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For the second time in a year a woman arrives in the small town of Virgin River trying to escape the pastJohn “Preacher” Middleton is about to close the bar when a young woman and her three year old son come in out of a wet October night A marine who has seen his share of pain Preacher knows a crisis when he sees one—the woman is covered in bruises He wants to protect them and he wants to punish whoever did this to her but he knows immediately that this inclination to protect is something much Paige Lassiter has stirred up emotions in this gentle giant of a man—emotions that he has never allowed himself to feelBut when Paige’s ex husband turns up in Virgin River Preacher knows his own future hangs in the balance And if there’s one thing in the marines’ motto of Semper Fidelis—always faithful—has taught him it’s that some things are worth fighting for

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    I hate myself I read this entire book in a few big gulps rather than working on the novel that is already late to New York Go meWhy? Well for starters I've gotten really attached to the whole damned town of Virgin River I had to see what would happen to Mel and Jack and Preacher and Paige and their buddy Mike and poor Rick and LizThe book weaves together all of these couples and their story lines and it's told from a myriad of perspectives So while the story ostensibly focused on Preacher and Paige there was a lot to the story that didn't involve themPaige is the uintessential abused wife who accidentally winds up in Virgin River at Jack's bar while trying to escape her SOB of a husband She and her little boy come under Preacher's protection — and the relationship between them builds over time first as she goes about trying to set up a life free of abuse and then later as she and Preacher fall in loveAs with the first book in this series Virgin River I enjoyed the midwifery aspects of the story And it was good to see the issue of spousal abuse — I like that than the term domestic violence which sounds friendlier somehow — explored with authenticity It's a topic I've covered a lot as a journalist and Paige seems to go through all the classic responsesBecause we get all these characters' continuing stories there are ups and downs for everyone I couldn't stop from getting teared up over the tragedy that befalls Rick and LizBut I need to NOT buy the next one until I'm done with my own book because clearly once I start I'm just done writing until I'm done reading If that makes any senseSo I end the evening with the glow of having read a wonderful book and the all consuming guilt of an author who made precisely zero progress on her own manuscript today

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    I want to live in Virgin RiverLoved sweet gentle Preacher Paige and Christopher went through so much they deserved a strong steady loving man like him Her ex husband was a monster So was her jerk of an older brotherI was thrilled that Jack and Mel's story continued in this installment and I got to be in on such a wondrous event with them Rick and Liz's story was sad and tragic I didn't really get a read on Liz not much of a personality here but Rick was amazing My heart just broke for them Rick was just seventeen but he behaved like a man thanks to Jack and Preacher's example and mentoring I teared up at the final scene between Jack and Rick I hope that boy ends up safe and okayI was so livid for Brie Jack's baby sister I hope that man is sorry in the end I feel the romance a brewing between Mike and her Can't wait for the next bookI listened to the audio book version and Therese Plummer is excellent She narrated the last book as well

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    Losing friends in54321 25 stars Yes I know Everyone loves Virgin River Yet again I've found another train I won't be jumping on cue sadfaceI didn't read the first book so my opinion of the series is only from book 2 Shelter Mountain was a buddy read that I couldn't pass up because of a dear friend and my curiosity to learn about this person's similarities to a character in the book And that was the best part of reading getting to see this person's book alter ego The story itself was not my thing Why you ask? I just don't care enough about everyday life to want to know how other people live everyday life even when you throw in a crazy ex or some other obstacle That's about it in a nutshell By about the halfway mark I was skimming I read the first sex scene and the last couple of chapters and was ready to be done This is why I don't have much to write by way of review Sorry fans I was bored I feel kind of guilty Kind of At least a little

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    ★··´¯`··★ 15 Stars ¯ツ¯ ★··´¯`··★Sorry y'all But like I know I know Most of you out there LOVE this book and y'all are probably likeBut I was just bored out of my mind Ain't nothing I can do about that ¯ツ¯ ¯ツ¯Genre Contemporary Romance POV Third person narrative following a slew of different charactersMain Characters John “Preacher” 32 YOPaige Lassiter 29 YOSecondary Characters A whole bunch of them A less is kinda situation I'm just sayin' Am I gonna read in this series? #SorryNotSorry

