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Book 5 in the Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman seriesWhen her apartment building is blown to smithereens bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee is forced to move back into the Bed Breakfast she grew up inLiving with her three meddling aunts is bad enough but it just so happens that the BB is also occupied by a US Marshal an FBI agent her old friend Zeke who’s on a mysterious mission and a woman who claims she can see dead people These aren’t the kinds of roomies Maggie wants to spend time with considering that in order to pay for her niece’s medical care she supplements her income by killing people​Maggie avoids arrest and deals with a crazier than usual home life while trying to track down exactly who is blowing up the holdings of various crime families To make matters worse she’s walking a precarious tightrope between keeping her mobster bosses happy and protecting her murder mentor and almost lover Patrick Mulligan​Aided by the warped predictions of her semi psychic friend her sarcastic demanding talking lizard and an always ravenous dyslexic Doberman Maggie juggles keeping secrets unraveling riddles and protecting those she loves Can she do it all? Or will she suffer yet another unspeakable loss?

10 thoughts on “The Hitwoman and the Neurotic Witness (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman #5)

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    I think I laughed for the entire first four chapters Which is a good thing since it turns pretty serious the last few chapters Another terrific job Everyone should read this series Read my full review at Girl Who Reads

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    Another character heavy episode in Maggie Lee's hectic lifeMaggie is threatened into finding the bomber who is blowing up her neighborhood With her friends help solving old an nee crimes creates the multi plots in this novelBeing able to converse with her animals makes for some interesting scenes and the help of her latest edition a battered cat Maggie gets herself out of some pretty dangerous situationsIf you like madcap off the wall cozies this fits the bill

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    Maggie Lee has a knack for getting herself into trouble This time around things are getting personal again The continuing saga of this Hitwoman and her bossy lizard moody cat dimwitted dog and redheaded crush keeps me coming back for There were a lot of important story elements in this book that add to the past storyline and build on the future one I like how each book ties things together but continues to offer new elements of danger and mystery Poor Maggie gets in deeper at every turn even when she's just trying to stay out of trouble This one felt like it ended abruptly but it was probably because I was just enjoying it so much that I didn't realize I'd already neared the ending Then again in Maggie's world an ending is only a beginning Next book is already in my Kindle I can't wait to see what Maggie does with her new circumstances

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    Ms Lynn nails it again Mickey Spillane said The first chapter sells the book The last chapter sells the next book Well that's exactly what the Hitwoman novels do The first chapter sucks me in and with each last chapter I'm left wanting to read the next book This time it starts with Maggie already up to her ass in alligators and the water just keeps rising from there The whole book kept me on the edge of the cliff Then I totally didn't see that twist coming I can't wait to see where she goes from here Wow Good job JB If you haven't read these books yet you better get cracking I don't know when the 6th book is due out but you don't have forever to get caught up

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    These books make me laugh She's been roped into being a hitwoman has a loony family friends with a mobster and can talk to her pet lizard Godzilla dog DD and cat Piss Not exactly highly intellectual reading but a uick fun read Read the series

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    Thank you for not disappointing Ms Lynn I'm satisfied in that on the edge of your seat biting your nails waiting impatiently for the next installment kind of way

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    Sigh This series is starting to get boring Maggie hasn’t killed anyone since the first book and even then she couldn’t do it till her targets were trying to kill her Zeke’s con man story sounds like such bullshit What kind of con man tries to bring down a sex trafficking ring by using a psychic? Besides that why was the buzz cut guy trying to take down both crime families? The new secret agency is even annoying There is no reasonable explanation for how they would know about all the stuff Maggie’s done or for how they got Maggie to the car repair shop Did they plan for a crazy dude to freak her out and hope that she somehow gave herself a flat if so that’s a ridiculous plan The characters in this series have always been eccentric but the complete lack of logic in this book is disappointing

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    Maggie's apt blows up she's forced back to the BB with her aunts US Marshall FBI agent Zeke a woman who sees dead people She is going to track down the bomber satisfy her mob boss keep her lover safe thereby paying for her niece's medical bills But can she diffuse the bomb? There's the lizard dog her psychic friend Armani Easy funny read

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    Good light read seriesKeeps your interest and does not go overboard on killing of sexThey a huge bunch of uirky characters and a mess of trouble

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    Loooooove this series Each one is lol funny Each one has heart So happy there’s so many and I’ve barely started