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Julie Preston is an artist But her canvas isn’t paper or clay It’s hair She spends her days coloring blow drying and styling her clients hair at the Razor’s Edge salon Julie is also annoyed She went out on a date and had a great time gave the guy her number and the jerk never calledSo when he waltzes into the salon and sits down in her chair she briefly considers strangling him with the pink cape she fastens around his neckToo bad she can’tBlue Markson the guy who never called is a police officer so causing him bodily harm would be a first class ticket into the slammer Just looking at him again makes Julie forget why she was mad in the first place but she’s already learned that Blue is nothing but heartache So when he starts coming around acting like he hadn’t made her stare at the phone for days she tries to brush him offOnlyHer life is about to blow up in her face she’s about to get caught up in a sticky web of crime and the one guy who can help her is the one guy she vowed never to trust again

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    This was an okay NA contemporary romance but it was uite cliché againThe characters in this were okay and I uite liked Blue I didn’t like the way he overstepped his mark at times though Just because someone hasn’t locked their front door it isn’t an open invitation to go in and start making breakfastThe storyline in this was uite cliché – a girl gets pulled over for speeding by a cute cop and they eventually fall in love I’m pretty sure I read a book with a similar storyline in FebruaryI also have issues with certain parts of this storyline If a cop is undercover does his boss really just say ‘okay’ when he tells him he’s dating some new girl and she knows who he really is? If you think your boss is involved with a drug dealer do you really go searching round her office for drugs to use as proof? Without gloves or anything on at least?The romance in this was okay and the sex scenes weren’t uite as bad as in the previous books I still feel like all the sex scenes in this series are very similar though every single man has exactly the same techniue and it’s really getting old6 out of 10

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    25 Not Bad Not Great StarsWell it didn't suck but it certainly didn't wow me either I've heard about this author and always wanted to give her a shot Thank you Kindle unlimited for the opportunity to try this one risk free because I might have felt a little cheated had I spent money on it The character development is practically non existent and I never really connected with Julie or Blue My biggest problem with this one is the fact it can't seem to make up it's mind whether or not it's a romance or undercover cop read Subseuently I didn't get into either aspect of the story The writing was decent and I can see the potential for something better but as it stands now I won't be rereading this one any time soon

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    12152013 Overall Rating 25 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 4 4 4 4 StarsWriter’s Voice 25 StarsCharacter Development 3 StarsStory Appreciation 2 StarsWorth the Chili 3 Stars 299 on 217 pagesCheese factor 5 Stars A cheesy NA suspense read I found myself skimming uite a bit of it VERY predictableNot bad if you're stuck in a hospital or an airport If you want something with a bit this is not the book to chooseHappy Reading

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    Tipsy is the 5th book in Cambria Hebert's Take It Off series As with previous books in this series I absolutely loved it In particular Tipsy is among my top three in the series so far It is written from a first person point of view between the main two characters Julie and Blue Like all the books in this series Tipsy is a standalone novel and it does have an HEAIt is almost hard to review this book because I want to tell you what happens However even the synopsis is vague it doesn't go into detail of why Blue never calls Julie This is intentional Tipsy is not at all what it appears on the surface What i can tell you is that it is full in intrigue and suspense It is almost like a mystery that you need to unravel while getting a really great love story includedYou don't have much in the way of co stars there is really one one that stood out and you see repeatedly Outside of that it focuses on the relationship between the main characters as well as the plot line primarily What I enjoyed about this book overall? You get little clues along the way and if you pick them out power to youBlue and Julie themselves are interesting as characters Julie is a hairdresser and a damn good one too One who has a lead foot and a love of hair and an extremely odd choice of weapons Blue is a police officer He pulls Julie over for above mentioned lead foot He asks her on a date they go out he never calls Julie is left wondering why because the date was perfect Her best friend tells her that he's just not that into her but the sparks that Julie and Blue create contest thatSo he shows up for a haircut months later acting like nothing is wrong Julie doesn't know whether to scalp him or kiss him ; I had a lot of fun with this book At times I was on pins and needles to find out what would happen next Other times I was like How can you not see this?Overall I gave the book a 5 star rating? People could say I'm biased because it's a CH book and I love Cambria's writing however I also hold her writing to a higher standard I'm very picky with her books due to the fact that I know she can deliver a plot that I'm going to enjoy love and want to reread I haven't found a book of hers yet that I do not love So would I recommend Tipsy? You can bet your backside I would Teasers graciously provided by Cambria Hebert

