomsday thing was compared to the Y2K scare but it still seemed a stretch So that was a bit distracting Otherwise it was a fun uick paced story with well developed characters I look forward to reading the next two in this series within a series

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    First You Run35 StarsSeries note Although this is book #4 in the Bullet Catchers series it is book #1 of a trilogy within the series It is not necessary to read books #1 3 other than the fact that they are very entertaining reads ReviewAn OK story but not my favorite in the series perhaps because Adrien and Miranda lack the chemistry of the previous couples and the hero didn't really appeal to meWith his background Adrien has the potential to be an excellent tortured hero but is actually bland and boring Moreover his ends justify the means attitude toward sex is a turn off Miranda is likeable but her constant focus on Adrien's accent becomes annoying and she manages to get over her fears a little to uickly and neatly The Mayan apocalypse angle is intriguing although the supernatural Shamanistic elements are over the top and the resolution to the suspense plot anti climactic In contrast the adoption and murder mystery threads are very compelling with some good twists and turns and I look forward to seeing how these develop in the next book

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    Adrien is by far the sexiest Bullet Catcher Even though ther is in a ton of sex in this book lots of near misses when they do get together it is explosive Worth the wait too Although I thought the whole Mayan end of the world thing was boring I really enjoyed the relationship between the Hh The true bad guy is not really revealed this bad guy carries over into the next two books I think the books have gotten better as the series has gone on I still cannot wait for Dan's book it better be good