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One year after her beloved sister drowned while swimming in cold New England waters sixteen year old Brandi Vine is still struggling to understand what happened As she mourns on the rocky beach where her sister's lifeless body washed ashore she is unaware that a pair of haunting gray eyes is watching her from beneath rolling ocean wavesWhen Brandi attends a party that goes horribly awry the mysterious owner of the gray eyes emerges from the ocean depths and comes to her rescue She only sees him for a few brief moments but that's all it takes to turn Brandi's world upside down What were the strange markings on his neck that seemed to flutter with every breath? How did he possess such inhuman strength and grace? And why did he look at Brandi with such longing?Brandi's fascination with the Swimmer grows She makes it her mission to find him again and learn who and what he is Meanwhile the Swimmer’s fascination with Brandi compels him to leave the safety of the ocean behind to be with her at all costs They are from two different worlds but neither of the star crossed romantics can resist the pull of the otherUltimately when her feelings for the Swimmer swell beyond her control Brandi comes to realize that the strange young man from the sea can unlock the secret of her sister's final swim

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    45★sSixteen year old Brandi Vine was still grieving the death of her sister twelve months prior – her school work was suffering she wasn’t eating; the weight she was losing was worrying her parents immensely Plus Cody Brandi’s little brother had retreated into his video games and rarely lifted his head They all missed Jenny – they all coped differentlyBrandi was invited to a party and knew her parents wouldn’t allow it – her “sleep over with a girlfriend” was accepted and Brandi ventured to her first and as it turned out – catastrophic party But it was also the night she met the stranger she named “The Swimmer” – vivid gray eyes which watched her every move a phenomenal strength – she was frightened but exhilarated at the same timeThe Swimmer was fascinated by Brandi; he could hear her voice no matter where he was or how far away It would bring trouble for them both; but could The Swimmer shed a light on the death of Jenny? The Twilight Swimmer by AC Kavich was an intriguing and fascinating tale which kept me enthralled from start to finish The twist at the end took me by surprise though and it was excellent I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and recommend it highly

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    This touching story of a troubled young girl who learned to appreciate life again is one of those reads that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster along with its characters The trauma of the death of her sister leaves Brandi and her family off balance still scarred and not uite healed from their loss One night at a party that got out of control when a fire was accidentally started Brandi witnesses a man come out of the water and rush into the raging inferno and rescue a young girl from certain death From that moment on her life will take a turn beyond her wildest imagination The Twilight Swimmer by A C Kavich is part romance part fantasy part mystery and part coming of age all blended into one well written novel Who or what is this mysterious creature who is as drawn to Brandi as she is to him? He consumes her thoughts as she tries to get to know about him and is willing to risk whatever it takes to keep him safe but is knowing her dangerous for his existence or could he be a key to unlocking how and why her sister died?AC Kavich has done an amazing job of creating a beautiful story of healing family relationships and young infatuation while setting a smooth pace that has peaks of intensity and drama that add perfectly to this tale The characters felt very real filled with emotional depth personality and individuality Most amazing were the final pages that not only wrapped the story well but made a refreshingly surprising ending that I never saw coming but when it hit it felt just right Brilliant creativity Wonderful readingI received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review This is one of those books I'm grateful to have readPublication Date September 7 2013Publisher A C KavichGenre Paranormal RomanceYAMysteryPage Count 278Available from For reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook

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    Read this on my blogI received a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinionI really enjoyed this book I have read so many paranormal romances I didn't think one would be able to surprise me that much but this one definitely did I love how Kavich worked around the typical paranormal romance tropes for example when the Swimmer watches Brandy at night and she finds out She reacts like pretty much any human being would in that situation she freaks out and she yells at him even though he didn't know that something like that was socially unacceptable Also I loved the way their love story unfolds it felt uite natural and there were some really sweet moments that didn't get too cheesy I also enjoyed the way the love suare was handled and resolved I usually hate love suares I mean I can take love triangles but love suares is just pushing it This one didn't bother me because it wasn't presented as though three guys suddenly felt some great and tragic love for the same girl The human boys just seemed to have the hots for her and were trying to get a date which is a lot realistic The way it was resolved was also great but I won't give anything away on that front There were some things I didn't like that much though First off I would have liked the see a bit of exploration on the mystery angle so as to create a bit tension on that sideThen I don't really like the way Brandy's mother was handled she felt really one dimensional I would be interested in seeing some development on her and her relationship with her childrenThirdly Brandy's anorexia wasn't handled that well or at all Anorexia is an important issue and it's also important to handle it well It's not resolved or at least it didn't feel like it was it's never explored and Brandy does not suffer any conseuences from it If she really ate so little she should be physically very weak and unable to do the sort of stuff she keeps doing throughout the bookThat being said the good aspects outweighed the bad and I definitely recommend it especially if you're tired paranormal romance novels that are all basically the same Rating★★★ 12

