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Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime DG Torrens Bestselling Author of Amelia's StoryTHE ASTONISHING TRUE STORY of a group of thirty two boys and leaders who accomplished an amazing feat in 1972 when they rode their bicycles from Wood Dale Illinois to Jacksonville FloridaThe 1960's and early 70's were a simpler time a common sense two pedal world with realistic adventures and everyday heroes In the summer of 1972 an innocence was lost when twenty six young boys in a small rural town set out to accomplish something bigger than themselves Their journey of nearly 1400 miles would take them through eight states crossing over the Great Smoky Mountains It was a tremendous achievement one that would be hailed as the longest organized bike hike in the history of ScoutingI keep thinking this has got to come out as one of the greatest experiences for these boys I would put this up with any amount of education any amount of travel and any amount of history I just can't say enough about an organization that puts itself through a thing like this Mal Bellairs Former Radio Talk Show Host WIVS AM Crystal Lake Illinois

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    Trail of 32 The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not of Defeat by Paul Rega is a beautiful childhood boy scout memoir focusing on a spectacular bicycle trip in 1972 that will mark the life of tits boy scout participantsRega writes with wonderful prose about the life of boy scouts about his experience and the impact the movement had on his life With much detail and care he describes the spirit and customs of the organisation remembers friends and teachers and takes you back to a simpler time We the people of his age get warmly reminded of the 70s its gadgets its themes its fashion and so forth This is a fantastic piece of nostalgia a tribute to the best of an organisation and the best of the human spirit

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    Could not finish this book I was 35% into the book and they had yet to get on the trail as listed in the description of the book The book was all over the board and redundant I get how important the Boy Scouts are but why not name the book that? I could not continue to even learn about the trip I am stunned and surprised by the high ratings of this book As an avid reader I would not recommend it

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    Admire the accomplishment of these 11 15 year old scouts but not the book It was too long too slow and too repetitive Do not understand the high ratings or the over the top reviews

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    I hope he didn't uit his day jobThis book is a wandering disjointed and otherwise badly written account of a single event in the author's teen years The book is at least twice as long as it needed to be and includes anecdotes that have no point or place in the main story In addition the editing is terrible and the book is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes in addition to wilfull violations of the manual of style The story is about the author and his Scout troop biking from IL to FL in the summer of '72 That's pretty impressive but the author manages to make it into the most boring tale imaginable You'll think he's going somewhere with an anecdote and then time and time again he'll come to a lame conclusion or just trail off with no conclusion at all He may or may not have been a great Scout he never goes into why he uit Scouting shortly after this trip but he's definitely NOT a great writer I'd say I'm dying to know how he managed to get TWO books out of this one bike trip but the truth is that I'd rather gnaw my leg off than read one word by this author

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    Trail of 32 is a wonderful read It is than just a story about a group of Boy Scouts although I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the movement; it is an extremely moving account of a journey made by a group of young teenage boys across America It tells how the boys came to make the journey what inspired them to do it and how they raised the money to make the trip possible It also recounts the actual journey itself It describes the difficulties the boys faced including an extremely difficult 3000 feet bicycle ride up to Newfoundland Gap in the Great Smokey Mountains where they encountered bears as well as the great fun they had along the way and at the end the amazing triumph they felt at having accomplished such an incredible journeyThis book is a beautifully written inspiring read

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    Another 'sauna' Kindle read pure uiet time enjoymentPaul Rega wrote a page turning story especially for us 'Baby Boomers' Andthe Boy Scouts of America den mothers craft projects campfire stories bicyclesPenny Candy The Three stooges fear of creating juvenile delinuency of course MUCH too much violence on TVOhif ONLY'today' we were so luckyWoody Wood Pecker No VCR's 8 mm cameras modest 3 bedroom homes matchbox cars playing marbles Fathers working with their 'hands' carpenter handyman teaching sons skills with 'tools' Tinkering OUTSIDE play playing ARMY'exploring fishing camping respect for natureetcBoyhood innocence to YEARS of Boy Scout training had contributed to Paul Rega in ways than can be imagined Wow What a MENSCH of a MAN

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    Paul Rega True storyTrail of 32This is a story of growing up and being part of the scout movement 32 boys head out on a 1400 miles cycle trek to Florida This journey takes them through eight statesThe journey was probably the largest ever undertaken at the time and must have been one of the greatest achievements of its timeThe journey was in its self an education and in 1972 it was a fantastic thing to have doneThis book is a terrific read and very emotional in bits it is very well written and I am sure you will enjoy reading it4 stars 17 October 2013

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    The overarching story itself is compelling but the author could have used an editor Or a better editor if he has one The book jumps from section to section without any semblance of continuity Much of the story is we did this we did that we saw this he said that I wanted to put the book down halfway through but felt that I had invested so much time reading that I needed to power throughThere were also basic typos and repeats of paragraphs in the Kindle edition Not many but enough that I was even frustrated with the book by the time I finished it

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    I found it dull and boring and a struggle to get through it It was very repetitive it should have been a much shorter book I expected a bit The sounds sights textureDescription of the landscape around them something a bit to engage the reader It spoke of simpler times when children were children and were discipline and respected their elders The old values that working hard and determination counts for a lot I could relate to all those elements in the book but that was about it If you are a scout or into the history of scouts you may find it interesting

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    I've been trying to plod through this book for 2 months The problem? It reads likey'know when you go to a church party get stuck in an earlock with the oldest guy there he tells you his life story not leaving out ANY detail and you keep glancing at your watch waiting for someone to come rescue you? This book reads exactly like that I made it 25% through the book the story hasn't even started yet Maybe I'll try to finish later The actual plot whenever it begins does sound interesting but man it's an earlock