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    DNF 39%Well I at least made it past my 30% mark On a positive note I really really enjoyed this H He was awkwardly sweet and protective and don't get me started on his relationship with the h's son He was awesomeI didn't get that much feel for the h except pity for the situation she is in to have an opinion one way or the other about her I didn't expect her to jump into a relationship right away but it is just moving way too slow for me I felt like there was just too much going on that wasn't necessary for the h and H's story It became distracting tbh We have a side story about the teenagers being pregnant the side part about the friend's sister being cheated on and the side story about the cop being shot by some kid gang member They know these people so I guess they relate to their story in some waybut I just don't get it Why did we need to know these things in long detail?? The h and H have interacted and gotten closer but there just hasn't been enough focus on them to keep my attention I'm sure others loved this book but I became just too distracted and bored to continuesorry

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    Still having fun with this series and honestly it was completely unexpected Love small town settings like this one

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    5 stars – Contemporary RomanceThis second book in the Virgin River series about a rustic small town with a population of roughly 600 people finds ex marine John “Preacher” Middleton a mountain of a man providing shelter in ways than one for an abused wife on the run with her three year old sonWhen Paige seeks refuge from a storm in Virgin River’s local tavern while passing through town with her son Christopher Preacher immediately recognizes that she’s a troubled woman in need and she stirs up protective instincts in him that he’s never felt before Preacher has lived a rather solitary life and was resigned that he would never find a woman to share his life with His appearance is misleading he’s described as looking like a rough bouncer and a bit like Mr Clean and he’s convinced that women and children only see him as a tough scary looking guy Preacher is such a tenderhearted shy gentle giant of a man with a heart that’s bigger than his biceps and his uiet strength gentleness inner peace and calm loyalty love and fierce protectiveness turn out to be exactly what Paige and Christopher need Although he might be a man of few words his actions speak volumes of his heart and he guards and loves Paige and Christopher like a proud loving papa bearPreacher and the whole town become a harbor a safe haven for Paige and the shelter and solace they provide allows her to heal and find her own confidence and inner strength I liked Shelter Mountain even better than the first book in the series There were tearful and laugh out loud moments and the romance is oh so sweet in this one This story and the series is about healing love in unexpected places and acts of kindness that make a true family Very big 5 stars

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    Loved Preacher's story It is an absolute must readJohn Preacher Middleton is about to close the bar for the night when a woman and her three year old son walk in the front door A former Marine who has seen than his fair share of pain Preacher is well aware of a crisis when he sees her walk in This young mother is covered in bruises and Preacher wants to protect them and pummel the person who left his mark on her It doesn't take long for Paige to stir up emotions in this huge tough guy He has fallen for her and her sonPaige is a young mother who has been through hell with her soon to be ex husband When he shows up in Virgin River Preacher knows his very own future with this lovely young woman and her son hangs in the balanceThought I would throw this in for those of you who love safety info Preacher whom I adored is in his early thirties and a virgin Loved this aspect of the book

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    Let's get something out of the way first I liked this book Whatever bothered me doesn't make this less well writtenThere is a reason why I am not overly fond of women's fiction genre It doesn't have to be a sole driving force behind the plot but in 98% cases there is cheating involved view spoiler it is uite possible that's the reason why Outlander is still waiting for me hide spoiler

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    I'm not really going to review this one too much It's good The story is very engaging and hard to put down I think this series would be better described as a 'serial' It's like a soap opera There's been a romance in each of the first two books but so many other stories are being told that it's like watching an ongoing multi threaded show Hence my likening it to a soap opera Not that I'm disappointed in that I'm enjoying it very much I had a very hard time not just going straight into the next book in the series after this one It's just different And I think the 'serial' aspect is what leads me to get the feeling of 'meandering' In both of these books the first half was devoted mostly to the romance Then the romance took a kind of backseat to other goings on As with the first one the ending seemed kind of arbitrary Oh it ended on a good capper event but by that time it didn't really feel like that was what we'd been leading up to or anything It could have ended anywhere really I think if I read to the end of what's available in the series I'll go a little crazy I mean what if Days of Our Lives only aired once or twice a year? Also tear jerkers There are some amusing bits and a real homespun likability but both of these books had me crying real tears I've noticed in other reviews that people have 'gotten the tissues out' so that should also be expected when embarking on this series It's emotional And just as an example of how strongly Carr attaches the readers' emotions and imaginations to her characters there was a rather major earthuake in the area where this series is set yesterday and I couldn't help wondering how Jack and Preacher would have handled it LOLThis is a good series I understand now why some of my GR friends have called it 'crack'