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    I gave this book 3 stars for a couple of reasons I know it is a self published book and because of that fact I can be a bit gentle There were uite a few grammatical and editing errors They were distracting The main character wasn't all that relatable or true to life There were several characters in the book that were very flat especially the mother The story was interesting enough and that was the strongest part of the book The scenes where Brandi spends time with the Swimmer and the scenes where the swimmer is alone were some of the most interesting and I would argue most well written There were several parts that distracted me for instance Brandi being anorexic The idea of the plot probably would have flowed better if the character development was better I didn't really buy Dallas turning into a killer That seemed forced For a young adult novel it was an ok read

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    ‘The Twilight Swimmer’ is a book I feel will appeal to a diverse audience Brandi Vine is a complex and well developed character dealing with the loss of her sister She’s obviously affected by how it has changed her family dynamic Most especially it has changed the way Brandi defines herself ‘The Twilight Swimmer’ does include some fantastical elements but they are handled deftly and without grandiosity which I liked While The Swimmer is a real being I felt he reflected Brandi’s own state of mind her fragility and her longing to find herself and her home again ‘The Twilight Swimmer’ is a poignant and moving novel with a deep emotional impact and stunning imagery This is a story which will stick with you for a long time

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    This was a very moving story that kept me on the edge of my seat It's a story of healing that will capture your heart The main character Brandi Vine had just lost her sister The story tells how Brandi and her family dealt with the loss of their family member Brandi was my favorite character She was an adventurous teenagerThere were a great deal of unexpected and complicated plots I have to admit when I got to the part where Brandi met a merman I almost stopped reading I'm so glad I didn't There were so many surprises leading up to the endI did like this young adult Novel It was full of mystery and suspense

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    Book Review The Twilight Swimmer by AC KavichBrandi Vine is dealing with the death of her sister and her family falling apart as a result She refuses to be herself or as “perfect” as her sister appeared She sneaks out one night to go to a party with Spider Things get out of hand and the building catches fire Everyone escapes but one Brandi tries to get back to save her but comes face to face with the man who does He isn’t human She can tell by looking at him He doesn’t hurt either girl and disappears in the water Brandi can’t stop thinking about him from that one nightThe swimmer searches for Brandi They have a connection He follows her voice and they spend time together After he is attacked by a shark she rescues him from the hospital before they can study him She and the swimmer grow closer until her sister’s death enters the picture Suspicions fly and anger reigns Unfortunately Brandi learns the truth putting her life in dangerThis book was interesting I really liked the storyline The swimmer gave it a paranormal twist and the death of Brandi’s sister gave it a mysterious edge No one knows why she was there and how she drownThe swimmer enters the picture and the reader is thinking in the back of their head maybe However his behavior is confusing as he takes care of Brandi I like the relationship they formHer family is dysfunctional and she needs him Her anger jumps from the pages in reaction to her family It is sad in a sense However you watch as her character changes before your eyes because of the swimmer It was an interesting journey to be apart of The ending was a bit surprising I wasn’t expecting that The author was able to keep things secret throughout the whole book Not often am I taken by surprise like that I give it a 4 out of 5

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    About the Book Sixteen year old Brandi is dealing with the death of her older sister Jenny Jenny loved to swim especially at night and one night late Jenny lost her life In the depths of the ocean watching Brandi as she visits the flat rock where her sister was found is a human like creature A creature who swims near the surface of the water only at night And this creature is fascinated with Brandi Brandi's grief over her sister has caused her to drop out of life barely acknowledging her teachers or homework almost ignoring her friends and practically failing her classes On one trip to the counselor's office she meets Spider a tall boy with skinny legs who invites her to a party an invitation only party outside of town Brandi's whole world changes when a fire breaks out at this party and she comes face to face with a new obsession Will it save her from her grief or will she go the way of her sister?My Take When I first started this book I was taken by the language and the depth of the narration of the prologue The Swimmer made his home in water so far below the surface that the sun could not penetrate its depth And yet despite the blackness the Swimmer's gray eyes were always watching His pupils dilated from lid to hairless lid to sort through the woven shadows of the deep He could see every alien creature that swam or scuttled by without ever feeling his powerful eyes upon them His highly evolved ears were no less remarkable He could hear the groaning of tectonic plates He could hear the steady sound of water flowing through his gill line He could hear the cells of his respiratory system as they strained to draw tiny uantities of oxygen from the liuid and feed his warm blood His bones were no less ideal for his environment He could withstand the intense pressure without discomfort and his veins could process the nitrogen bubbles that left human divers in peril should they kick for the surface too uickly This sort of prose gave way smoothly to the everyday language of storytelling starting in chapter one Using this device works extremely well as Kavick spins the tale through Brandi and through the Swimmer It keeps the reader grounded in the story without the usual who are we talking aboutthrough now uestions that can pop up with a limited omniscient POV I felt the intricate prose of The Swimmer's sections of the story gave it and him an 'old world' feel I loved it The best thing about this book is wondering exactly what is going on with the background story of Jenny's death It hangs in the air like a faint unidentifiable smell tainting everything but just out of grasp I found myself wondering if this was a tale of how Brandi deals with the aftermath of her sister's death her own feelings and the reactions of people around her Do people really expect her to be her sister's replacement or is that Brandi's own delusion a delusion of needing to be two people herself and her sister? Is the creature real or just something Brandi's mind has created? Or is this a tale of how Brandi is doomed to follow the same fate as her sister? There is a twist I didn't see coming It is not a slow dawning or a sharp slap but a sudden dawning The pieces weren't all there until that point in the story but the pieces click into place over the course of a couple of pages Then the true tale completes itself While I found the book a good read I did have issues with it being all things and nothing The story tended to write too many threads never uite weaving them tightly enough We know that Brandi hates her mother but it isn't done to any depth at all Brandi is dealing with how she perceives people see her after her sister's death but that isn't fleshed out either But the real jewel of the story is Jenny's death and how it remains hidden in the open It is interesting how Kavick manages this mystery that wasn't suppose to be a mystery Kudos for that I did connect with the two main characters I understood Brandi's pain and The Swimmer's sorrow and joy But I didn't live in the characters The secondary characters were pretty weak but that did not distract from the overall story It did leave me wanting for thoughMy Recommendation I found the book uite enjoyable Anyone who wants a light YA read with a paranormal aspect a bit of romance and a good dose of mystery will enjoy Kavick's tale The story is clean throughout and suitable for all ages