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    Tipsy is a complete standalone in the Take It Off series This one follows Julie and Blue After a funny meeting where Julie is pulled over for speeding they arrange a date and it is perfect But then Blue never calls her again Months pass and Julie is still upset by the dumping however when Blue walks into her hair salon things begin to change again This was a fun story and while I wish Julie would have made Blue work a little harder for her forgiveness even if he did have a good reason it was still a great read and a must read for fans of this series

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    Actual rating 25I said this with the last one too but this has been the worst one so far I didn't love either of the characters but they weren't the worst ones in the series The storyline in this was predictable yet again and I lost interest fairly early on This one has been the dullest so far so I was bored through most of itOverall Worst one in the series

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    Four stars An entertaining fun suspenseful romanceJulie smashes down the gas pedal trying to make up time She is running late to work again Flashing lights in the rear view mirror indicate that today is about to get worse Julie takes a deep breath and puts on her game face ready to challenge the officer Her words stick in her throat once she catches sight of the handsome face peering into her window Then the officer agrees to let her off with a warning on one condition Julie must go out with him tonight Months later Blue walks into the hair salon where Julie works He sits in her chair for a haircut Julie is angry yet still attracted After their wonderful first date Blue disappeared and never called again Now he is back Will Julie take a chance and go on a second date?What I LikedI always like picking up a book by Cambria Hebert I know I will get terrific characters descriptive writing and a fun tale Tipsy delivers with its likable characters suspense and sizzling romance If you are a New Adult reader looking for something lighter and different try one of Cambria's romantic suspense books in her Take It Off SeriesI loved both Julie and Blue Julie is a gal with plenty of personality sass and spunk I liked that she was resourceful courageous and fierce An intruder barges into her apartment in the middle of the night she doesn't panic she grabs hairspray and a razor and attacks Julie made me laugh and I appreciated that when the romance was difficult she didn't wallow in self pity Blue is sexy charming and heroic I loved how he took a chance and followed his heart even if it meant getting into trouble I also thought he was incredibly sexy With a New Adult book you can expect some steamy sex scenes I was pleased that this book had some serious make out sessions that packed plenty of heat and then one magnificent sex scene that wasn't over the top or overly explicit I thought it toed the line just right between steamy and too much Still this is a New Adult book so the sex scene is definitely not for younger readersThis book has a bit of suspense and mystery that involves covert drug deals and drug dealers I like that Ms Hebert gives us something different in the New Adult genre Her books present a mystery that is fun to unravel I liked the surprising twist that involved the hair salon The romance is packed with lots of heat and it is a slow burner There are some obstacles but nothing that was overly dramatic and gut wrenching I liked that the romance remained light and sweet I also thought the way Blue handled the sex was so romantic it will make any girl swoon No love triangles or ridiculousness with this romance it is straightforward and terrificI liked that the book moves at a uick pace with plenty of romance and danger and that everything draws to a neat conclusion and wraps up nicely I appreciate that this series is a companion series You don't have to read them in order as each is a stand alone story No cliffhangers are unanswered uestions Get one or get them all it doesn't matterAnd The Not So MuchEven though I liked that this book moved fast I thought that the uick pace didn't allow for time to expand on characters or details The whole drug dealer story line needed just a bit depthJulie and Blue are terrific characters and they drive the story but I wanted to know a bit about them There is nothing as far as their backgrounds and such I wasn't even sure how old they were they felt like they were mid to late twenties This isn't a big issue just a personal preference I liked that everything wrapped up uickly and neatly but I thought that things moved a bit too uickly and that it wasn't exactly realistic Still it is an escape novel and meant to be about the romance than a realistic suspense thriller So if you are looking for a solid suspense thriller with jaw dropping twists and turns this won't work for youTipsy is an entertaining and fun escape read that is packed with plenty of romance If you are on the hunt for a New Adult book that is on the light side without heavy drama definitely check out this series I love that this is a series that you can jump in and read at any time so if you haven't read a book in the Take It Off Series pick one up and have funFavorite uotationsThe good thing about people and hair was that you had the immense opportunity to define your own style to be creative Why look like someone else when you could look like you?I was just a guy sitting in front of a girl whose heart made mine beat a little unevenlyHoly hell I would die to kiss her like this every day for the rest of my lifeBut like a well worn pair of jeans I had a hole in my pocket and stuff was falling out Like my emotions Like my heartI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this reviewPostedRainy Day Ramblings