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    Brandi Vine suffered deep psychological scars when her beloved sister Jenny drowns while swimming in the cold New England waters For years a sudden fever would overtake Jenny and she would feel a need for the water Her dad Sheriff Conrad Vine dubbed his daughter the twilight swimmerJenny was lying lifeless on her back at the rocky beach when a fisherman found her and called the police to report a dead body Jenny's family never knew when the sudden fever would overtake Jenny and she would wade into any body of water she could find fully clothed She needed to swim and would swim at any cost And one twilight swim had cost Jenny her life Brandi often visits the rocky beach where the lifeless body of her sister washed ashore It makes Brandi feel close to her dead sister when she visits the last place Jenny was known to be alive Brandi is invited to a party that friends hoped would get her out of her despair over the death of her sister That's when Brandi's life is turned upside down and tragedy strikes but a mysterious swimmer rises out of the water and runs into the smoke flames and chaos on the shoreThe Swimmer is a very strange creature with webbing between the toes Was the Swimmer human or a half human sea creature? The only weakness the Swimmer had ever known was sensitivity to sunlight and moonlight was the only time for a swim or anything else In a small town like Edgewater a mystery can remain a mystery It was almost a point of pride for the people who whispered about such mysteries to keep life interesting I loved the mystery penned by this author and particularly loved the relationship that Brandi and her father had I hope you check it outyou might feel the same wayJeannie Walker Award Winning Author

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    I feel as if I reveal something about myself and my tastes in each an every postas I should So in that spirit if something has to do with swimming you can bet that I'm going to be interested in it you know because competitive swimming was my life for about 10 years Keeping that in mind I read The Twilight Swimmer by AC Kavich for no reason other than the title and I was pleasantly surprised by the story behind that titleTo read this and other book reviews visit my website is a 16 year old girl living in a waterside New England town She's battling herself emotionally through an eating disorder and ruffles her family because of it all of which likely stems from her older sister Jenny's mysterious watery death Her sister's death doesn't keep Brandi away from the water instead it still features prominently in her adventuring out at night in her kayakThere is some standard high school intrigue of a romantic interest that confuses and embarrasses Brandi some not so standard oddly flirty attention from a young deputy named Dallas who just happened to know Jenny And on a fateful night when her high school boy Spider takes Brandi to a party that goes awry with fire she sees a powerful and to her surprise naked figure with haunting gray eyes who saves a girl from the fire and uickly escapes back to the water from whence he came Thus the Swimmer enters the tale and consumes Brandi's sometimes rather angsty thoughtsNow the Swimmer is an interesting character who is a mermaidor mermanbut with legs instead of a tail and he has gills on his throat I was saddened to not have the Swimmer fully fleshed out as a character to get to know him his motivations and most importantly WHY Brandi was so drawn to him because personally the way he was presented in the text was creepy than cute The mythos behind the Swimmer as a being or creature if you prefer was touched upon but not really fleshed out Basically when it comes to the Swimmer I'm left with a bunch of whys that go unansweredThe other characters of the story were reasonably characterized and I felt an understanding of their drives with very little left to uestion unlike the Swimmer The ending of the story had a good twist that I didn’t fully anticipate consciously and that is saying something as I watch far too many crime shows In fact I believe the word wow passed my lips after the last pageOverall I'd give it 35 out of 5 stars