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    UPDATED 04 26 19I enjoyed reading this book the second time as much as the first Great characters and a good storyORIGINAL REVIEW 12 06 13This was another winner in this series I have enjoyed each of these books and honestly don't think I could pick a favorite They're all stand alone books with wonderful characters and we get HEAs every time What is not to love??THIS REVIEW CONTAINS WHAT SOME MAY CONSIDER SPOILERS PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM Blue is WOW He's a hot sexy protective police officer who also has a great personality and is charming Blue BTW what a cool name is a cop who stops a speeding Julie on her way to work He doesn't give Julie a ticket on the condition that she'll go out with him to dinner that night Julie is a beautiful hair stylist who loves life and is witty and fun to be around The two are instantly attracted to each other and have an amazing time together on their date Afterwards Blue tells Julie he'll call her but he never doesSeveral months later Blue shows up at the Salon where Julie works to get her to cut his hair Julie is still hurt but the attraction is still strong and still there between them Blue explains to Julie that he's been out of town on business since their date and couldn't see her He doesn't tell her he was under cover and couldn't contact anyone After a couple of weeks and another hair cut Blue gets Julie to agree to go on a second date As he's walking out the door to get her he gets called back to the precinct and placed back under cover immediately Julie is beyond pissed at being stood up and goes out with her friends to a bar Guess who she sees there? Yep except Blue's already under cover and she's hurt he's there When the drug dealer named Dom that Blue's investigating makes a move for Julie at the bar Blue snaps and informs him she's off limits In an attempt to not blow his cover Blue uickly gets Julie out of there without much explanation to her Later that night he shows up at her house because he knows Julie is special and doesn't want her mad at him Blue makes the decision to tell her that he's working under cover and tells her to stay clear of Dom especially now that Dom has seen her and knows they are connected This all happens in the first couple chapters so there is much to the book There are some twists and turns in the story and some unforeseen players involved in the drug dealing that you don't expect Will Blue be able to crack the case uickly before something happens? Will Julie wait for him? What happens if Dom sees Julie again will he recognize her? You will LOVE Blue and you will also love Julie Both are excellent lead characters The pace of the story is good and you'll want to keep reading to see what happens next At the end readers get a little sneak peak at the next book in this series entitled Tricks coming in early 2014 which looks to be another enjoyable book in this series The books in this series are all really great books that can be read uickly and leave you with a warm smile

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    Light Refreshing Well thought out and well written comparitively This is the best book in the Take It Off series so farGah I cannot be objective when it comes to me reading a Cambria Hebert bookTaking exception to the insta love which is already my norm when it comes to a Cambria Hebert book this book was swoonworthy light fluffy and fun And exactly what I needed right nowI loved Blue I loved Julie I loved Julie's plans and Blue worrying over Julie's plans view spoilerI loved that Blue chose his undercover name for Julie's eyes hide spoiler

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    Of all the Take It Off novels this was most certainly my favorite by far I know I’ve said that about each novel but they continually get better Tipsy was similar to other books I’ve read with the profession of Blue but the story definitely sets itself apart Julie is a hairstylist a damn good one if you ask her The last thing Julie wants to think of is the guy that blew her off But Blue shows up at the salon and won’t give up When a hesitant Julie finally gives in the last thing she expects is for him to blow her off again Needless to say Julie decides enough is enough until Blue once again comes crawling back with a undercover story that leaves her a bit fearful how can she say no especially when her life is about to become a danger zone as well Overall this was another uick and super fast read from Cambria Hebert Each story within the series has been dramatically different but good none the less Julie and Blue were both great characters Julie is very relatable and was a fun character to follow along Can’t wait for